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Heaven Testimonies, Part 9 — Happy Doggie Angel

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Li-Hua (f): Before my mother came to Earth, she needed to find a proper person to be her child to complete her test. She kept looking for one. A lot of angels came by but none of them agreed. I also came to her. She asked me sincerely to help her finish her task. I agreed, and she was so happy. Then she went down to Earth.

Li-Hua (f): Sometimes I went down to see my future mom, and I realized that she was still so little. So I thought I could be a dog first, because the life span of a dog is just about the time needed for my mom to grow up. One time, I saw the angels were lining up to be born as various noble and beautiful puppies. At that moment, I also wanted to be a dog, so I joined the waiting line.

Li-Hua as angel (f): Wow, fantastic! It’s a Maltese. I’d like to be one very much.

Angel (f): All right! You can be one first.

Li-Hua as puppy (f): So many puppies! I can’t squeeze my way through to reach the mommy dog. See what I can do! Mmm…Wow! It’s warm. It’s hot and also sweet. So delicious! It feels so good to grow up.

Li-Hua as puppy (f): Huh? Someone’s holding me. Wow! There is a bed and a food bowl for dogs. Yikes! Why’s it meat and bones again?

Caregiver (f): Why don’t you eat?

Li-Hua as puppy (f): Wow! Salad. It’s wonderful! Mmm…Delicious!

Caregiver (f): Oh I see. You like salads, too! There you go. The rest is all yours.

Li-Hua (f): For my convenience to go play in the garden, my caregiver installed a doggie door underneath the door. Wow! It’s raining! So wonderful! The garden soil is wet, soft, chilly and cold. It feels so good! This is so comfortable.

Caregiver (f): Hey! Why did you make yourself so dirty? Come! Come in to take a shower!

Li-Hua (f): My caregiver often put a pile of sun-dried laundry on the balcony. I would get into the pile of clothes and then sleep in it.

Caregiver (f): Little baby, little baby!

Li-Hua (f): At first, I didn’t want to answer her. But I was afraid she would be worried, so I barked a few times.

Li-Hua (f): My time as a dog was almost up. One day, when my caregiver was not around, I prepared to pass on. But my caregiver found out and immediately put me in her arms. I slowly left the dog’s body. In a moment, I became an angel of the same size as my caregiver. I found out that she could not understand what she was seeing, so I transformed myself into a dog right away. My caregiver understood immediately and waved at me happily to bid me farewell. I quickly returned to Heaven above.

VO (IN ENGLISH): Sometime later, as Li-Hua recalls, a crowd of angelic beings gathered excitedly to see Supreme Master Ching Hai dancing beautifully!

Angels: Wow! Supreme Master Ching Hai is going to dance!

VO (IN ENGLISH): The day that Supreme Master Ching Hai danced was October 25, 1995, during a celebration of The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day. At that time, Li-Hua was about to be born as a human.

Boy angel (m): Hurry up! It’s your time to be born.

Little angel (m): I want to be your dog.

Many angels (m): We also want to be your dogs.

Li-Hua as angel (f): I’m so sorry. I can only pick some of you.

Li-Hua (f): I followed an angel to God’s place. God was on Hiers throne. God asked me to pick my shortcomings when I become a human. But I was too lazy to pick one.

God: My child, only a Master doesn’t have to pick shortcomings.

Li-Hua (f): Then I want to be a Master!

God: Being a Master is a tough job, you know? And you have your own mission to do for now. I’ll let you remember Heaven but you’ll not remember what your mission is.

Li-Hua (f): Then, I started to pick my shortcomings. And I picked a lot.

Arch angel (f): You picked too many!

Li-Hua (f): I quickly removed some shortcomings.

VO (IN ENGLISH): Li-Hua was born the next morning, on October 26, 1995.

Li-Hua (f): And then, during the time I grew up on Earth, I always remembered Heaven. I didn’t mention it, until I chatted with my mother recently. Now, my dad, mom, younger brother, my dogs and I live a very happy life together. After watching this story, I hope everyone can love animals the same way we love our own family.

Vegan side effect: ur only option is Heaven.

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

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