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PreetiRang Animal Sanctuary: The Color of Love Part 1 of 4

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PreetiRang Sanctuary is located in the center of Solano County, California, USA, and is home to many rescued farm animals. The co-founders of the facility, Madhulika Singh and her husband Mukul Banbihari, devote their lives to caring for the animals and to promoting the vegan way of life. After learning about the couple’s support of animals, filmmaker Tony Sehgal, decided to make a documentary on the PreetiRang Sanctuary. “The mission of PreetiRang Sanctuary is to provide a refuge for animals that have been rescued from the animal livestock industry. The more important part of our objective is to provide information to people who visit, and via social media, regarding the lives of these animals, what they are typically treated as in the factory-farming setting, to get them to know the animals and to encourage them to come visit and have a good time with the animals here.” “And so they're very much like human beings in their daily life. However, in some respects, they are more spiritual than human beings. They can live in the present moment and that's the lesson I'm learning from them. They reciprocate love with love.” Many times, our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has also confirmed that animals are just like humans. “They are just like you; they are just born in different form. Just like the brother next to you, he is black and you are white, and the other one is red. Just born in different color, different form, but that's the same soul in it. Do you understand? I guess you understand. I hope the people outside understand. Just like different flowers. I told you already, yeah? The red, the blue, the rose, the purple, they're all classified as flowers. The same, humans, animals, birds, others, they're all classified as beings, living beings or sentient beings. How smart they are! And they are so peaceful! They are born to color our life, not to be killed and eaten. This is a terrible sin that the humans committed, killing such innocent friends.” Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully present the Shining World Compassion Award to the PreetiRang Sanctuary along with a humble contribution of US$10,000 to support its benevolent work of promoting veganism to save our world, with all admiration, love, and gratitude. May God always bless you abundantly.”
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