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In today’s news, Qatar assists displaced Syrian people in Lebanon, study finds one-third of mature-aged COVID-19 patients develop new symptoms after 21 days, research reveals world’s healthiest cities and countries, new municipal water system in Djibouti serves 45,000 residents, video of Ukrainian girl singing “Let It Go” captures hearts worldwide, vegan “Ever Egg” released in Japan has perfect, fluffy texture, and animal-people safely evacuated from shelter in Florida, United States, in midst of approaching wildfire.

Qatar aids Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), through a generous donation from the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), a Qatari government entity, has begun a one-year project supporting livelihoods of displaced Syrians and at-risk Lebanese individuals in central Beqaa and northern Lebanon. Due to the conflict in Syria, nearly 1.5 million Syrian refugees have come to Lebanon. Unfortunately, Lebanon is struggling to meet people’s basic needs due to inadequate resources and infrastructure to manage the huge influx. Through the livelihood program, QFFD aims to alleviate growing economic hardships by providing education and income-earning opportunities, as well as supporting business creation to boost the incomes of 600-plus unemployed persons. Qatar is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace and Compassion laureate. Thank you, Qatar Fund for Development and International Organization for Migration, for this endeavor. May Allah forever bless the Lebanese people as well as nourish and comfort the displaced people of Syria.

Study finds one-third of senior citizens with COVID-19 diagnosis experience new symptoms later.

A recent study published in the “British Medical Journal,” reviewed the health insurance plan records of over 133,000 people in the US aged 65 or older, and found that 32 out of every 100 people who contracted COVID-19 developed new symptoms 21 days or more after diagnosis. These problems included fatigue, kidney, heart, lung, and liver issues, high blood pressure, mental health conditions and respiratory failure. The paper concluded, “…our results can help providers and other key stakeholders anticipate the scale of future health complications and improve planning for the use of healthcare resources.” Our appreciation, researchers, for helping to highlight the dangers of COVID-19 on the long-term health of seniors. In the love of Heaven, may humanity quickly take shelter from zoonotic diseases through adopting the compassionate vegan diet, as we pray for a bright future of peace and harmony between all beings. Go ahead n make war: turn ur own people against u.

Up next, research reveals world’s healthiest cities and countries. We’ll just thank the storm chasers who are meteorological researchers who actively monitor storms and related conditions to help provide accurate weather information to the public. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more touching news.

Hallo, brilliant viewers, I am Giselle, a vegan chef from the Gaur kingdom! We just radiate light around us when we embrace the path of kindness. The essence of this is love towards all beings, and I can assure you that this uplifts our whole existence. Today, I have a cooking tip for you. Try replacing a pasta sauce that uses highly-processed vegetable oils with a healthier, oil-free plant-based sauce. This recipe for a flour-based cream sauce doesn’t include any nuts or beans. You will need to combine two tablespoons or 30 grams of unbleached flour (rice, whole wheat or other variety) with three tablespoons or 45 milliliters of non-dairy unsweetened milk, and whisk the combination well to get rid of any lumps. Then store it in a closed jar and shake it. Next, heat up two cups or 473 milliliters of unsweetened non-dairy milk in a saucepan over medium heat. Then pour into the milk the flour mixture that was stored in the jar in addition to two tablespoons or 30 grams of nutritional yeast. Whisk the mixture thoroughly while heating for approximately three minutes. If necessary, you can modify the consistency with vegetable stock or additional water. This healthy plant-based pasta sauce will be a crowd pleaser! Thank you for watching, and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Here’s the weather around the world!

Healthiest places globally highlighted in new study.

Recent research done by the website money.co.uk has revealed the healthiest cities and nations in the world. To come to their conclusions, researchers ranked locations based on a number of factors, including daily sunlight hours, access to healthcare, the availability of mental health support, air quality, life expectancy, and more. The top city in the world was Valencia, Spain, followed by Madrid, Spain, then Canberra, Australia, and Lisbon, Portugal. Japan was ranked as the healthiest country on the planet, with Switzerland, Cuba and Slovenia following. Many thanks, money.co.uk, for identifying the most healthy regions of the world. In the wisdom of the Divine, may the people of our planet take excellent care of their well-being by solely consuming foods from plants to ensure only love enters their precious bodies.

New drinking water system in Obock Province, Djibouti, brings 45,000 residents clean water.

The project was funded by the Saudi Arabian government’s Saudi Fund for Development. Eight reservoirs were created to store water in the city of Bissidiro, with water pumped from boreholes and distributed to the community through 105 kilometers of pipes. This benevolent endeavor is part of a number of projects carried out with funding of US$137 million from Saudi Arabia to help Djibouti achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Saudi Arabia is a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace and a Shining World Leadership for Loving Care Award. A round of applause, Saudi Arabia, for helping Djibouti to bring clean drinking water to many more of its citizens. In Allah’s Benevolence, we pray all countries see the example you set, as you serve your neighbors with love and tenderness.

Footage of Ukrainian girl singing “Let It Go” melts hearts across the globe.

As Russia continues its military assault on Ukraine, a video clip of a seven-year-old girl named Amelia, performing the song “Let It Go” from the popular Disney film “Frozen” in an underground bunker in Kyiv, has garnered over 15 million views online. Speaking on her daughter’s viral video, Amelia’s mother, Lilia Anisovych, said, “I am very glad that the whole world heard my daughter… We hope to be heard in all parts of the world.” After six days of surviving on little food and water in the bunker, Amelia fled to Poland with her 15-year-old brother Misha, and they are now living safely with their grandmother. Bravo, Amelia, for touching many hearts with your beautiful voice. As we pray for an immediate end to the merciless invasion of Ukraine, may all nations work together to help our innocent Ukrainian brothers and sisters, in God’s loving Embrace. Vegan: the only hope 4 humanity. Humans, save the most endangered species, humanity.

Coming up, vegan “Ever Egg” released in Japan has perfect, fluffy texture. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the unconditional love our beloved parents bestow on us. More lucky news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Beneficial News for an Ideal World.

“Ever Egg” launched in Japan through plant-based partnership.

TWO Inc., produces some 60 plant-based foods, desserts, and drinks that are sold under the brand 2foods. In 2021, the company entered into an alliance with global food producer and distributor Kagome. They recently launched their first plant-based product, dubbed “Ever Egg,” made with a patent-pending technique from ingredients including carrots and cannellini beans that has a perfect, fluffy egg-like texture. Ever Egg is being used by 2foods and Kagome to make a vegan version of the Japanese popular comfort food, omelet fried rice, for a new item called OMURICE. In Japan, the plant-based foods industry has experienced rapid development due in part to the government officially designating it an “important sector” that offers environmental and food security solutions. Congratulations, 2foods and Kagome! May your partnership continue to delight palates as it also saves our precious planet by helping people turn to plant-based nutrition, in Buddha’s grace.

Animal-people in shelter saved from approaching fire in United States.

Smoke from a nearby wildfire engulfed Jackie Mihal’s property that is home to the Salty Cats of St. Andrews Rescue in Panama City, Florida, where 86 cat-people and one bunny-person live. The rescue center’s president had to immediately leave with her belongings and the animal-person residents. At that moment, Brian Salmon, Scott Morris, and Scott Trunzo were passing by and assisted with the evacuation. Thankfully, everyone was able to escape safely. Ms. Mihal expressed her gratitude saying, “It’s definitely a miracle. I don’t know where those guys came from but they were placed there for a reason.” Three cheers, Brian Salmon, Scott Morris, and Scott Trunzo, for helping to save the adorable inhabitants of the haven. In the loving care of the Providence, may all the shelter’s smoke-damaged items soon be replaced for the comfort of the beautiful animal-people friends who are waiting for adoption by loving families.

A plentiful laughter portion is ready to be enjoyed with the joke we have on hand. It’s called “Babysitter Observations.”

Madison has her first part-time job as a babysitter. When she comes home, her mom asks her:

“Did you learn anything on your first day of looking after kids?”

“Well, I learned a babysitter is required to act like an adult so the parents can go out and act like teenagers.”


And now we have a heartline from Yao-Heng in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

Hallo, Dear Master and viewers of the Supreme Master TV,

I’d like to share my experience that happened more than 30 years ago. When I was still a student, my family adopted a cockatiel- person named Camay. Camay fell ill sometime later, with her body wasting away and eyes becoming swollen. One day, seeing Camay lying in the cage on the verge of death, I couldn’t bear to see her suffering and applied ointment on her eyes, hoping it’d somehow ease her condition. I finished the application regardless of Camay’s struggling in my hands. Regretfully, she died that same evening, which made me feel very guilty for possibly causing her death. During my sleep that night, Camay came to my dream, blaming me angrily for having caused her death, which she had reported to the Yama King. Following that, she pecked my spine fiercely with her pointed beak, which caused me to wake up in pain immediately.

Waking up, I couldn’t understand why Camay hated me that much since I did it out of goodwill. After practicing spiritually with Master, I came to realize that I did harm Camay. Had I not disturbed her and let her die peacefully, Camay could have gone to a higher realm. However, my ignorance had tortured Camay in her dying moment, so that her anguish stopped her soul from going to a higher realm and even made her fall into hell.

Realizing that, I sincerely apologized to her in the heart, hoping to make up for my mistake through my spiritual practice. Additionally, I’m also shocked to realize that even helping animal-people out of kindness could still incur retribution, if our help causes them to die painfully, more so if we hunt them purposely, abuse them, and even eat them. How tremendous the retribution will be!

Each time I think about it, I feel very grateful to Master for enabling me to walk on the noble path of veganism and extend my love to all creatures. I also hope that all people in the world can be aware of the truth and change to a vegan lifestyle. Do not ever be driven by a desire for meat and incur for yourself boundless bad karma.

May Master of Infinite Compassion, and the Supreme Master TV team be healthy, happy, and work successfully. Respectfully, Yao-Heng from Taiwan (Formosa)

Remorseful Yao-Heng, We appreciate your story and the valuable lesson you learned. Thank you for sharing it with us and the viewers. When we truly repent and learn from our mistakes, we can become ever more compassionate and loving citizens of our world and better benefactors to our animal-people co-inhabitants. May Heaven bless you, and the understanding Taiwanese (Formosan) people. In Universal peace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this reply for you: “Dear Yao-Heng, bird-people are our friends. They are very delicate and if we are ignorant of how to care for them, they very easily can be harmed. I am sorry to hear what happened regarding Camay’s end. This incident can serve as a reminder that we should consult an expert when we are unsure how to aid any animal-person friend who is ill or dying. May Divine Love comfort Camay, you, and the kind people of Taiwan (Formosa).”

B vegan, make peace, do good deeds: proving that u r from a noble lineage.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May harmony and compassion grace your sojourn on Earth.

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