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Knowing God is the Highest Virtue, Part 8 of 11: Questions and Answers

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The soul will decide where he wants to go next. And if he is enlightened, then he can choose a higher dimension to go; and if he is not really enlightened, there is not much choice but to go in a lower dimension. It’s our decision and also the will of God because we and God are one actually. We only know if it’s the will of God or not if we are enlightened.

(God sees the misery and the hatred between people. Why doesn’t Hes present Hirmself in order to aid Hiers children? Hiers presence is sufficient.) Hes does present Hirmself all the time, but do we have the eyes to see? I’m coming here to try to open your spiritual eye so you can see God.

Otherwise, how does God appear in this world? How do you want Hirm to appear? As what kind of nationality, and what kind of religious figure? Then we’d fight again: “Oh, Hes is my God, Hes looks like Jesus,” or the Buddhists say, “No, no, Hes is a Buddha. No, Hes is mine,” and the Muslims say, “No, no, that’s Allah. That’s Allah.” And how does Hes explain Hirmself? Tell me.

And how? Hes should fly from the sky right here? They might shoot Hirm! They might think Hes is an alien! Some people might even think Hes is a devil himself. It’s very difficult. They have killed Jesus. They have killed so many Gods that came here. We humans have completely forgotten Heaven and it is very difficult for us to accept anything that we are not used to.

I have a joke to make it clear. There was a black man. He wanted an apartment in that area, but he couldn’t get in because he was black. You know, some places they are racist… That’s another thing – suppose Hes appears white, then the black people cannot go in. Suppose Hes appears like a Greek; the Chinese people cannot be accepted. You know it’s very difficult in our world. Yes.

So there was a black man who was kneeling there near his bed and said, “God, please, I want to rent the apartment there, but they won’t let me because I’m black. Please, bless me! I need that apartment, please!”So, God said to him, “Oh, don’t bother! Go elsewhere.” God said, “I also cannot go in there.”

So, the black man was very puzzled. He said, “Why? But God, why? You are almighty. You can go anywhere.” So, God said, “If I go there, they’ll ask me what kind of religion I belong to, and I don’t know how to explain this.” So, that’s so much about God, the poor Guy.

(Can a person who, for different reasons, has suffered mental trauma – for example, might be suffering from psychotic syndromes – meditate? Could he thus speak to God?) If that person understands 100% whatever I say, then he can. If he can sit still,he can.

(Hi. I’m just 66. Could I have an initiation? Thank You.) That, we talk outside.

(What is love?) You know better. That is something we cannot explain. We can only know it and feel it, just like God.

(I would like to ask, and of course, learn, if finally, the path towards becoming a God, being God, is only one, or if there are many which are different?) There are many that lead to one. This is the final stage. This method is the final stage. That’s why it’s immediate. If you have time, you can run around “shopping.” If you don’t have time, come in.

There are many ways, like preparing a cake. So, going to buy flour and buy sugar and buy the form for the cakes… but here, we have the cake ready, cut already; you can just eat.

(With respect, are You continuously, consciously, in contact with the) The Supreme Master? (Supreme God?) Yes, yes, yes. (If so, could You please tell Hirm to do something for me? I need Hirm and I need an answer fast.) It’s better you go in and talk to Hirm yourself. Why second-hand knowledge? Because you will not need Hirm only just today and not about this question, but you will continuously need Hirm all your life, so might just as well make use of this opportunity, and live with Hirm every day, and ask Hirm every day. All right.

(Christ said to Nicodemus that in order to go upwards to be born, you cannot enter paradise. Nicodemus said to Jesus that “You can’t for a second time enter into the womb of your mother.” And Jesus said that the spirit can go wherever it wants and can listen to His voice.) It’s complicated. Huh? (What is the question?) You understand the question? (I think it’s a statement. There’s no question mark at the end.) Can you try again in English, please? (OK. Yes.) Because every question deserves to be answered. I just need to understand perfectly what the physical content of that is.

(Jesus said to Nicodemus that “If you are not reborn upwardly, you cannot enter paradise.” And Nicodemus said to Jesus that, “You can’t be reborn for a second time into the mother’s womb.” And Jesus said that “The spirit can go wherever it wants to.”) Yes. So, what does he mean? He didn’t ask anything? (There’s not a question below.)

Well, I also told you the same a while ago, that the soul will decide where he wants to go next. And if he is enlightened, then he can choose a higher dimension to go; and if he is not really enlightened, there is not much choice but to go in a lower dimension.

(Is it our own decision if we are to be reincarnated, or is it the will of God?) It’s our decision and also the will of God because we and God are one actually. We only know if it’s the will of God or not if we are enlightened.

(How can we go to meet God if our mind is full of the past?) That’s why we must forget. Meditation will help you forget whatever is not a necessary burden for the soul and just remember God.

(Why, as we are coming into this world for a specific lesson that we have to learn personally, do people exist who show us how to learn it wrongly, in the wrong way?) Because each plays their role, and we have to be wise enough to choose. That’s why we must be enlightened. Otherwise, the trouble of this world, the physical burdens, will blind us, and we will suffer.

(Do animals get reincarnated only as animals, or as people also?) There is a constant evolution for all beings. And sometimes they stay as they are; sometimes they go upgrading, just like in a college. If you are a good student, you are upgrading all the time. If you are lazy, if you don’t want to learn, or if you are not so smart, you stay in the same grade.

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