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Heartfelt Messages on Supreme Master Ching Hai Day

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February 22 is Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, a day first declared in 1994 by the World Cultural Communication Association and six US governors to honor Master for Her humanitarian deeds in assisting the needy throughout the world. Master also received the World Spiritual Leadership Award at the same time for Her contribution to the spiritual elevation of the world. Master’s selfless example and Her constant efforts to alleviate the suffering of human and animal-people continue to be a beacon of Light and Hope for all of us.

Today is the 28th anniversary of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day. To commemorate this time of celebration for all the good and noble qualities represented by our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, our Association members from around the world have written Her warm letters to express their overwhelming gratitude and admiration. In today’s program, we’re delighted to present a few of these messages along with Master’s loving responses.

The first letter is from Beyza of Turkey: “Dearest Supreme Master, I wish You a Happy Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, and I wish I could give You these flowers in person, but it’s OK that I can send them in this way, I hope. Thank You so much for being in my life and on the planet, helping us all, especially in these difficult times!! Thank You for my practice! About miracles we may have experienced in our practice, there is a lot to mention, but the biggest one for me is that I found You and You gave me the initiation, the Five Holy Names, and The Gift! And You are forever in my heart. As ever, I love Supreme Master TV and all the programs. The shows are so professional. They are amazing! When I watch them, my soul literally vibrates with the positive energy. Thank You.

I wish for Your dreams to come true, PEACE, LOVE, and a VEGAN WORLD, as I wish for that also! May the Heavens shower You with all the Blessings there are, and may You be in good health to carry on doing what You do, and may all the Gods and Angels protect You Always!! I love You and again thank You, Beyza from Turkey”

Thankful Beyza, Master has these heartfelt words for you: “Precious Beyza, Wow! You have those beautiful flowers in your garden! What a delightful surprise to see that they also grow beautifully in Turkey, by your green thumb. And you photographed them well. You sure know I love them. Thank you. All I can say in reply to your kind words is you are so very welcome! It is an honor and happiness to have one more enlightened being in our Quan Yin group. And Supreme Master Ching Hai Day is about serving others; I hope you can find time to help others in your community. Love you too, and may you and the lovely Turkish people know Allah’s Grace and Bliss.”

We’ll now conclude our program with the song, “Life is So Beautiful,” written and performed by our Association members and their children. “Life is so beautiful When people come together To create a paradise Based on Love forever. To be vegan is much fun! Let’s save the animals And become heroes Let’s save the environment And help trees like the Willow. Join the new trend And become the Earth’s friend. Let’s get together and Make the word better To humans, to animals, To the environment In this great endeavor!”
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