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In today’s news, China supplies emergency aid to South Sudan, vegan charity to launch TV ad in United Kingdom, Denmark and Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, renew energy partnership, EU supports sustainable agriculture in Zambia, Afghan women teach children at army base, vegan meat products from Spain debut in Mexico, and animal-people pass safely under highway in United States.

Climate change victims are increasing.

Since May 2021, more than 800,000 people in 33 counties have been affected by flooding in South Sudan. In response, the government of China donated US$500,000 and sent 4,000 tons of foodstuffs. Additionally, the Chinese embassy in Juba is working with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to prepare Panda Pack school bags and learning supplies for over 1,800 students in Jonglei. In response to the floods, our Benevolent Supreme Master Ching Hai also immediately requested in early October 2021: “Please arrange US$30,000 for sending to South Sudan to help flood victims, with all my heartfelt prayers and sorrow for the deceased as well as those alive. May Heaven be kind.” China is a Shining World Leadership Award for Wise Governance recipient and a laureate of six Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection, Environmental Protection, Wildlife-Protection, and Compassionate Protection. Our sincere appreciation, China, for your compassionate and generous assistance. May the buoyant South Sudanese quickly recover from the disaster and enjoy fulfilling lives in the sheltering grace of the Providence.

Educational message to air on British television.

Vegan campaigning charity Viva! has produced a 30-second commercial directed at humans who consume animal-people. In the clip, a couple uses their smartphone to order dinner from Just Meat. They are expecting to get pulled pork, but when they answer the doorbell, the delivery person presents them with a live piglet-person and a complimentary butcher knife. The two customers are shocked speechless while a voice-over suggests, “Try going vegan today.” Viva! intends to broadcast the ad just before Valentine’s Day on Channel 4, a public-service TV network in the UK. The organization hopes that a potential audience of 16 million viewers will make the connection between the meat they eat and the conscious beings that must die to provide it. Well done, Viva! May your video motivate many individuals to reconsider their eating habits, in Heavenly upliftment. Vegan: cuz we don’t want the same cruelty 4 ourselves.

Up next, Denmark and Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, renew energy partnership. Let’s take a moment to thank the electronic equipment assemblers who mount, connect and secure the parts and components of everyday devices such as computers, smartphones, toys and engines. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more supportive news.

Good day, elated viewers! I’m Lizzy, a vegan caregiver from the Lionhead Rabbit kingdom. Would you like to add more beauty to your life? If you switch to a plant-based diet, you will elevate your spiritual vibration, and beautiful things will come your way. Here’s a wellness tip for you: Many people are unaware of carrying stress in their shoulders. The result is an uncomfortable tightness around the neck. You can relieve this tension by making a deliberate effort to relax. Trust me – take a few deep breaths as you lower your shoulders, and you’re going to feel a whole lot better. Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for tuning in, and now for the weather around the globe.

Two countries enter their third phase of cooperation.

In 2013, Denmark and Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, began a long-term partnership focused on the Southeast Asian country's transition to a low-carbon economy. The Danish Energy Agency and the Aulacese (Vietnamese) Ministry of Industry and Trade collaborate on energy planning, especially the integration of renewable sources into the power grid. For example, the development of offshore wind farms is an essential part of the program. They also work jointly on cost-effective power applications in the industrial sector. Before the end of 2021, representatives of both nations renewed the contract until 2025, with Denmark pledging technical assistance valued at US$10 million. Hats off to the governments of Denmark and Âu Lạc (Vietnam) for your admirable friendship! In Cosmic delight, may all planetary citizens combine their pursuit of sustainable energy with a transition to the vegan diet for maximum health and happiness.

Capital initiative will increase women’s access to money.

Owners of small farms throughout Zambia can improve their processing and productivity thanks to a move by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco). A 7-year EIB loan worth €15 million will enable smallholders – primarily women – to invest in their agricultural properties. A training program for sharing information on best practices will maximize the effect of the funds. According to Jutta Urpilainen, European Commissioner for International Partnerships, the overall support strategy will help the sector adapt to climate change. She observed, “It will create jobs, make farmers more resilient, and have an impact on thousands of lives.” The European Union is a recipient of four Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace, and a Shining World Leadership Award for Earth Protection; as well as a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism and Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring. Our compliments and gratefulness, EIB and Zanaco, for your efforts to boost food security in Zambia. May those who work the land receive blessings of sunshine and rain, in Divine proportion.

Older refugees offer to educate the younger ones.

Fort McCoy, an army base in Wisconsin, USA, is housing approximately 13,000 Afghans who were able to leave their country following the Taliban’s takeover. Three of the temporary residents had attended Asian University for Women in Bangladesh and were concerned that the children in the camp had nothing to do. So, they decided to start a makeshift school called Rise Again, where lessons include English, mathematics, and cultural information on life in the United States. The project has attracted about 200 students and 20 teachers, including some soldiers from the base. Thank you, Rise Again’s founders and the kindhearted volunteer staff. We pray that the Afghans who are rebuilding their lives in a new land will be blessed with a conducive environment where they can develop their potential, in the abundant Mercy of Allah. Vegan: All the Masters sacrifice 2 teach us wisdom, this is the least we can do!

Coming up, vegan meat products from Spain debut in Mexico. We will take a moment to appreciate the moral stories that our parents read to us when we were children, helping us to make the right choices and navigate our way through life. More motivating news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Valuable News for an Exceptional World.

European startup expands across the Atlantic.

Heura Foods is one of Spain’s fastest-growing plant-based companies. It was founded in 2017 with a vision to transform the future of sustenance. In addition to being 100% vegan, their products feature high-quality ingredients, excellent nutritional value, and incredible taste. Four of the firm’s creations – plant-based chicken chunks and strips, plant-based burgers, and plant-based meatballs – are now available at more than 220 Walmart stores in Mexico. Marc Coloma, Heura’s co-founder and CEO, commented, “With nearly 130 million people living in Mexico, we recognize the power of its people to change the food system into one that’s designed to protect the things we all love: the planet, people, and animals.” Our heartfelt applause, Heura, for walking the talk and helping to abolish meat consumption. May humanity soon awaken and embrace the vegan lifestyle, in Heaven’s radiance.

New system helps protect drivers and animal-pedestrians.

Interstate 25 is a major highway and the main north-south route through Colorado, USA. The segment between Denver and Colorado Springs became a trouble spot, as motorists frequently collided with individuals from the wildlife kingdom trying to cross the road. To mitigate the situation, the state’s Department of Transportation cooperated with the Parks and Wildlife division to construct four new underpasses and renovate an existing one. Additionally, about 45 kilometers of fencing were installed to guide roaming animal-people towards the broad and risk-free thoroughfares. As species in the region become acquainted with the openings and form new habits, officials anticipate a 90% reduction in traffic accidents. Colorado is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate. Kudos to the state agencies and personnel who made traveling safer for human and animal co-inhabitants. May we extend round-the-clock protection to all sentient beings by consistently choosing plant-based nutrition, in Celestial benediction.

Here’s a funny to put a smile on your face. It’s called “Customer Satisfaction.”

At an orientation meeting for new employees, the hiring manager was explaining the corporate culture.

“I want you all to understand that the key to success is to go the extra mile. Always try to go beyond what is expected of you. Is that clear?”

“I just want to say that my last job wasn’t like that. The customers I worked with didn’t like it when I went the extra mile.”

“Please remind me what your previous job was.”

“I was a taxi driver.”


And now we have a heartline from Rieko in Japan:

I am thankful to Beloved Master and the Supreme Master team. Through my respected senior in massage work, I came to know about Master, and I am still receiving guidance from this person. I grew up in a family with abuse and went through addictions, but now I am able to reintegrate into society. When I asked myself again, “What is my dream?” My deep thought was, “To be liberated!” At the moment, in addition to the work that I do, I also practice veganism and work on purifying myself and studying Master’s lectures. I pray that the day will come when I can receive initiation. And I also pray for peace and hope for the world! Rieko from Japan

Courageous Rieko, We are very moved to read of the transformations you have made in your life and wish you well in all your endeavors, knowing that you have the highest Love and support possible in having come to know our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. May Heavens shine on you and the caring Japanese people, bringing all of you much beauty and abundance. In Divine Bliss, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master replies to you with much delight: “Upright Rieko, I send you my Love and a warm embrace with heartfelt congratulations on the good work you have done to liberate yourself from the past. Continue to pray, study the teachings and incorporate them into your life as you wait for the initiation, and know that no matter what, you and I walk together. Enjoy your new vegan life, and may the Universe bring you and the elegant Japanese people much happiness and serenity.”

Vegan: tested positive 4 infectious joyfulness.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May each day of your life take you closer to your cherished goal.

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