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The sincere voices of animals, "May all humans quit eating meat and swith to a vegan diet." Let us free the animals from incessant suffering

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Hallo, most beloved and respected Master! Master has said that the COVID-19 viruses have souls, and these souls came from animals that were slaughtered by humans. Therefore, the viruses are able to think and mutate continuously to attack humankind.

I have the ability to communicate with animals; therefore, the souls of many pitifully slaughtered animals talked to me about their immense agony and fear before they were killed. Because they were cruelly slaughtered by humans, they wanted to take revenge by creating a massive disaster for humankind.

However, when will such revenge and killing end? Some of our fellow initiates in China, Taiwan (Formosa) and Korea have taken the initiative to pray for the slaughtered animals in the world and those soon to be slaughtered. We also shared an intangible message with animals by extending loving kindness and comfort and advising them that revenge is not the best solution. We wish they would choose the best path for their souls, that is, renounce hatred and follow Master to Heaven. Thus, the cycle of karmic transmigration of retaliation and mutual killing can be diminished.

Upon hearing these words of love, many animals have expressed their wish to lay down their hatred for humans, to stop seeking revenge, and to follow Master to Heaven.

However, they also expressed their inner thoughts to humans: “You told us that it’d be good for us if we stop taking revenge and renounce hatred. But, wouldn’t it be better if you stop eating us? How much effort have you humans contributed? Are you humans willing to let us live?”

Through the positive energy of the Supreme Master TV broadcast, we wish to share with everyone the sincere voices of animals, “May all humans quit eating meat and switch to a vegan diet.” Let us free animals from incessant suffering. May Divine Peace be with our Supreme Master! Respectfully, Sophie from Taiwan (Formosa)

Gifted Sophie, Thank you for the heartline. Our appreciation to you and the other disciples for praying for and communicating with the animals. We wish to send our love and prayers to our animal friends as well. May the day soon come when all beings coexist harmoniously.

Master has a message for you: “Conscientious Sophie, my thanks to you and your brothers and sisters for working diligently for the animals and the world through different means. It is heartbreaking to hear the animals’ pleas for mercy as their lives quickly end in anguish and torture just to please people’s palates. Let us pray to Heavens for humans to awaken soon to their inherent loving, benevolent self-nature so that all beings can enjoy a manifested Eden on Earth, in kindness and respect. May you and vigilant Taiwan (Formosa) be protected by the Buddha’s infinite grace.”
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