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Loving Condolences for Al Kasha’s Family

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Loving condolences and gifts for the composer Al Kasha’s family. On September 14, 2020, the world lost the presence of a brilliant artist and inspirational man, the beloved Mr. Al Kasha. Highly esteemed in both Hollywood and Broadway, Mr. Kasha was a two-time Academy Award-winning composer and songwriter with many hit songs and collaborations with some of music’s greatest artists. He was also an accomplished producer, bestselling author, and motivational speaker who believed in spreading hope through his work. “You and I, one identical life: Let’s embrace and share all the joys.”

After coming to know about Supreme Master Ching Hai in 2010, Al Kasha was deeply inspired by Her message of love and began setting many of Her poems to beautiful songs, every one of which has been performed by world-class singers. “Let’s love each other The rainy season fresh and cooling River waters, sweet nectar Nourishing love amongst human beings. Let’s live just for each other. Let’s live on for our future. Let’s build Eden on Earth.” “In my own personal life, She hit upon something. To me, there are four or five things. There’s peace, and love, and joy, and patience, and steadfastness, and faithfulness. And I think She hit those five important things. And She goes out there and speaks to thousands and thousands of people. To think She was this girl from Vietnam (Âu Lạc) and God has raised Her up to reach this many people, She touched my heart really. And most important that She has, which you find in every single one of Her poems, is compassion. Her words are very honest and inspirational, and most of all, pure. That’s why, how, I love about Her. I feel that She will be a friend of mine for the rest of my life. And I’m Her friend.”

In 2011 and 2012, Al Kasha originated the concepts for two star-studded musicals, respectively: “The Real Love” which is based on Master’s life story, and “Loving the Silent Tears,” an epic international journey. Both grand pieces featured Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poetry set to music by Mr. Kasha and other distinguished, award-winning composers. “My sweet sister, do you ever dream about Yellow apricot blossoms by the terrace in past springs? I’m now in the west, so far away Missing all very much in my heart!” “Because we are in love, The earth is so ravishing. Because we are in love, The world becomes joyful! I believe only in love.” “Loving the silent tears for You more than the diamonds of the world. But, O King of all the wish-fulfilling-Jewels, Do I really have any choice?” “Let’s take each other’s hand, Soaring above the realm of chaos. To gaze down on life, Our laughter resonating through Heaven and Earth. My very dear! Let’s take each other’s hand.” “Master Ching Hai, I admire You, I respect You and it’s good to be Your friend as well and all the goodness that You’re giving the world by preaching the word of love and peace, and that’s really what life is about. At the end of the day, it’s all about love and peace. What we do on this Earth today will be counted, like Master Ching Hai said.” “My greeting, hugging, embracing to the great composers like Mr. Al Kasha…” “So while we’re here, let’s give our all Release the dreams inside us.”

Upon his passing, Supreme Master Ching Hai asked our Association members in Los Angeles to visit Mr. Kasha’s family and convey Her heartfelt condolences, as well as Her loving gifts and contribution toward any needs for the funeral service. “Dear loving Al Kasha family, I love this gentle soul in Al Kasha. He will be in high Heaven forever. That’s the least we can do for him, a giant in the artist world. All my Love in God’s eternal Embrace. Please let us know if there’s anything we could help with, at all times. Be safe, all of you! Yours sincerely, Ching Hai” (Beautiful.) “From Supreme Master Ching Hai to Mr. Al Kasha: ‘With all my humble salute to the soul of a genius Artist.’” (Just beautiful, just beautiful… And he had the utmost respect [for Supreme Master Ching Hai]. Just stand it over here, I’d like for it to be seen. Put it on the plant right there. I want it to be seen. This is so beautiful! My God, I’m so in love with it. Oh my God, it’s beautiful! Oh my God, look at that!) (So amazing! Amazing! All the stuff my mom likes: candles and [vegan] chocolates.) (I love that! She [Supreme Master Ching Hai] is so amazing. She’s a blessing to our family. She’s an angel, She’s a gift from God.) (You are one of the first people we’ve had over at the house, and we can’t thank you enough for being so great, gracious.) (I know Al would want you here. Thank you, thank you.) “Supreme Master loves you and Mr. Kasha a lot.”

(It’s Ceil Kasha, and I’d like to say thank You. Thank You so so much to the Supreme Master whom I love and adore. It’s so kind of You to be here in honor of my husband Al Kasha. I really appreciate it. You are so amazing and Your girls are just absolutely wonderful and beautiful, and kindhearted. I’m sorry my voice is very low, but it’s hard for me to speak during this period. I’m trying very hard to be brave and strong, and I really appreciate the support. I really do. Thank You so very much and continued blessings on You and all Your parishioners over the whole world and the work that You’re doing. I really appreciate that, thank You very much, Madam. Thank You. God bless You!)

(I’m Al Kasha’s daughter, I just want to thank Supreme Master for being so amazing. She’s a gift from God and She’s so incredible. My father loved Her so much. She was a spiritual guidance counselor and he just really thought She is one of the most amazing people he ever met. And I know She helped so many people around the world, and She helped him. He loved Her so much. She touched his life, and I know She touches so many other people’s lives. She’s just an incredible person and we can’t thank Her enough for being so amazing in our lives. We are so touched by Your generosity and kindness and giving-ness. You really made us feel special and blessed. We can’t thank You enough. The flowers are just beautiful and it brought sunshine at this time that we really need it. We truly feel so blessed to have You in our lives. Thank You. Thank You. May God bless You always.)

“Two-time Oscar-winning composer Al Kasha.” “(Two-time Oscar winner Al Kasha.) One more time. Thank you so much.”

On behalf of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, we join in sending our love and deepest sympathies to the family of the extraordinary Mr. Al Kasha, who will be greatly missed; his moving music cherished for all time. May his loved ones be comforted as his soul rests blissfully in the Divine’s eternal embrace. “Let’s keep on looking for the light…”

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