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Athletes’ Plant-Based Whole Foods Diet from Nutrition Professor Timaree Hagenburger (vegan), Part 2 of 2 – Pumpkin-Powered Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl



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“Now we’re going to make a pumpkin-powered breakfast bowl, but it can be enjoyed any time of the day or evening. We want the most vibrant colors possible. So, we’re going to use all kinds of colors in this recipe. And I’m going to start by chopping up some apples and some pear. We never want to peel the (organic) apple. The peel has so many phytonutrients in it. We’ve actually seen research that shows that the important plant nutrients in the peel of apples can actually shut cancer cell growth right down.”

“This is quick-cooking oats that have been pre-steamed, so they’ll take about seven minutes. I’m using a plant-based soymilk because that will give us an excellent amount of phytonutrients that will protect our cells, as well as protein, and carbohydrates, and fat to fuel our workouts. I am a huge fan of carrots so we’re going to add carrots to this oatmeal.”

“Now, this pumpkin is going to be adding vitamin A and more wonderful carbohydrates to our breakfast bowl. White beans are going to be crazy high in so many nutrients, including protein, but also potassium and magnesium, and (other) important minerals and vitamins for our bodies. So I’m going to add white beans and it’s already starting to come to a boil. Now cranberries are one of the most cancer-fighting fruits on the planet.”

“Spices can be the most antioxidant-rich, powerful vehicles for protecting our cells in every bite. So I’m going to add some of that Chai Spice Blend. And then I also want to add some chia. So chia gives us wonderful omega-3 fatty acids as well as more protein. And the other things that I want to mention will include flaxseed. Flaxseed, especially with breast cancer and prostate cancer prevention, [is] very important, an excellent source of omega-3 and protein, but also it needs to be kept cold. And a little amla powder. Amla is Indian gooseberries, and they are the most antioxidant-rich berries on the planet.”

“This is called blackstrap molasses and it adds sweetness. But it also is an amazing source of iron and calcium, which is important for athletes and everybody. It’s strong, so we want to add just a little on top of this pumpkin-powered breakfast bowl. So here we are.”
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