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In today’s news, Emirates Airline provides airbridge for urgent medical supplies to India, study warns of possible dangerous chain reaction triggered by melting Antarctic ice sheet, Harvard public health researchers determine diet rich in healthful plant foods reduces stroke risk, global development finance institution to invest US$2 billion to boost Africa’s economic recovery from pandemic, street dogs in Mexico obtain permanent, loving homes in United States, Singaporean vegan food manufacturer releases nutritious plant-based hard-boiled egg and two-year-old dog from Scotland paints to benefit charity aiding three-legged animal companions.

Emirates Airline supports medical relief delivery to India.

The air carrier has created a transport airbridge to bring humanitarian supplies from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to India to address the COVID-19 crisis in the nation. Specifically, it provides cost-free cargo space to non-governmental organizations on its 95 flights per week to nine Indian cities. The company is cooperating with the International Humanitarian City, a global relief hub in Dubai established by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, for the endeavor. His Highness is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion laureate. The airline delivered much-needed medical necessities and personal protective equipment to six continents in 2020. Our sincere accolades, Emirates Airline and Your Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. May Allah bless your caring response as the spiritual people of India recover from the pandemic and greet brighter tomorrows.

Melting Antarctic ice cap might create perilous chain reactions.

A group of European scientists has discovered that the Antarctic ice sheet’s melting amidst a warmer climate could cause a rise in local temperatures, as more sunlight would be absorbed by the exposed ground underneath. Published in the Nature Geoscience journal, the study reveals that wind patterns would reverse due to the heated land, followed by increases in rainfall on the continent, with more freshwater flowing into the sea. As freshwater is lower in density than saltwater, warmer water would accumulate in the deep ocean, escalating ice loss and decreasing the planet’s capacity to maintain a large Antarctic ice sheet. The analysis utilized data on the Middle Miocene period from over 13 million years ago when the atmospheric conditions resembled those expected by this century’s end. Many thanks, all scientists involved. May humankind urgently transition to the most climate-protective vegan world, in God’s light.

Up next on Noteworthy News, Harvard public health researchers determine that diet rich in healthful plant foods reduces stroke risk. We’ll just thank the hand fabric cutters who draw layouts and cut a variety of fabrics using hand-held scissors based on measurements for items manufactured by the apparel, textile, and furniture industries, as well as others. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more valuable news. Vegan = climate best solution.

Hallo, charming viewers, I’m Aina the vegan Gold Dust Day Gecko. Heaven on Earth is as close as your next vegan meal, because no animals will suffer and you will be blessed from above for your peaceful loving choice!! I have a tip on how you can turn any kitchen knife into one for serving vegan butter. All you have to do is turn the blade over while you’re holding it in your hand. This way, the dull side of the knife will be scraping against the bread rather than the sharp side. Now you won’t have to search for a butter knife the next time you need to spread vegan butter or margarine or worry about your knife cutting into the bread with its sharp edge. Thank you for watching and love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Here’s the weather around the world!

Plant-rich diet associated with fewer strokes.

Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the United States have discovered that a diet high in plant foods such as leafy greens, whole grains and beans reduces stroke risk. The study monitored more than 200,000 people through regular nutrition questionnaires for over a 25-year period. Their diets were evaluated by the healthfulness of the plant-based foods they ate. The scientists found that those who consumed the most healthy plant-based fare had a 10% decreased overall risk of suffering a stroke compared to individuals eating the lowest number of healthy plant-based foods. Our appreciation, Harvard researchers, for this important health information. In Heaven’s kindness, may everyone embrace the compassionate way of living for the radiant well-being of our bodies and planet.

International Finance Corporation to provide economic support to Africa.

To assist economies in recovering from the pandemic, the International Finance Corporation, which belongs to the World Bank Group, has announced a US$2 billion investment to strengthen small businesses and international trade in Africa. One-half of the funding will benefit micro, small and medium ventures through new direct financing, while the other half will help improve the imports and exports of vital goods such as medicines and food. Private and public partners can join the initiative. Our gratitude, International Finance Corporation, for sponsoring this economic stimulus program. May the future of beautiful Africa and her blessed people be abundant and vibrant, in Divine harmony.

Homeless dogs in Mexico find loving homes in United States.

American Barb Mumaugh, who resides in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico, operates Barb’s Dog Rescue and partners with US-based nonprofit Helping Animals Live On (HALO) Animal Rescue, a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats founded by Heather Allen and Michel Herstam. After carefully examining local street dogs for diseases, Ms. Mumaugh transports as many as she can fit into her vehicle to HALO’s headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The canines are then evaluated by skilled staff and rehabilitated if necessary. Their cute photos and stories are then shared online, which has been a very favorable way to help find permanent homes for them. HALO has found families for over 75,000 sweet animals. We applaud your precious efforts, HALO and Barb Mumaugh. In the mercy of the Providence, we pray that all of our treasured animal brethren are lovingly safeguarded and cared for.

Coming up, Singaporean vegan food manufacturer releases nutritious plant-based hard-boiled egg. Let’s pause for a moment to thank Heavens for creating miracles in our everyday lives that give us faith strong enough to move mountains. We’ll be right back with more lively news here on Supreme Master Television. Vegan, any better idea! Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Beneficial News for an Intelligent World.

Food producer introduces first-of-its-kind vegan egg in Singapore.

OsomeFood has released a plant-based hard-boiled egg made of wholesome ingredients with immunity-boosting benefits. The delicious item is developed from a variety of seaweed, algae and naturally occurring fermented fungi to provide a nutrient-dense profile of vital amino acids and antioxidants. In addition, the product’s manufacturing requires 90% less land and water in comparison to producing chicken eggs. Jason Fong, the founder of the company, commented, “We believe in harnessing the power of real food to equip our bodies with the nutrients it needs for us to live our best lives… We are not simply vegan; our food is as nutritious as it gets.” Our praises, Jason Fong and OsomeFood, for your pioneering creation. May mercy be the foundation of food choices for everyone worldwide, in Celestial upliftment.

Two-year-old Cocker Spaniel’s painting to be auctioned for international charity.

Emily Anderson from Scotland, United Kingdom, taught her beloved canine companion Leo to paint freehand while spending more time with him during a lockdown. Later, they started using stencils to create other designs. Leo’s artwork, named “Doggaso” has been submitted to the 2021 Tripawds Charity Painting Dogs Auction held by the United States-based Tripawds Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to helping three-legged animal companions and their caregivers. Furthermore, Leo has learned several other tricks, such as stacking rings and skipping. He can even zip himself inside a suitcase and play the xylophone while the talented duo’s latest hobby is ping pong. Three cheers, Leo, for your pawsome skills, and thank you, Emily Anderson, for being such a good instructor. In Divine blessings, may you both have many happy days together as you continue benefiting others with your creative works.

Laughter is good for health, so we chose a joke of the day for you called, “Father-Groom Talk.”

“My daughter tells me that she wants to marry you. Have you chosen a wedding date yet?”

“I leave that for her to decide.”

“Will the wedding be big or small?”

“That will be her mother’s decision.”

“And how will you both support yourselves?”

“That depends on you, sir!...”

And now we have a heartline from Rak Chat in Thailand:

When I read Your poem “The Real Love,” I was very touched and moved. It was like I experienced the suffering of war in the past. That fear was still in my mind. To be honest, I cried when I read Your poem. War gives us nothing, only suffering, sorrow and damage to all parties. I must have done many wrongdoings in the past. In this life, I wish to atone for all my sins and be liberated from transmigration. And may everyone be liberated as well. Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai. Rak Chat from Thailand

Blessed Rak Chat, Our appreciation for sending your message. We echo your sentiments regarding the immense grief and desolation caused by conflict. May we all humbly walk the way of the Buddhas in love and peace.

Master has a reply here just for you: “Hope-filled Rak Chat, may humanity now preserve all life and stop the karma of killing by quickly embracing the vegan way. Thank you for being a humble and sincere spiritual child. Heavens are pleased with you. Much Love to you. May the Buddhas bless you and the special Thai people with all beauty and virtues.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your presence on Noteworthy News. May the light of Heaven shine upon each moment of your life.

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