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Heartline - Join in the World Vegan Prayer to help more Heaven’s Light enter the Earth

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During group meditation at our Center, doing the (inner Heavenly) Light meditation, I saw Master towering high above me, Her feet were close to Earth, and Her eyes were gazing down from higher Heavens. I have seen this many times, with Light shining from Master’s eyes, sending me Her Immense Love. This day, I saw Master’s concern for the Earth as it was encompassed in a field of black energy. Then, enormous teardrops started falling from Master’s eyes. As they came towards the Earth, the black energy parted, and I could see the edge of our blue planet and a pillar of Light followed behind the teardrops. I could see Master was doing Her best to cleanse this energy away. As I came next to Master’s teardrops, I shed a tear and it fell from my cheek. Compared to Master’s teardrop, it was like a tiny drop, and Master’s tears were the size of many lakes. I then understood the changing of the World Vegan prayer meditation from once a week to every day. Every time Master’s teardrops made a hole in the black energy, it created a hole for Heaven’s Light to penetrate the Earth, especially at this critical time.

I pray more people will join in on World Vegan prayer so we can help more of Heavens’ Light to enter the Earth and dissipate this dark field of energy.

Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai. As an initiate, my life is beyond anything I could do with my mind or physically with my hands. Many of my dreams from when I was younger have come to me without any physical effort or complicated planning. I live in a beautiful place surrounded by natural bush and beaches, with a meaningful job that brings a better life to a special-needs person. I Thank You so much for letting me see miracles daily, just by meditating, following the precepts, and doing a few hours of Supreme Master TV writing, which is so rewarding and enriching to my mind and soul. I pray that Your tears will be rewarded with happiness and comfort with a vegan change to all people on the planet. Theodore from Australia

Caring Theodore, Our appreciation for sharing your gratitude through this heartline and relating your beautiful vision of Master’s loving Power. May All-merciful God bless you and the sensitive Australian people with friendship and compassion. In Universal Wisdom, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master replies with Love: “Graceful Theodore, I send you a big hug and am pleased by your diligent spiritual practice. In your meditation you have seen how dire the situation is for humankind. Encourage those in your circle to join in meditation and prayer each day for World Vegan. May you and the faithful Australian people be nurtured in Heaven’s eternal Light.” 

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