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Knowing God is the Highest Virtue, Part 4 of 11

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We all want to believe in God, but sometimes it's difficult because we don't have direct contact. We do want to be good to our brothers and sisters; we do want to share our wisdom, our wealth with everyone, but we just do not have much. We are here to show you how to achieve these things that are always the deepest desires in your heart.

The only thing to stop this is enlightenment, is knowing our true selves. That means we visit the Kingdom of God, we visit our true Home whenever we want every day in order to know that we have something better, and everything here is just temporary, and we lose interest in these fake things because we know the true glory.

Because ignorance, not knowing the true Self, will do too much harm to us as well as everyone around us. Look at all the poisons that most of the people try to bring into their beautiful temples of God: the alcohol, the cigarettes, the drugs, the whatever poison, you name it, and they are expensive. You pay expensively for poison and kill yourselves slowly. Because you think these will bring you relief, bring you bliss. It seems so. Except that the long-term effects are terrible. There are more deaths every year… and concerning the smoking disease, every year, more deaths than war can ever bring. So don't worry about war, even. We are killing ourselves already. And alcohol, and drugs, of course. You know it better than me. You know it, everyone knows it, but they do it willingly. Why? Why? It is because we lack comfort here. We grab anything that promises Heavenly peace and happiness.

So, in order to cure all these, we must know ourselves. We must go to Heaven every day to get the true things for our spiritual needs so that we do not have to be subdued by all these poisonous substitutes; killing our bodies, numbing our brain, and then damaging other people around us and causing suffering, misery, and worry to the loved ones.

We have known that since the old times, most of the people who know God, they begin not to feel interested much in the world anymore, so they can forsake all the temporary comfort of this world. But we don't have to do that; we can have both. We can also forsake it – everything – because we will truly not feel the need of anything of this world anymore. But, because we are in the modern time, we keep everything as usual, for the sake of being simple, and carry on our temporary existence until we go back to our true Home.

Because so many gods and goddesses have visited our planet and blessed us with so much spiritual grace, our world has become more civilized, more modernized, and more full of all kinds of comfortable, scientific equipment. So, we should make use of this as the Grace of God. But, in order to thank God for this, for all this – because we feel grateful – then we must know who God is. We must thank Hirm personally. We must talk to Hirm, we must listen to what Hes is saying to us, to continue with this beautiful planet, and to serve our brothers and sisters the way Hes wants it.

We all want to believe in God, but sometimes it's difficult because we don't have direct contact. We do want to be good to our brothers and sisters; we do want to share our wisdom, our wealth with everyone, but we just do not have much. We are here to show you how to achieve these things that are always the deepest desires in your heart.

The prayers, the rituals, the fasts, sometimes bring us a little comfort and a little glimpse of God. But we must do more than that in order to know the complete Self, the complete, true Self which is gods’ and goddess' quality. To do more doesn't mean we forsake our work, forget our family, and don't eat, don't sleep – all kinds of asceticism. No, we carry on with our life. We just save a little time to communicate with the Divine.

And the more we communicate with the Divine, the more time we even have because we will need less of every other thing – less sleep even, even less food, less of whatever we thought before was so comfortable, so necessary to us. Because the body is nourished not only by food but by spiritual grace. Otherwise, why a person who dies, cannot move anymore, cannot talk anymore, cannot think anymore? His whole body, the brain, everything is intact. Why does he keep motionless?

Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry. Please. I’m fine. It’s OK to stand for a while. Good exercise for my legs. I can’t meditate 24 hours with my legs crossed.

Where were we? (Somebody who’s dead.) Yes. The person who's dead; that means the person, his soul, his Divine Self has left this physical instrument and gone elsewhere. So that Divine Self, that true person, must be fed, must be taken care of also, in order for this body, meanwhile, to also function perfectly.

So, if we practice a spiritual meditation or contemplation, true spiritual prayer, that means we also take care of the body, that means we water the plant from the root, not from the leaves. So that's the principle of the universe: “Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and everything else will be given unto you.” “Lo and behold, the Kingdom of God is not far; the Kingdom of God is at hand,” is very near, is within you, is every second that we can see.

So, if the Kingdom of God is at hand, we can see it. I can assure you we can. If I can, he can; all of our people – thousands and thousands of people – already can, I’m sure you can. And I can prove it to you immediately, the moment you want it. We have time for each other; you will see it right away. You might see the whole Kingdom in one second. You might see a little bit. It depends on you. But something, you will see, so that we can be assured that after we die, we are not going to hell. There is life that exists forever and ever, and there is truly Heaven awaiting us.

In the Bible, a Saint has said that he dies daily. Why? Why should he die daily? And what for? And it is said that “forsake the flesh for the spirit so that you will begin to live.” What does that mean? They both mean the same. That means that we can die while living, visit Heaven, come back again, continue our duty, and go back to Heaven, come back again – just like we own the two worlds.

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