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“The Real Love” – A Musical that Unites Hearts, Part 16 of a Multi-part Series

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In the weeks leading up to the highly anticipated anniversary event, as well as after the remarkable show, numerous announcements were made in print, radio, internet, and television media, along with movie theaters and mass outdoor media. First, KMozart 1260 AM is Los Angeles’ premier all-classical radio station, with 5-time Grammy-nominated composer and pianist David Benoit among its accomplished hosts.

“She still holds the record for being the youngest actress in history to win a Tony Award. It’s Daisy Eagan, and I sat down with her in the studio to talk about the all-star cast and creative company made up of numerous Tony, Oscar, and Emmy winners that’s come together for this one-day engagement.” “(Well, it’s a true story about the Supreme Master. And so, on the advice of Her good friend, Greta, who I happen to play, She went to India to learn from the living masters, to gain enlightenment. But it’s really a message about love and all kinds of love. And also, just love for yourself and your own process, and remembering to listen to what your heart is telling you, and heed it.)”

“Now we should mention, this has a 40-member cast, a 20-piece orchestra. When you get to the composers, the brains behind the music in this case, original songs written by Oscar and Emmy winner Bill Conti, 2-time Oscar winner Al Kasha. I mean, it’s a phenomenal creative company put together.”

And now, The Pasadena Foothills Magazine features organizations and individuals making a difference in the Pasadena region for a readership of 80,000. Mr. Kibbe continues, “An art exhibition of the creative works of Supreme Master Ching Hai is open to event attendees free-of-charge before and after the show. As a painter, Supreme Master Ching Hai is full of exuberance for nature; as a poet and composer, Her romantic heart invokes the deeply human. Her refreshing artistic style is famous for rekindling sparks of joy and tender love inside viewers’ hearts.”

Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden is one of the world’s first vegan radio programs and broadcasts in Los Angeles. “And today we have the honor to speak to Joanna Ampil. She is an internationally renowned theater actress and singer, recognized well, most notably for her work in the prestigious West End of London.” “(And I have played some amazing parts, and this would have to be at the top. And it’s been such a wonderful journey for me. So that in itself is a gift.)” “(I actually want to thank One World Vegan restaurant for the food they provide us with, they are so yummy, EVERYONE IN THE CAST ARE TURNING VEGAN, because of this, because the food is so good.)”

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