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Heaven Testimonies, Part 14 — Jesus Christ Hands Me to Supreme Master Ching Hai

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“I am a Catholic living in Daegu, Korea. I have not yet been initiated. At the beginning of August, I went to an old temple in the mountains for a one month retreat. In the mountains, I received Master’s book. Before I read it, I prayed to God, ‘Lord, if this book contains the Truth, please let me accept it.’ I also prayed to You, ‘This is Your book. If it contains the Truth I have been seeking for so long, please help me.’ Then I turned to the first page of the book. Immediately, I had a strong response as if my head was being struck by thunder or electricity. Tears fell automatically as I was reading the book.

While meditating, I could finally see Jesus Christ – He handed me to You. You were wearing a white dress and a white hat. Doubts arose within me and I immediately recited aloud Lord Jesus Christ’s Name and also Your Name. Even after reciting more than ten times, both of You did not disappear. You looked at Lord Jesus Christ and said, ‘Look! Your disciple has a lot of doubts.’ Lord Jesus heard this and started to laugh. Then You looked at me and said, ‘From today onwards, I will teach you.’

Suddenly You flew gently and sat in the midst of the universe. The place where You were sitting started to vibrate like waves. From the top of my head, I heard the (inner Heavenly) Sound of church bells and my whole brain was vibrating. You told me, ‘Stay inside the Sound Stream vibration.’ But this poor child started to doubt again. However, this time I didn’t dare to recite aloud, instead I only recited the Names of Lord Jesus Christ and Supreme Master Ching Hai inside. Both of You were still there. 

You saw through me. Shaking Your head, You said to Lord Jesus Christ, ‘How come this disciple of Yours has so much doubt?’ Lord Jesus Christ started to laugh again. The Sound Stream in my head was still ongoing. The ringing of bells grew louder and kept on changing.

At that time I said, ‘All kinds of suffering, failure, defeats harassed my life. I am shaking them off.’ When I finished speaking, Master wore black clothes made of net-like material. Those clothes looked heavy and You walked unstably. I kept speaking. ‘I am shaking away all agonizing sufferings that were born through human relationships in this life.’ At that time, Master wore an iron armor like a medieval soldier. It looked really heavy. Master stumbled a few steps and then collapsed.

Then the rain started to fall. I said to You, ‘The rain is falling.’ You said, ‘Right! The rain will cleanse everything neatly and will create new things. You shall be cleansed too.’

I was very moved, and gratitude flowed out from my heart. But I thanked Lord Jesus Christ first, ‘Lord Jesus Christ! I thank You. I am no one, yet You did not desert me. Today You handed me into the hands of a great living Master. I am really moved. I love You.’ You said to Lord Jesus Christ, ‘Your disciple is very loyal to You.’ He started to laugh again. The ringing of the vibrating bells lingered in my head for many days.

Master, I believe You must know that I have been yearning so much to see You. I have already fallen in love with You! I trust You! I’m longing to be initiated soon. I also thank Master for all the arrangements You have made for me.”

Vegan: that proves it, u r from Heaven.

Vegan side effect: u will feel Heaven is nearer.

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

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