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In today’s news, United Kingdom supports mine clearing efforts in Cambodia, Samoa receives COVID-19 relief assistance, research finds economic benefit to global carbon reduction, Korean scientists create water filtration material with upcycled plastic, Kenya-based produce distributor to empower smallholder farmers, Austrian food tech company to develop vegan fish, and Turkish sisters feed hungry animals during the pandemic.


United Kingdom funds landmine clearing in Cambodia.

The UK’s Department for International Development has provided another US$4.3 million to continue the Second Global Mine Action Programme (GMAP2). Since its inception in July 2018, GMAP2 has cleared thousands of unsafe devices from almost 20 square kilometers of Cambodian land. The project has also helped advance education concerning risks as well as promote greater inclusion for people living with disabilities. The United Kingdom has been assisting Cambodia since 1992 with the removal of almost 70,000 devices over 122 square kilometers. Over 60 UK-funded mine-clearance teams are currently working throughout Cambodia, which has the goal of becoming mine-free by 2025. The government of the United Kingdom is a Shining World Wise Leadership Award laureate and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Animal Protection and Kindness laureate. Our gratitude for your efforts, United Kingdom and Cambodia. May our world soon be landmine-free for all to flourish, in Heaven’s love.


World Bank supports Samoa’s COVID-19 response.

The World Bank has approved US$3.4 million in funding for Samoa’s continued response to the coronavirus pandemic. The latest amount is in addition to US$5.1 million that was approved in March and will secure items deemed most necessary by the islands’ health authorities. These include vital laboratory, testing and X-ray equipment to facilitate early detection of the virus, and supplies such as personal protective equipment for health workers. Staff training and community outreach initiatives will also be supported, as well as measures to strengthen the country’s public health infrastructure. After having dealt with a major measles outbreak last year, Samoa was quick to enact precautions in the face of COVID-19. Bravo, Samoa, and many thanks, World Bank. May the health of the precious citizens of Samoa and all nations be safeguarded, in God’s grace.


Up next on Noteworthy News, research finds economic benefit to global carbon reduction. We’ll take a moment to thank the motor boat operators who help remote islands to stay connected by transporting people and goods. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more responsible news.

Hi, adorable friends, I am Gofi the Giraffe, and I commend you for being vegan like me! Here are several steps to make sure the flush button or handle on your toilet doesn’t get jammed down after flushing. Check to see if the hook or clip gives sufficient slack to let the flapper sit securely over the flush valve. But it should also be tight enough so you don’t have to hold the handle when pushing it down. Also, ensure that the chain dangling on the other end of the hook isn’t excessively long, as it can potentially get stuck between the flapper and valve. If it is too long, the chain will need to be cut or attached somewhere else on the lever. Thanks for your attention and love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet, thus save the world. Now, the global weather.


Report calculates that decarbonizing the world would lead to huge boost in gross domestic product (GDP).

The Global Renewables Outlook report by the International Renewable Energy Agency has calculated that shifting the world to carbon neutrality by 2050 would boost GDP by as much as US$98 trillion. The total cost of the shift would be an estimated US$130 trillion, but the world would save eight times this amount in healthcare and environmental expenditures. Furthermore, tens of millions of jobs would be created in the related energy fields. Thank you, International Renewable Energy Agency, for highlighting the immense benefits of switching to a carbon-neutral world. We pray that all governments will achieve greener economies and encourage their citizens to adopt the most energy-efficient vegan diet, in Heaven’s light.


Scientists from Korea develop specialized filter from plastic bottles.

Dr. Jung Kyung-won, Dr. Choi Jae Woo and their team of scientists from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology have managed to extract the necessary molecule from waste bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, to effectively remove harmful antibiotics from water at a reasonable cost. The highly absorbent material created was capable of removing 100% of antibiotics from water while retaining 90% of its absorption properties even after five uses. The new method could potentially be used in rivers and wastewater treatment plants contaminated with antibiotics, and thus prevent the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria. Our appreciation, Dr. Jung Kyung-won, Dr. Choi Jae Woo, and co-researchers, for your resourceful invention. In Divine blessings, may your advancement help our world to clean up our beloved planet.


United States helps to improve food security in Kenya.

The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation has provided the first installment of a US$5 million loan to Twiga Foods. This Kenyan company buys fresh fruits and vegetables from difficult-to-reach farms throughout the country, then packages and distributes the produce to urban sellers through digital sales. The loan will be used to enhance the agricultural supply chain through the purchase of cold storage and transportation equipment, which will improve farmers’ access to markets. This will benefit both urban produce sellers and smallholder farmers, who are mostly women. Since 2014, Twiga’s system has increased incomes for over 8,000 produce vendors and 17,000 farmers. Many thanks, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation and Twiga Foods, for your important assistance to noble Kenyan farmers. May the hardworking people of the nation be blessed with abundant crops and joyful lives, in the strength of the Providence.


Coming up, Austrian food tech company to develop vegan fish. We’ll pause now to enjoy some beautiful Azerbaijani Ashiq music, a UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We’ll be right back with more exceptional news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Gracious News for a Genial World.


Vienna, Austria-based startup to 3D print vegan fish.

Legendary Vish has developed a 3D printing process with the goal of producing fully texturized vegan seafood items such as sushi or fish fillet. The fish will be made from mushroom and pea proteins, gelled together with agar-agar or starch. It will even contain omega-3 oils from avocado or nuts and seeds, which will also impart a rich flavor. The company hopes to launch its first product, a plant-based salmon fillet, in 2022, with vegan tuna and others to follow. Bravo and thank you, Legendary Vish, for your promising innovation. In Celestial radiance, we pray for your success as part of the urgent global necessity to protect our oceans and the serene beings who reside there.


Turkish sisters provide food for hungry animals during the pandemic.

Animal rights activist Necla Varol and her sister Nazife Çoklaş have been driving around the Gallipoli peninsula of western Turkey every day to feed around 200 stray animals living in the 100-kilometer area. Making up for the visitors and residents who would normally be there to feed them, the kind volunteers diligently distribute about 120 kilograms of donated food from their van. When the animal friends see their vehicle coming, they happily run to greet the sisters, who also honk the horn to let those farther away know that it is mealtime. Besides cats and dogs, wild species, including foxes, have also been partaking of the food. Ms. Varol has dedicated her efforts to animal welfare since 2014 when she founded the Association for the Protection and Survival of Eceabat Stray Animals. Thank you, Necla Varol and Nazife Çoklaş, for your unconditional kindness. We pray for the wellness of all vulnerable animals during this time, in Divine benevolence. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Warmly present the Shining World Compassion Award to Necla Varol and Nazife Çoklaş, plus a US$15,000 loving contribution to support the noble cause, with much love, praises and gratitude. May Heaven bless you manyfold for your caring hearts.”



And now we have a joke of the day to relax your mind. It’s called, “An Island.

Who can tell me what an island is?

Yes, Sir! It's a piece of land surrounded by water except on one side.

On one side?

Yes, on top!


And now we have a heartline from Tony in Australia:

Due to the immense love of Supreme Master Ching Hai for all beings, Master allowed for Supreme Master Television to be relaunched on October 3, 2017. With Her direct guidance, wisdom and extraordinary perseverance and the positive, devoted and sincere contribution from the Supreme Master Television team from all over the world, Supreme Master Television has become an international TV channel with more than 25 subtitled languages, broadcasting 24/7. The channel’s content is so lively, rich, and coming from different customs, cultures, and arts of many different countries in the world. The channel includes many programs regarding science and spirituality, society and religion, vegan cooking, the animal world, health and the environment and other related programs that benefit our daily life and especially, the extremely intriguing, practical and beneficial lectures of Supreme Master Ching Hai, and the positive news from around the world, etc. Indeed, it is difficult to find a TV channel which is free-of-charge with many attractive, beneficial and rich programs that are suitable for all ages and people.

In order to spread the best and most beneficial things from Supreme Master Television to the public, our initiates advertised the channel in newspapers, and by putting stickers on our cars, [only with SupremeMasterTV.com] etc. Our center organized many meetings to guide initiates on how to share Supreme Master Television on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as close to 150,000 flyers being distributed to Australians since February until October 2019. Through Supreme Master Television, we realized the boundless love that Master has bestowed on all beings. Since the day Supreme Master Television was relaunched, Master sacrificed all Her time to take care of all the works, big and small, never minded the hard work and tiredness, and difficulties. Master is a perfect and great example of love and selflessness for all beings. She is also the principal spirit and pillar of Supreme Master Television.

In 2018, Australia ranked third in the world for the fastest growing vegan market, according to market research company Roy Morgan. Australian consumption of vegetarian foods has increased approximately to 2.5 million or 12.1% of the population. With Master’s boundless love and the wide spread of veganism conveyed through Supreme Master Television to every corner of Australia, we hope that in the near future Australia will become one of the first completely vegan countries in the world. Even though we are far away we always feel close to You via the connection of Supreme Master Television. We wish Master to be always healthy to lead all beings into the shining Golden Age. We also wish that Supreme Master Television spreads more and more widely so that humanity and our animal friends will live together in love, protect each other, and this world will soon become Heaven on Earth. Tony from Australia


Amicable Tony, Thank you for your insightful message. It really touches our hearts to hear such wonderful news like the upward rise of veganism in Australia. We are grateful to all the brothers and sisters who contribute to bringing our Earthly home a step closer to Heaven and, especially, to Supreme Master Ching Hai, who is doing all She can for the planet, animals, and humanity. We pray that Master’s work will go smoothly, and She will be forever protected by the High Heavens. May you and beautiful Australia continue to radiate God’s luminous Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Dedicated Tony, happy to know veganism is expanding in your sun-blessed country. Thanks to all who promoted Supreme Master Television to the public. Please continue helping to share the message of compassion when you can. Heaven’s love to you and cheerful Australia.”


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