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Between Master and Disciples

Nothing Escapes Justice, Part 5 of 6, Sep. 26, 2021

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Oh! Such a sinful government. And misleading the public, leading them astray from moral standards and the Bible’s teaching. (Yes, Master.) On one hand, they say, “Oh, Jesus Christ, praise! Praise God,” and all that. On the other hand, they do the opposite of what God’s Commandments are. (Yes.) So these are working for Satan, devil. Can you see that?

Maybe some women would say, it’s their body, they do what they want. Fine, but not this kind of murderous action. (Yes.) If they want to do what they want, then they should be prepared to tone their body, to take care of their body, taking preventive medicine, so they don’t have to even do the abortion. It’s harmful for their body also, when they do some abortions. (Yes, that’s right.) So if it’s their body, they should take better care. (True, Master. Yes.) Nowadays, it’s so easy to avoid pregnancy. Not like some decades ago, it was difficult. (Exactly.)

If they can afford the abortion, then they can afford these anti-baby devices or pills. (Yes. That’s right.) There is no excuse. (Yes, Master.) Abortion is expensive or not? (Yes.) Sure. (Costly, I would imagine.) Otherwise, if the government pays for it, it’s expensive for taxpayers too. (Of course, yes.)

I’m sorry. You made me angry. It’s all your fault. (Sorry, but it’s quite shocking actually, to see these…) It’s shocking. What kind of government wants to kill babies? Now they cannot kill the Afghan allies or Americans’ young and handsome and beautiful army anymore, they are killing babies. Because they are helpless, so easy to kill them. My God.

Now they say the Patrol is whipping the Haitians. Even if they ordered that, they should whip themselves instead, and repent. One hundred thousand years. I’m not sure if even that long can erase their sin. (Yes, Master.)

Oh! Such a sinful government. And misleading the public, leading them astray from moral standards and the Bible’s teaching. (Yes, Master.) On one hand, they say, “Oh, Jesus Christ, praise! Praise God,” and all that. On the other hand, they do the opposite of what God’s Commandments are. (Yes.) So these are working for Satan, devil. Can you see that? (Yes, Master.) Do you need any more proof from me? No! (No, Master.) I don’t need any more proof for that.

About Haiti, it could sink under the sea, he didn’t care. And about murdering babies in the womb already, before they could utter their mouth to defend for themselves. If they say that the woman has the right for their own decision, then the babies also have the right to do it, to defend for themselves. But they cannot if they’re murdered already, (True, Master.) in the wombs of the mothers. For no reason, for no fault of their own.

Don’t make me more angry. I told you I’m an angry Master. I told you many times. I admit it. (We don’t blame You for being angry, Master, because it’s shocking, what’s going on.) Not just angry but anguished. (Exactly.) How can I do anything to protect these innocent little babies.

My God! Twenty-one days, their hearts beat already, and they kill them. (Gosh, that’s just… it’s not right at all.) In a society, you even abolish the death penalty. And why do you kill babies? (Yes, Master.) What a barbarous kind of mentality! Whoever supports that, they will all go to hell. Believe me, in all my honor, I tell you that. It’s not even their babies. (Exactly.)

They cannot support this abortion mentality. They can do something to ease it. They can support the unwanted pregnancies by easing the adoption law and by supporting them until the baby is born. They have a lot of money ‒ not to spend it on killing again in other countries, instead. (Yes.) Taking care of their own people. (Yes, Master.) That’s what Trump was for. Americans first.

This looks like America is not even last, it’s the bottom… of hell. That’s what they want to lead them to, the way it is right now, the way they do things like this. My God, and the whole group supports that? Supports Biden on that?

God help them! God help them! They will all go to hell. Truly, I’m telling you with all my honor and truthfulness. (Yes, Master.) Told you already I took the vow of truthfulness, of not lying. (That’s right.) Whatever happens to me, I still tell the truth. (Yes, Master.) Like Jesus, He knew the risk, at that time, but He still spoke the truth. (Yes.)

Oh, man. Anything else? (I have another question, Master.) Yeah? OK.

(Earlier, Master mentioned about the US$3.5 trillion budget that Biden was trying to push. That package tends to have a lot for social programs as well. And because Biden and Kamala Harris are possessed by demons, does that mean that the policies of the Democrats are backed by the demons?)

Yes. Therefore, many of the clauses inside are not for people. They will make excuses to use it for something else. (Yes.) Social is not all what they want. It’s the last that they want. I’m not sure if they’re really sincere about that. (Yes.) It’s just like taxing the rich, while Biden didn’t pay any. (Yes.) Paid very little. Because they earned I think US$13 million according to the figures. (Yes.) According to the report there, but they declared only US$800,000. So for US$800,000 you pay very little tax. (Yes, that’s right.) And then get…

Oh, my God, it’s all corrupt. It’s all corrupted. It’s so ugly. God. I wish we don’t even have to talk about it, because I don’t know, it’s so ugly, so sickening. (Yes.) Say one thing, do another. (Yes. Yes.) So it’s just hiding behind the social agenda, just to do something else. It is another scheme. (Yes.) That’s why many don’t agree with it. The Senate and the House did not vote for it yet. Because they have to really consider whether or not this is sincere, and also they found many flaws in it. Like many of the sneaking-in programs which don’t have anything to do with the social help to the people. (Yes.)

I didn’t see the bill myself. (Understand.) But that’s what I read in the media reports. (Yes, understand.) That they sneak in many things which are not social at all. (Yes. Yes.)

(And on this note, because President Trump is Heaven-sent and he’s a Republican, does that mean that the Republican policies are backed by Heaven?) If Trump suggests it, yes. (Ah, OK.) Mostly.

(What about the people who don’t support Trump, Master?) Yeah, the RINO, they call them. Republican In Name Only. (Ah, yes, yes, the Republicans.) In name only. They don’t support Trump, not only they don’t support, they even impeach him. (Yes. Yes. Many. Yes.) They’re also blinded by the demons’ power. (Ah, yes.) Not that they were bad intrinsically. So, one of them doesn’t want to run again and retired. (Oh, yes, yes.) And there are many others, maybe eight or nine of them are still not saying anything, whether or not they will continue to run or not. (Ah, yes.)

I think they should just wake up and make up with their own fellow Republicans and with Trump. (Yes.) They are Republicans and they were there, in the beginning, for their ideal of the Republicans’ policies. So, if they stray one time, it could be many things, it could be the devils influence them, it could be they misunderstood President Trump, it could be they misunderstand because of biased media, who are always strongly beating him up all these years. (Yes, yes.)

So, in that case, I think they should just make up with each other. It’s like sometimes even married people, they are so in love with each other, but they still quarrel sometimes or oppose each other. (Oh, yes, that’s normal.) Then just make up and still continue to be Republican, or run again. (Yes.) It’s not like everything is lost. If they make up with each other and continue their idealistic way in the Republicans’ policy framework, then it’s still workable. (Yes, yes.) They just failed once. (Yes, and President Trump needs more support in the Congress to help him pass various laws.) True, true! So, like the trillion dollar bill, also like that.

And many other good laws, good regulations that if the Republicans are more together, they could do good for the nation, better than now. (Yes, yes.) Better than all this killing and oppressing energy and policy from Biden and the group. (Yes.)

(That’s all the questions we have, Master. We thank You so much for this early morning conference.)

Actually, I called you for something else and it just came out. (Yes, yes.) It’s good then. It’s good then. You know, like usual, it’s a work phone call. (Yes.) The US$3 trillion or something bill, that’s all over on the news. (Yes, it is.) I don’t even have to mention it, you know it. (Yes.) OK, thank you then. (Thank You, Master.)

Now, I ask you a question. (Yes, Master.) (…) You ask always questions. (We’re nosy.) No, it’s …

When we work for the world, this is some of the themes, you see? It’s also for the world. (Yes.) For the Americans, it’s also for the world. (Yes.) Because America is a great country, everyone looks up to it. (Yes, yes.) So, whatever America does, many will follow suit. (Yes.)

"Media Report from NBC News Reporter (f) Sept. 24, 2021: The battle over abortion rights is raging across the Americas. Earlier this month, Mexico’s Supreme Court made waves, voting unanimously to decriminalize abortions. The landmark ruling could clear the way for legalization of abortions nationwide. Soon, Colombia’s high court will rule on expanding abortion rights."

"Media Report from NBC News Interviewee (f) Sept. 24, 2021: It’s taking over Latin America. We also saw in Dominican Republic just a few months ago…"

"Media Report from EuroNews Reporter (m) Sept. 28, 2021: The tiny Republic of San Marino has voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing abortion. The government is now being urged to change the existing law, which dates back to 1865. The result came as a surprise in the state where 90% of the population is Roman Catholic."

So I cannot say Americans should kill all these babies in the womb, before they could even cry, not to talk about defending themselves. This is cruelty at the ultimate. (Yes, it is.) There’s no reason even.

Of course, Biden and the government’s employees there, they are living well. They don’t have any problems. (Yes.) Even if the whole country goes down in the economy or pandemic, they’re all safe! (Yes, that’s right.) They sit in safety, they have thousands of military personnel to protect them, they have national security guards and all that, and they have even barbed wire fences any time they want. At the snap of the fingers. (Yes, that’s right.)

But the people outside there, the people who struggle every day for a living, for survival, they are in a different situation. (Yes.) And even some people could afford to have babies also. If they listen to the government, they will also abort them, just for convenience. (Yes.) That is wrong. (Definitely wrong.)

If people cannot afford a baby, they should help. Because life is what God wants to create. (Yes, yes.) God created us, Hes wants life.

Suppose Biden was aborted, what would he think? (Yes.) In his mother’s womb, if Biden was aborted, would he like that? (Of course not.) Or Psaki, or Pelosi, or whatever the group in the White House. (Yes.) The henchmen. The White House henchmen. What if it happened to them, if their mother decided to kill them? Would they have liked that? (No, they wouldn’t.) So just ask yourself, whatever you don’t want to be done to you, don’t do it to others.

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