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Between Master and Disciples

The Eight Vegan Ways of Buddhist Life, Part 1 of 3, Aug. 5, 2015

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“This day, when the sun had just set ...” “and the sky had begun to darken, there were two beings from Heaven, flew down to where the Buddha was and asked … and came to pay homage to the Buddha, from Heaven.” “And then after they prostrated to the Buddha and circumambulated Him three times, They respectfully came in front of the Buddha and asked Him thus: ‘Praised be the World-Honored One, the most merciful, the most noble, the highest teacher of Heavens and Earth. Today we arrived here to beg You to help teach us a way so that we can be ultimately liberated from being born in Heaven, being born as human, being born as animal, being born as ghost, etc. And then we can also enjoy the Nirvana-bliss at the end.’” “So after that, both of them became enlightened.”

“Ananda went to the Buddha, in front of Him, and prostrated to Him and said, ‘Praised be the World-Honored One. Yesterday, the two heavenly beings came to pay homage to You. They were so beautiful and so dignified, and so brilliant and so radiant that their Light was beaming all over our garden. Seems like they are full of merit, a lot of merit. We do not know what ... May we know what kind of merit they have accrued in their former lives, what kind of way they practiced that nowadays they have such merit like that?’ The Buddha said, ‘Long, long time ago, there was a Buddha named Kasyapa. He appeared on this planet to save sentient beings. After the Buddha’s Nirvana, and then some long time afterward, the Dharma had become dwindled, reduced, and almost disappeared. There were two persons at that time; they were practicing in a Brahman circle of teaching, a school.’” “So they came in there to ask for the Eightfold, Eight Ways of Purification. The first one would like this merit to be accumulated so that he could be born in Heaven. The second one would like to become king due to this merit.” As I told you already before also, if you just keep the Five Precepts, even if you are not my disciple, you can be reborn again as a human without suffering.

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