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NWN Heartline - February 25, 2021

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Dear Master and Supreme Master Television team, A few years ago, when Supreme Master TV relaunched, I was asking why Supreme Master TV had started again as I thought that the planet was going in the right direction with the number of vegans growing. One night while meditating, I was granted a vision to answer my question. In that vision, it was shown to me that the Earth was headed to Armageddon in which 95% of the population would perish due to infectious diseases, plagues of locusts, natural disasters, food insecurity, meteor strikes and civil unrest. It was also revealed that this was due to the heavy karma incurred from the killing of animals for food. However, due to the Master’s Power and the spread of Supreme Master TV to every corner of the globe, the world would be saved. In this vision, Master cast a physical net of light over the Earth using Supreme Master TV, and through meditation, pushed love and merit through this net. This happened for many, many years until the planet was saved and eventually elevated to Eden.
Thank You so much, most precious and all-powerful Master, for giving Earth a second chance and humans the opportunity to evolve and know their true compassionate nature. And thank you, Supreme Master TV team, for your selfless dedication to create such noble programming and for spreading Supreme Master TV. Your devoted disciple, Janie from the Republic of Suriname

Insightful Janie, Thank you for writing about your incredible vision regarding Master’s intervention to save humanity. You have seen inside the severity of our planet’s situation and the immediate need for people to be vegan and live cruelty-free to take advantage of the second chance. May the Godses bless you and the lively Surinamese with vibrant health and well-being, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Highly Spiritual Janie, thank you for reminding all of us of the fatal consequences of killing our animal friends. Truly, we can change our world’s fate for the better if we embrace compassionate living, including the loving plant-based diet. May God’s Love bathe you and the affectionate people of Suriname as we all share the benevolent merit with your nation and the world. Love you!”

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