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In today’s news, Save The Children Australia provides cash assistance to vulnerable, COVID-affected families in Fiji, study from Israel finds marine microplastics magnify organic pollutants’ toxicity, United States researchers discover optimistic people live longer with less stress, Armenia prohibits tobacco products use in food establishments, actor brings life to streets of Chad’s capital city, Impossible Foods introduces vegan nuggets for youngsters in United States, and international students leaving Ukraine take dog-person companions with them.

Australian non-governmental organization (NGO) assists vulnerable families in Fiji to alleviate COVID-19 impact.

Save The Children Australia reported success in its joint effort with mobile phone provider Vodafone Fiji for a digital cash assistance program, the largest humanitarian cash transfer in Fiji’s history. Between December 2020 and June 2021, Save the Children Australia distributed about US$3 million among 16,500-plus vulnerable families. It is reported that 95% of the recipients used a portion of the US$188 allotment on food, with almost half also using the funds for their children’s education. The project continued with another US$11 million distributed between September 2021 and January 2022. The total amount donated was approximately US$14 million, which benefited around 39,000 families. Thank you, Save the Children Australia, for your generous assistance, and Vodafone Fiji for helping facilitate the payments. We pray that all Fijians enjoy the best of health and have all necessities, in Heaven’s constant care.

Israeli study finds microplastics increase toxicity of marine contaminants.

Research by Dr. Ines Zucker and PhD student Andrey Eitan Rubin at Tel Aviv University in Israel has found that microplastics in the ocean “increase the toxicity of organic pollutants ... by a factor of ten.” The less than 5 millimeter pieces of plastic in the ocean attract environmental pollutants that bind to their surfaces. The contaminants studied ordinarily would not pose a risk to human health; however, if someone consumed food or water with such microplastics in it, these pollutants would be released when near cells in the digestive tract, thus significantly increasing their toxicity. Our gratitude for this important information, Dr. Ines Zucker and Andrey Eitan Rubin, that demonstrates the serious impact of plastic waste on people’s health. In Divine wisdom, may nations soon switch to safer alternatives to plastics, as we live in harmony with the natural world that sustains us. Vegan: only one planet, one human race. Let’s save them.

Up next, United States researchers discover optimistic people live longer with less stress. We’ll just give thanks to the package designers who create attractive, safe and eco-friendly designs for products. Please stay with us for more thoughtful news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, cheerful friends, how are you today? I’m Chilli, a vegan boy from the Polar Bear kingdom! So delightful and melodious are my days as I’ve opened my heart to cherish all the lovely beings we share our life with. This truly makes us sing with God. Here is a skin tip for those suffering from eczema – an inflammatory skin condition that affects 15-30% of children and 2-10% of adults worldwide. It varies in severity and can lead to discomfort. Numerous factors can trigger symptoms of the condition, including the food you eat and what comes into contact with your skin. Here are several things you can do to help alleviate symptoms. Eat a plant-based diet as dairy can cause flare-ups. Moisturize daily and apply moisturizer within 3 minutes of taking a bath so it can be absorbed. Bathe using lukewarm water and mild soap. When you are done showering or bathing, air dry or use a towel to gently pat your skin dry instead of rubbing your skin abrasively. Keep your fingernails short at all times, so you don’t break the skin surface if you scratch. Additionally, try using natural remedies such as coconut oil, aloe vera, and apple cider vinegar. Hopefully, by using these suggestions, you or someone you love with eczema will be feeling better in no time! Thank you for your attention. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the global weather.

Research reveals optimistic people live longer, less stressed lives.

A survey from the US has found that optimistic people enjoy longevity and have less stressful lives than pessimists. The study gathered responses from 233 men over a time period of up to 24 years, with surveys taken at various intervals. It was discovered that the optimistic men reported more positive moods and fewer stressors. Lead researcher Dr. Lewina Lee stated these individuals perhaps, “either limited their exposure to stressful situations, or that they were less likely to perceive or label situations as stressful.” It is theorized that the optimistic attitude helps to preserve emotional well-being through the engagement of emotion regulation strategies. Thank you, Dr. Lewina Lee and researchers from the United States, for your helpful study that highlights the benefits of having an optimistic outlook on life. In God’s boundless Love, may loving energy soon envelop humanity as we live our lives with respect for all beings.

Armenia outlaws tobacco product use in food establishments.

The government of Armenia recently implemented a ban on the use and display of tobacco products at places offering public dining, including open air facilities. The restrictions will apply to restaurants, cafes, canteens and more. The fine for ordinary citizens is US$100 per violation, and for officials, it is US$300 to US$400. The law will be enforced by the Republic of Armenia Police. Armenia is a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and two Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace. Way to go, Armenia, for your sensible legislation to protect your citizens from the harmful effects of tobacco. In the caring guidance of the Providence, may a global ban on all harmful substances, including meat, soon be enacted, as we protect ourselves from poisons.

Chadian actor brings poetry and drama to impoverished neighborhoods in N’Djamena.

Actor Bonaventure Madjitoubangar has organized poetry and play readings for the people on the streets of the capital city of N’Djamena for some time. For almost five years he has brought culture to the residents. “Culture should be accessible to all. If we want to have a wonderful world, a harmonious world, everyone should be focused on the same dimensions to be able to dream together. And without culture, we won’t be able to initiate development,” said Mr. Madjitoubangar. He has become an inspiration to the local community where he was brought up, especially to the children to whom he teaches acting and drawing. We salute your noble contributions, Bonaventure Madjitoubangar. May your artistic talents help promote the development of the arts in Chad, in Celestial jubilation. Go ahead n make war: all the hatred energy from all beings on the planet will b upon u that’ll make u sick n will cut short ur life.

Coming up, Impossible Foods introduces vegan nuggets for youngsters in United States. We will step outside for a moment to pick some grapes from the backyard to feed the newly rescued parrot-people. We’ll return with more meaningful news on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Comforting News for a Jubilant World.

Impossible Foods launches vegan chicken nuggets for kids in United States.

The plant-based food company is debuting its new Wild Nuggies. These delicious, cruelty-free delights come in shapes that represent four endangered species: Galapagos tortoise-, Black Rhino-, Right Whale-, and Polar Bear-people. Based on a Life Cycle Assessment, these plant-based nuggets use 49% less land, 44% less water and create 36% less greenhouse gases compared to their chicken-person-based counterpart. Additionally, Impossible Sausage patties, which were first featured at coffeehouse chain Starbucks in 2020, will now be sold in two flavors: Savory and Spicy. The Wild Nuggies and patties will be found across the nation at leading retail chain outlets, including Target, Walmart and Kroger-operated stores. Great news, Impossible Foods, on your commendable efforts to create more delicious vegan fare options for adults and children alike. May the loving light of Heaven forever grace all vegan food companies as they help save animal-persons from the injustice of slaughter.

Medical students escape Ukraine after Russian invasion with beloved canine-people companions.

Arya Aldrin, a 20-year-old Indian medical student, made headlines after she evacuated war-torn Ukraine with her five-month-old Husky-person Zaira. Following a bus journey, Arya trekked over 20 kilometers in freezing weather, much of it carrying 16-kilogram Zaira, who had developed blisters from the long walk. Following a short stay in refugee centers in Romania, the pair were able to take an evacuation flight arranged by the Indian government to return home. Another medical student studying in Ukraine, Muhammad Talha from Pakistan, also brought his Husky-person companion Oscar with him as both crossed over to Poland. According to 2020 government data, over 76,000 foreign students were studying in Ukraine before the Russian invasion. We are so happy that Arya, Zaira, Muhammad and Oscar are safe. May the Russians withdraw immediately and no more precious lives of people from either the human or animal kingdoms be lost, in God’s Mercy.

Looks like the laughter hut is now open; let’s take a moment to visit it with the joke of the day. It’s entitled “Race You Home.”

Two kids are playing on the playground. One says to the other:

“If a tortoise-gentleman and a rabbit-guy were to race, who do you think would win?”

“The rabbit-guy, of course!”

“No! The tortoise-person would win!”

“How could the tortoise-person win the race?”

“Because the tortoise-gentleman would say, ‘Race you home!’ The rabbit-guy would begin sprinting, but the tortoise-person would just go into his shell because that’s his home!”

And now we have a heartline from Komi in the Togolese Republic:

A huge thank you to our Beloved Master and the Supreme Master Television team for the Divine work done. Last year, on my way home in the evenings, I always came across a truck carrying ox-persons to the slaughterhouse. I begged Master to spare me this horrific and heartbreaking sight. And indeed, these encounters stopped. I no longer saw the truck. I was happy, and with a peaceful heart, I met my family in the evenings for delicious vegan meals. Then, suddenly it all started again. I was coming across all kinds of animal-people about to be killed. I fervently prayed to Master again and received a different inner message. It told me that these poor animal-persons reminded me of their suffering and the importance of praying for them. And that we should practice diligently to support Master and help helpless sentient beings. My Beloved Master, may God strengthen You and may our world soon become vegan. May we learn to listen to You because You are our guide. Please take care of Yourself. You are so beautiful and so pure. It is such a pleasure to hear You speak even languages I don’t understand. I owe You every second of my life. Forgive me for my offenses too, my adorable Master. Komi from Togo, one of Your chocolate disciples, who loves You so much.

Tenderhearted Komi, We thank you for this reminder to remain diligent to realize the cessation of the suffering and slaughter of loving animal-people. In Heaven’s eternal Light, may you and the joyous Togolese people forever prosper, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master replies to you with encouragement: “Oh loving, precious Komi, I too love you dearly! Thank you for your kind words and for following the path of Love through your spiritual practice. Please always remember the plight of the many innocent animal-people. Pray for them and that there is a quick end to the killing and animal-people raising industry. Yours and the benevolent prayers of others during World Vegan hour will surely have a positive impact on your land as well as on the whole world. May the Godses always grace you and precious Togo with abundance and well-being. Big hug!”

“[…] Non-violence is the supreme religion; live-and-let-live.” ~ Sri Charukeerthi Bhattaraka Swamiji (vegan)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your presence on Noteworthy News. May your path be graced with peace and love.

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