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The Story of Good Love (vegan): Master’s Heroic Protector and Loyal Friend, Part 4 of 5

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An extraordinarily sensitive spiritual being, Good Love would absorb bad karma from his surroundings. Sometimes, for example, he would help people who treated him well by taking away some of their bad karma. This often led to Good Love suffering physically. But no matter how unwell he might feel, one thing never changed: his dedication to protecting Master.

“My dog-person, Loru. Loru is a Fourth-Level name. But he is now on the Fifth Level, so greet the Saint.” “Because he is so fiercely devoted and protective. That’s why the Godses helped him and got him up to the Fifth Level.” “Physically he’s a dog-person, but he has magical power from Heaven. Not from Astral one. So, he can change the situation and make it not happen.”

“He told me many, many things, more than you can find in any other human being or even Masters, because Masters don’t always take care of some small little details, but he knows so many things. He could be your teacher even. He told things that are out of this world. And even in his condition, his soul came and told me things to make me comforted.”

“This dog-person has not always been a dog-person. He has been my ex-husband, a long time ago. So one day I asked him, ‘Why did you sacrifice so much and being so good to me?’ He said, ‘Because You are my wife.’ My God, what a love! A love that lasts eternally, you saw that?”

“He helped me many times in this life, and two times as dog-people, not just this time.” “He helped me, so I became British. He helped me to arrange everything. And then he died young, so that he could reincarnate again, quickly, wherever I am, in the form of easier access, like animal-people. And then his last life was Lady.”

“He told many things that only a high-level being would know, about spiritual things, about peace, about how he understands that I work day and night for the animal-people, for humans. He says that if he dies, he’s just a dog. If I die, it’s catastrophic for the universe. That’s what he said. Imagine, a dog saying that.”

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