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Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical, Part 19 of a Multi-part Series

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“I want that to be filled with color. Because I thought if the Sufis are in white, if these girls are all in color, then we can get like: This is all color, this is all white, the three leads are in something a little bit more colorful.” “The lead person has a costume that stands out a little bit more.” “I say whatever makes it more legit for each country, if that is to make them more beautiful...”

“This show is so unique. At this point, I think we’ve got 110 wigs in this show, which is…” “We have only one… one and a half months. I’m pretty sure that’s a record.”

“So, it’s so much fun to get to style all that kind of stuff. Costumes and wigs work very close together, figuring out the general look and how to match the colors. And some of these headpieces are heavy, so we had to make it work so that they can dance and do all these beautiful spins and tricks without affecting them. So, eventually when we get to the actual production, it’ll be backstage between every single number. They run off stage, they rip off their wig, they’ll put on a new costume, they’ll put on a new wig – we’ll make sure they look pretty – and then we’ll send them right back out. These quick changes are happening in a span of like 60 seconds, which is crazy to do 18 people in 60 seconds.”

“For Ireland, we went with the Irish step dancers’ look. It’s very bouncy. Irish step dancing is so bouncy that we wanted to make sure we had something with that kind of curl, so that it could accentuate the movement. Like, I can even just bounce this, and you can see that it moves better than something straighter would. There is a whole lot of thought that has to go into wigs, from costumes to lights to sets, the choreography, that you couldn’t do something.”

“This is Heather’s headpiece. She is our principal for Korea. But then, this is heavy! This wig itself weighs probably 10, 15 pounds. It’s so heavy. We have to balance it right in the right spot of her head because otherwise it will slip back or slip forward. We’ve been working on a solution and what we’ve come up with is a way to weave her hair behind it so that it helps push it forward and also keep her balanced.”
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