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The Human Toll of COVID-19

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Since the first cluster of “unknown pneumonia” was reported at the end of 2019, the highly contagious and serious virus identified as COVID-19 has swept across the globe, affecting more than 84 million people and claiming over 1.8 million lives as of January 1, 2021, according to John Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center. The numbers are increasing daily. COVID-19 spares no one, and those who are affected by the virus or lost their lives to it include top political leaders, religious heads, royalty, wealthy businesspeople, as well as famous artists, athletes, and many others who are top-notch in their fields.

COVID-19 not only casts a shadow over the lives of the top leaders, religious heads, artists, and athletes, but all of us. Everyone is affected in one way or another. As world governments, scientists, and researchers rush to develop and release vaccines, a more infectious new strain of COVID-19 was discovered in the UK at the end of 2020, causing spikes in cases and renewed concern.

When can we see the end of this pandemic? Supreme Master Ching Hai provided insights in one of the recent conferences with the Supreme Master Television team. “I don’t know how long until we are free from this COVID-19. It depends on humans. (Yes, Master.) If they U-turn and live compassionately, no more killing animals or man, then this pandemic will disappear in no time, without any medicine, without vaccine, without any trouble. But if they continue the way it is, I don’t know, I cannot guarantee. I can help some. But I cannot help completely.”

Humans are the cause of the pandemic and are also the solution. We pray that all people are awakened to their original loving nature and hasten the arrival of a vegan world, so that the tragedies of global pandemics will be a thing of the past forever.

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