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Buddhist Stories: “Husband-Honorer” (Part 4 of 4) Sept. 26, 2015

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On the following day, the monks, on entering the village, meaning the village of this celestial woman who just passed away and went back to her husband, they entered this village and found the hall of assembly uncared for. Because usually she took care of the hall of the assembly. So they asked, because there was no water and no seats. So they asked, “Where is the Husband Honorer?” And then somebody said, “Reverend Sirs, how could you expect to see her? After your Reverences had eaten and departed, she died in the evening.” So the Buddha said, “Monks, she was reborn with her own husband.” So the monks argued, “But Reverend Sir,” meaning World Honored One, “she is not with her husband.” Typical. So the Buddha said again, “Monks, she yearned not for that husband,” meaning the worldly one, the physical one. “But her husband who was the god Garland-Wearer in the World of 33 gods. She passed from that state of existence while decking him with flowers. Now she has returned to where she was before and has been reborn united with him.” The monks lamented, “Oh how short, Reverend Sir, is the life of creatures in this world. Early in the morning, she served us with food. And in the evening, she sickened and died.” Just like that. So short. So suddenly. The Buddha replied, “Yes, monks. Yes, indeed. The life of creatures in this world is indeed short. Therefore, while beings ...” Not creatures. Buddha would say beings. “While beings in this world yet yearn for the things of Earth, and have not yet satisfied their desires for sensual pleasures, death overpowers them and carries them off wailing and weeping.” So saying, he pronounced the following stanza, “Only gathering flowers, indeed, insatiated in sensual desire, with a mind clinging, just such a man, must the ender just such a man, must the ender bring under his sway.” Meaning, he’s talking about the woman who gathered the flowers. She was clinging to her relationship, to the habit of being with him, with her husband. So the Buddha said it was not just to go there just to gather flowers. It’s not that. Just she was clinging to him because she felt good with him. She felt like she belonged there. That’s what he meant. So, with a clinging mind, with such a man only. So, of course, these kinds of people, these kinds of beings, will be brought under control by the ender. The ender means the Maya, the lord who controls life and death. Recycle of life and death. Okay, end of the story.
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