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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms

“The Real Love” – A Musical that Unites Hearts, Part 6 of a Multi-part Series

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“Search high and low for a little love Search high and low for a little love! To bestow on all beings in all corners of existence! Riding colossal waves flying through graying forests, Charging into the ferocious wind crossing the stormy sky! Search high and low for a little love Search high and low for a little love! You got to breathe the air of Heaven, You got to go where the wind blows, Fly with the birds, rise with the sun, Look into the heart of a flower And find God there. Search high and low for a little love Search high and low for a little love!”

“When you come home There will only be grass and flowers Greeting your footsteps. The garden sheds her evening dew The house bows weighed down with loneliness Murmuring farewell. Even if my heart was made of stone And my feelings all of brass, I would soften and melt As I feel the pain I left you. But beloved one, I can no longer stay in darkness Surrendering to ignorance and misery. I know you’ve been suffering in golden bonds Longing to be free. I love you as I love myself Like my love for this great Earth, its mountains and rivers. I bow to you in awe of your deep love But who knows when we will ever meet again. Praised be the Divine whose light guides my way And protects you in your lonely days. Why were we born in this world of woe Where I must pine and where you, my love, have to taste sorrow? Please lift your heart out of the blue web So my mind will also be lightened when we are apart. You’re leaving, reaching for Heaven above Vowing to level out all upheavals in life! One day I’ll be enlightened, bring illumination to the world. I want to be together for eternity Though for now we’ll part to walk two separate paths. Who will protect the one who stays behind? Who will protect the one who goes afar?”

“(Has it been any different to that of preparing for other shows that you’ve been involved in?) There couldn’t be more difference. Number one, because of the Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poems. I’ve never had to write music to poems. And it's fascinating what She says. Sometimes I just was so fascinated reading something, I would think, ‘What an interesting way to say that. Now, I’ve got to be careful that I give some major musical attention to that line.’ I’ve never experienced this before, but I'd begin to hear melodies as I’d be reading Her poems. And I thought, ‘Yes, that has a nice flow to it.’ So then I'd write it down. It was very rewarding, because finally when I would get to the end of a number, and I’d look at it, I'd think, ‘It’s different from anything I’ve ever done.’ But I’d think ‘I’ve done a good job on this.’ I never changed a word of Her writings. And I hope I will get a chance to meet Her while I'm here because I really admire Her sincerity in the way She writes. And She's not afraid to say something very important. She will put it right there in paper and words, and I've seen enough now where She's addressing people and talking. And there is a magic about Her presence. It's in Her poems when She writes, too.”

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