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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms

Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical, Part 3 of a Multi-part Series

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“Oh, Lord it’s said that You are everywhere. Why is it that in my house You never set foot? Oh, Lord the veil seems forever hanging there, In front of my eyes. O Lord of the Blissful Worlds Pray rend it aside! So I may behold Your Face.” “O Lord of the Blissful Worlds Pray rend it aside! So I may step into eternal Life. Life.”

“The inner Master: Symbol of eternal Life! The most powerful and gracious of all beings in the cosmos. The inner Master. Some call the Master: Lord, the Father, Mother, the Godhead, the Origin of all things. Some call it the Way, others romantically describe Her as the beautiful Bride, the Beloved. Some say it’s your Real Face before yesterday, the Great Wisdom, the Perfect Path, Love. Call Him, Her whatever name you like! Frankly, He wouldn’t mind the least. But no matter what it is, One cannot live without. And the longing to see Her is the most agony of all Only those who tread the mystic Tao Know the pain of it. And once it is found, One realizes that one has never known anything like this The Way to enlightenment is through the Light and Sound The Heaven is within – here and now!”

“You know well what it’s like To live in this dark world without Your guide Wouldn’t You accept me the way I am? Your hard tests are so difficult to pass! I value You alone and no one else! This You must have known since long ago. O Master of heaven and earth, Lord of infinite Love, High above all sorrows and pleasures You own my very heart!”

“If only I know where You hide, I’d come running to seek. But alas! As I’m born blind, couldn’t climb the highest peak. Even worse, being deaf and dumb I can never call, nor hear Your voice. O Jah (Lord), You’ve created this poor soul. Everyone would tell me this. So please take care of it, or it’ll die alone miserably. You know it too well!”

“Master, I’d like to make a deal with You. We exchange roles for a few minutes. Then You may discover a deep secret or may just remember, how painful to be separated from Your very Self!”
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