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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms / The Musical

Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical, Part 9 of a Multi-part Series

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“Oh, my beloved! People are at ease with lying and I might have liked to try their art. But there is only one problem: Whenever my mouth opens, the TRUTH just keeps bubbling forth! I’ve joined Your holy assembly little did I know You demand the sacrifice of my EGO!

Your poetry is the most touching thing that I ever read. But why, beloved Master, did You reveal all the hidden secrets within the deepest recess of my soul? I’ve joined Your holy assembly for a life of service and sacrifice. Little did I know You demand the hardest: You demand the sacrifice of my EGO!

If my husband leaves me I could hardly live. If my children desert me I would surely cry. But if You ever neglect me, dearest Master! I’d die, I’d die, I’d die.

‘Your blessing pours forth to all and sundry’ The bad and the good, The beauty and the ugly The sincere and the unworthy, alike!” When You cast Your glance into the sea, O magnificent Beloved, all the fish will become dragons and they’ll fly up to the clouds. Blessing rain then will start pouring down, fertilizing the field of human virtues and merits. O magnificent Beloved.”

“O Lord of all creations! Have You ever considered my lot? You’ve overloaded my shoulders with great Missions, And granted me huge piles of garbage. Then while I struggle to climb the mountains, You’d roll stones into my Path! Master! Master! Quickly, Come to rescue me! Or I’ll be buried alive!

Wisest of all the Wise! Whatever duty You assign, I’d carry out even if it costs my very life. This I do! A little gratitude.”

“The thing amazing about Her poems, you cannot just read through it once and say, ‘Oh, well, that’s nice’ or ‘That’s this.’ You have to really read them at different times, when you’re in a different mood, because you get a different feeling about it each time.” “So, I have to read through the poems again and I’m looking forward to understanding the message She wants to give us.”
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