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Peace on Your Plate is a young UK-based band formed by like-minded vegan musicians to make music and songs for the animal-people. Established in 2019, the band has released songs with positive and compassionate messages that are energetic, easy to sing along, and appealing to the public.

Both Gavin and Giles fondly recollect a special moment during the recording for their first released piece, entitled “Peace On Your Plate.” “We recorded it at the famous Abbey Road Studios. And there was an interesting moment where I was recording the vocals, and the engineer in the studio just between takes told me that I was singing in the microphone that the Beatles had used in the 1960s, which was a bit of an odd moment in my life as I’m a massive Beatles’ fan, so that was pretty amazing.” “And it was as if there was some energy, some spiritual energy that was in the microphone. That when we sang, we were able to transmit those blessings, I think as the Beatles did, of course. Paul McCartney was a long time vegetarian and now vegan, and George Harrison, and John Lennon at one time. They all had that path.”

Although the band experienced certain setbacks when trying to promote their first song, they are persistently moving forward towards well-deserved success and recognition. The next released musical piece by the band was an upbeat song, named “Ask Me Why.” “Come on come on come on I’m on a quest for a better world, caring and compassionate A journey to end suffering, in every way I can. And you ask me why am I vegan? Well I am Because I’m a compassionate human. Excuse my imposition but are you aware of the fact That lives were made to suffer for what is on your dinner plate. And you ask me why am I vegan? When you should ask yourself why you’re not Because I know you got it in you to be. So come on come on come on, we can save the world go vegan Yes come on come on come on, give the innocents their freedom Make it happen.”

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