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The Story of Good Love (vegan): Master’s Heroic Protector and Loyal Friend, Part 3 of 5

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CHAPTER THREE: A SPECIAL CONNECTION OF LOVE “I mean, we can communicate inside, but it’s fun to communicate with him. And it’s so touching because he tries so hard to come and tell me that he loves me. Oh! He has just about 90 words of vocabulary for now. You know, just simple things.”

“He wants to preach also to you. He wants to contribute his wisdom, doggie's wisdom.” “He’s trying to emphasize that what I said is true. And then he tells you also to practice and do good, stuff like that. And then you can go to Heaven. He says he will help. You practice, he will help to greet you at St. Peter’s gate. He has a good heart, very good heart.”

Although his job required him to be on alert and serious most of the time, we were able to glimpse a more relaxed side of Good Love during a 2015 gathering in France, where our Association members had the honor of being in the close presence of Master and Her Protector. “But be careful. Meditate well. Be pure, inside. He can smell who is good, who is not, right?”

“If I ask him, he always addresses me as ‘Master.’ I said, ‘Why is that?’ He said, ‘Every word carries power. “Mama” is limited love. Call You “Master,” “Supreme Master” is different, get more blessing.’ That’s what he said. ‘And it’s a proper way to address You.’”

When Master was in Thailand, seven more dog-persons came into Her life, rescued as strays. Good Love was very protective of his little brothers and sisters. Whenever they ran off too far, he would sternly call them back so that Master would not worry about them. If the energetic puppies came near Master’s documents, Good Love would lie on top of the papers so that no one would dare chew on them!

Whenever Master had to move to new places, Good Love always looked out for Her safety. The truth was, Good Love was not being overprotective, for he knew of the countless times Master’s life was in danger due to the negative force and heavy karma of the world. Moreover, the maya had begun fighting particularly hard for the upper hand of control in this period of the Final Battle between good and evil on Earth. The extent to which Good Love defended Master knew no bounds. Never for a moment did he stop shielding Her with all his might.

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