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Knowing God is the Highest Virtue, Part 6 of 11: Questions and Answers

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Meditation is just a process of quieting down for a while every day in order to know the will of God or the true Self. There is no written method about it. It must be transmitted through a living force, from a being to a being, from soul to soul, directly inside – no spoken language, no action necessary.

(If life exists after the grave, People’s spirits come back to Earth after what procedures and for what reasons?) There are two types. You want to know about ghosts, or you want to know about reincarnation? See, there are two types of spirits who come back to Earth. One comes back without the body, then we call them “ghosts.” And the one who comes back choosing another physical “office” to reside in, we call them “reincarnated soul.” But, actually, they both reincarnates.

There are many ways a soul can be reincarnated, not necessarily in this world, and not necessarily in a physical body or a human body. At the time of death, some people do not realize immediately that they are dead. So they hang around, try to talk to relatives and friends, getting frustrated, banging their heads – it doesn’t hurt at all – and try to drink, eat something and get very frustrated. And sometimes they try to cause trouble because they do not want to accept that they have left this physical world and still feel attached to the atmosphere of this planet.

Just like we have ignorant people, we also have ignorant ghosts. But after a while, they will be removed to where they belong. Depends on their spiritual attainment, depends on their level of understanding of the universe, they will be placed into different places. And the souls who come back choosing another physical body, it's just to further experience the phenomena of this world until they have had enough, and then they go and reincarnate somewhere else or stay in Heaven. It depends. Some spirits choose to come back to this world immediately after they departed. Some choose to stay, resting for a while in between, and then come later. Some choose to stay somewhere else for thousands of years and come back again, and some never come back here again.

Actually, the souls are a part of God, just like a drop is a part of the ocean. So, the soul is God itself, so it will know what it wants to do. It will know; it will decide at the time of the so-called death to do what’s next. It's just that if we train ourselves, we train this mind, train this physical instrument, during our lifetime, then at the time of death the soul will depart quicker, the body and the mind don't struggle, and we don't suffer. And we know exactly where we are going - which is directly to Heaven - and we do not have to experience so much confusion because of the mind, not because of the soul. So, in order to be an enlightened ghost, so-called ghost, we should be an enlightened human first, and then it's easier.

(Which is the method for someone to attain meditation?) Meditation is just a process of quieting down for a while every day in order to know the will of God or the true Self. There is no written method about it. It must be transmitted through a living force, from a being to a being, from soul to soul, directly inside – no spoken language, no action necessary.

Because, actually, we are all one. The physical differences are just for the use of this world. To go to Heaven where we are all one, we don't need any of these physical instruments. And during meditation, you don't do anything. You don't have to say anything because you are God. But I will show you more properly. In order to do “nothing,” you have to know what not to do.

(Do You believe that God tests us and gives us trials that we must overcome in order to continue to be on Hiers path? And if so,) To be on Hiers path? (how?)

God doesn't test anybody. You'll be surprised. God only loves you and stands by.

God gives us all the free will, all the wisdom in order to choose what we want to create, what we want to experience with our journey through eternity. Because we are God. How can a God test a God? We are one with God. How can God test Hirmself?

It's difficult to explain this, but we have chosen to be separated into different "offices" in order to pick different choices so that the universe will be colorful. But because of this physical prison, it blinds us and makes us forget what we're supposed to do, so we struggle. We’re confused. We’re frustrated. We suffer. And we just do not know what is truly our role in this life and what truly is the will of the Divine. That's why we have to return to God again, get the contact, get the message, and then our lives will have no more trouble – always smooth, happy, blissful, wise. In case you have lost the contact, I am here to re-fix it for you, to repair it. I am a "mechanic."

(How can one cleanse one's emotions, mainly negative ones, as is fear, before one enters the silence of one's mind?) It's difficult to cleanse your mind if we don't have the power of God to support us. Be enlightened first, and everything else will be easy. We have to do everything with the power of God, not with the limited human ability.

(Two questions. First: Do material and spiritual rising go hand in hand?) Together. (Together.) Together. Can be.

Because when we are wise, when we rediscover our wisdom again, then, of course, we will be more intelligent, more able, more clear in everything that we do in life, and of course, we will be more successful. So, our material success will also go along with the spiritual progress.

But sometimes because we don't care… after we're enlightened, we don't really care so much about material gain, so we don't bother to exercise our wisdom. But we may do so and become successful in both worlds.

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