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Knowing God is the Highest Virtue, Part 3 of 11

Език:English,Greek (ελληνικά)
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Knowing God is the only virtue that we must acquire. Ignorance is the only sin that we must avoid. Ignorance makes us kill each other, hate each other, damage each other, compete with each other, and make so much damage to ourselves and to everyone else that we think is not of the same opinion.

Good evening! Was that your phone? I thought it was my phone. I also have one here. I think I’d better turn it off. Yes. It’s a more modern time. Direct contact from God to God.

Greece is a great country, which is full of mythology about gods and goddesses. And the world is still admiring the sculptures of these symbols of spiritual high attainment.

I’m sorry. The people behind, they cannot see me. OK. What to do? You cannot see me in the back? Yes or No? No? No? What did they say? (I couldn’t hear.) (No.) No. I am very small. So even if I stand up, it doesn’t make much difference. But I’ll try. I will walk around later and then you can see a little bit of my face. It’s not that I’m that beautiful, it’s just it’s more comfortable to see people when they speak.

So, good evening, the gods and goddesses of Greece – the modern ones. I have come here to remind you of your glorious heritage. In case you have remembered already, it's fine, and if you have forgotten, we’ve come here to show you how to reclaim your glorious position. Because you are all gods and goddesses, whether you remember or you've forgotten.

If the king, if the prince, have forgotten temporarily that they are royalty, that doesn't mean that they are not royalty. Sometimes the kings and the prince or the royal family members have to go out into the adventurous wilderness, into the battle, in order to protect their country or to explore some new adventure, and they might temporarily have to leave their own palaces. And while taking an adventure thus, so far from their own comfort and luxury, and sometimes they might encounter danger, they might encounter problems, and then they might have temporarily forgotten who they truly are.

Similarly, we have wandered into this physical existence, and we have forgotten our true Kingdom of God. In order to reclaim it again, we have to be reminded if we could not remember by ourselves. Because we are already gods and goddesses, or at least God's children, there is no need to do anything in order to become God; we just have to remember.

Unlike everything material - we can touch, we can hold, and then we can see with the physical eyes - the Kingdom of God, the aspect of the Divine, is invisible to the physical aspect. So, we have to use a different way to remember it and to know it. It is very, very simple to know God, to know ourselves; it's just that we don't have anyone to remind us. So simple, that even children can see God every day – children from six years old. Because God really exists. We can prove it to ourselves every day, every day, every time. Just like we can prove with physics, science, that some things, such and such certain matter exists, we can prove it with spiritual science that God and the Kingdom of Heaven do really exist, and we can have access to it whenever we want to.

Can you hear behind there? Because your voice is very tender. Very soft.

So, just like the physical sciences, some scientists can discover some ways to prove certain things, in spiritual matters, some people can also discover something and then share the results with all of us. The ancient gods and goddesses of Greece, they discovered such science, and they have left their footprints, they have left their knowledge behind for us to study. And some people go deep into this kind of science in order to assimilate the true meaning beyond the words, beyond the human language, in order to discover the spiritual knowledge, and they can also share with us. Like every science and study, whoever likes to know about it, must study deeper, must devote more time to the subject.

Therefore, do not wonder why you do not know because you did not have time to study very hard. Some of us have devoted the time to study and find the easier way to assimilate in a short time the essence of the teaching of the ancient Saints, and we can all share this outcome. It is not only time, but it’s the sincerity, it's the deep longing in the heart to know the secret of the universe that will bring you to the understanding of this wisdom. And once we understand it fully, we can pass it on to whomever would like to be interested in the same subject.

Knowing God is the only virtue that we must acquire. Ignorance is the only sin that we must avoid. Ignorance makes us kill each other, hate each other, damage each other, compete with each other, and make so much damage to ourselves and to everyone else that we think is not of the same opinion. Ignorance also breeds so many other evils, such as greed and hatred, and makes us suffer so much because these things make us also hate ourselves.

Ignorance means we don't know that we are both God. Because all the scriptures say that God lives within this temple. So, all we see here and everywhere else are God's manifestations in the physical realm.

Because of this ignorance, we make war with each other, and we become greedy, because we are not satisfied with the world. Because we came from the Kingdom of God, where we never lacked anything, so when we are here, we miss that kind of absolute comfort. So, we want money, we want a bigger house, we want all kinds of things because we miss all this. But it doesn't matter how many things we have in here, it is nothing compared to Heaven, so we never ever feel satisfied. And the more we have, the more we want, and people accuse us of being greedy. Actually, it's not that we are greedy; it's that we lack comfort here.

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