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Between Master and Disciples

Practice More to Know Our Inner Great Power, Part 1 of 5, Nov. 05, 2017

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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It’s not that you should have a lot of inner experiences. If our life is smooth, our personalities improve for the better, then we know that we are making progress inside. If we make progress inside, so do we outside.

Hey. Your Mama is here. How are you guys? (Good. Great. Good.) Feel good? (Yes.) I forgot. I went out shopping. I went out shopping. I forgot you’re waiting. I went out to buy food. I forgot.

I don’t know if it’s good taste or not. Never mind. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, so angry with you. I am angry. So angry, so angry. (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Give this to them. Let them help themselves. Leave it. They take it by themselves. Yeah. Anywhere. Behind, behind. Go behind. Behind, and the middle. OK. Yeah.

I love this village. Don’t you? (Yes!) I like this place so much. I like it here. Yeah. I just went… Everybody (takes) a little! OK? Each one takes a little bit. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough. We don’t have time to go buy them, OK? Don’t have time to go buy them. OK. Over there. Sorry. Each one takes a little bit. Share with your neighbors. Okay. Share with the neighbors. Don’t eat all and get fat! Understand? Then you can’t go through the door. Then your face won’t look like... what... Like what? (The ID card.) Like the photo on the ID card... OK. Yeah.

What shall I speak? Do you have translation? (Yes.) Only for Aulacese (Vietnamese)? No? Aulacese (Vietnamese) don’t have translation. (Yes.) OK. I’ll speak Aulacese (Vietnamese). (Yes, Master.)

Comrades, how are you? (We’re fine, Master.) Those sitting in the back cannot see? Can you see from the back? Whoever can’t see, raise your hand. Sorry. OK, I stand up. It’s okay. (Please sit down, Master. We see You, Master.) It’s OK. What for should I sit? I sit all day already. I sit at the desk working. I sit to meditate, then I sit in a place to play with the dogs. I sit everywhere. If you want to ask something, go ahead. I didn’t have time earlier. Anyone with a question, raise your hand. Microphone. Microphone for them. (You are so beautiful, Master!) I am old, not beautiful anymore! You guys are the beautiful ones.

(Beloved Master,) Where? Where are you? Go ahead. (Thank You for Your arrangement so that I could come here to see You. Before I left, a brother told me to repeat as follows: “Please send my best regards to Master, and wish Master great success in Her work as She wishes.”) Thank you. (Thank You, Master, for being loving, compassionate, and always patient with us. We do not practice that well, so please always bless us. I respectfully conclude here.) Not practicing well, yet dare showing it off? (Thank You, Master.) OK, this sister. Send my regards to that brother when you go home. What is that brother’s name? (He taught me, but I have never asked for his name.) That’s good then. Don’t ask. (Yes, Master). No need to ask. You would get involved emotionally, troublesome.

Here, this sister. Next one. Raise your hand higher, so people can see you. OK, ask your question.

(Yes. I was initiated nearly seven years ago, and I have two problems. I have many troubles in my spiritual practice. I don’t know if it is because of my arrogance. Before initiation, I heard other fellow initiates saying that Master can elevate our parents to the Third, the Fourth Level. I was very happy, so I went to get initiated. I wanted my parents to be liberated, because... I am a little nervous... After getting married, I came to live with my husband here. So, I missed my parents. I also wanted my parents to be liberated, so that they will be happy.

But six months after initiation, I felt that my soul was going out after sitting for a while in meditation. My soul was floating in the air, and my head was bending like this. It felt kind of weird. When I first started practicing, I had no idea that it was an inner experience. I didn’t know that I could ask a question here at Master’s ashram. I found it was very weird. Just sat a bit, and it went out. It seemed to float in the air. I sat, but kept holding on to the chair, for fear of falling down. Then I said to myself that I didn’t like this feeling. It’s such a strange feeling. I didn’t like it. Every time I had that experience, I tried to wake myself so as not to feel that. Then after a while, I lost that experience. I only understood it later.

After asking people here, I realized that it was my inner experience. They said to leave it to Master’s arrangement, no need to fear it. But I have already lost it. Therefore, I don’t know when... I was wrong for thinking that way. So, I lost it. I don’t know if I am making any progress in my spiritual practice. I am afraid that my wish at the beginning won’t be fulfilled. I would like to ask You how to practice in order to help my parents like I wished to in the beginning.)

No problem. Just continue to practice. Because you didn’t want to see it, so of course, you don’t see it. You got what you asked for. What else do you want? (That isn’t because I was too arrogant, is it, Master?) No, it’s not. No. Because you were new, you didn’t know. (Thank You, Master.) We should enjoy whatever we have. Neither praise nor blame, OK? (I was afraid that because I disliked it, so I don’t have it anymore, and that I can’t progress in my spiritual practice.) It’s all right. Don’t worry. (Yes, Master.) Continue. (Thank You, Master.) No problem. It’s not that you should have a lot of inner experiences. If our life is smooth, our personalities improve for the better, then we know that we are making progress inside. If we make progress inside, so do we outside.

Next one. Microphone. Let that sister talk first. (Greetings, beloved Master.) Hi, auntie. Hallo sister. (I am from Âu Lạc [Việt Nam].) From Huế? (Yes, Master). Are you from Huế? (I am from Nghệ An.) Nghệ An. Then what? What is your question? (I’ve practiced for 23 years already. I can hear the [inner Heavenly] Sound very clearly, but the [inner Heavenly] Light is blurry.) Blurry? (It is not that bright. Please shed more light on this [situation] for me, Master. And I would like to tell You many experiences about my family. Outer experiences. Because inner experiences, everyone has already.) Understood. Just tell a few. If you tell so many, they’d have to sit here and sleep until tomorrow. (Yes, Master.) Because they all have a lot of it. Why don’t you go home and write a book. Write a book? OK, talk.

(Yes. My whole family lineage, a total of 20 people, all have followed Master since 1995.) Wow. (Yes. The youngest one is about four, five months old, who has been a vegan since he was in his mother’s womb. And my most wonderful and memorable experience, is about my grandson. When his mother was pregnant, all the doctors she visited said that the fetus would not survive, and that since she’s still young, she could just abort it and have another one later. All three, four ultrasound tests gave the same result. So, I and my husband told her: “Go to Sài Gòn where they have the most modern equipment, and have a 3-dimensional ultrasound test taken, then bring the result back to us to see.” Then the test in Sài Gòn was also the same. My husband and I told them not to have the abortion. And our son-in-law is also a vegan, and going to follow our path.) Follow? (Yes. We told our daughter, “Do not have the abortion. Just let us take care of it. My husband and I prayed all day long, that our son-in-law and our in-law family will understand how good this Method that we pratice is.”

Then eight months later, our daughter had another ultrasound test, and it showed that the fetus had a cleft lip. At that time, the fetus was already in its complete form. The doctor said, “You can come here whenever you are ready. And after the surgery, I will have cosmetic work done on his cleft lip, and he will be a healthy and beautiful baby.”

But before the due date, when my daughter and her husband came home from their karaoke time, she went into labor. Then, she had a cesarean section performed in the Đắc Lắc hospital where we lived, it’s a remote mountainous area. Then she was taken to Sài Gòn. Now, it was no longer the cleft lip that was the problem, but the whole innards were hanging outside the baby’s body. This is an unexpected situation! There wasn’t any flesh that could be used for the cosmetic work. So she was transferred to a hospital in Sài Gòn. At the provincial hospital, they said they transfered her so that our family would have peace of mind, but in this case, no baby could survive. Thousands of cases ended up with death due to infection. Our family also knew that.

We all prayed to God and asked for Master’s blessing. And then two days later, suddenly) Grow out. (from two sides of the baby’s hip, flesh started to grow a lot. The doctors began to sew it up, just like sewing up a torn piece of clothing. They said that, “This is the only baby that survives out of four thousand cases, this must be some miracle.” So our family said that we are vegan and we recite the Buddha’s name, thus the baby has been a vegan since he was in his mother’s womb. “Then your family has great merit and will be blessed by Buddha.”

My grandson is eight years old now, and he has never eaten meat. When his grandma who is a meat eater, asked my grandson to eat meat, he would say, “No, you eat, grandma, I won’t eat it. I’ll follow my granny to the end.” I am his granny. When he goes to school, his mom prepares his vegan food. Then he eats dinner when he comes home. So, his diet is very pure and he is a big and healthy boy. Now, his belly button is like a rose, Master. It’s big, because the doctors sewed it up with the flesh taken from here and there. Now his belly button is as big as a rose! Everyone said it was a miracle in our family. I just briefly tell this story, to remind my family members, as well as our fellow initiates to not waver. We have no other path now, except to follow Master, which is the best way. My family, my husband and I, have vowed over the years to follow You to the end. I would like to wish You great health, always beautiful and forever young.) Thank you. (Yes, Master.)

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