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Master has incarnated countless times throughout the ages to fulfill Her plan to protect and uplift humanity.

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Dear Master and Supreme Master Television team, I received initiation from Master nearly 30 years ago. Once in my meditation, I saw a vision of You and two female generals, Trưng Trắc and Trưng Nhị. The three faces appeared, in a straight line, in my vision for a long time. Meanwhile, I had a premonition that these two eminent, virtuous female generals were the past incarnations of Master.

Dear Master, was it true that You came down to Earth at that time to protect the good people, so that they could live in peace? I wholeheartedly thank You and wish You good health, and that all the best things always come to You. I sincerely pray that Your wish for World Vegan, World Peace will become a reality very soon. I wish that the Supreme Master Television team will always be healthy and live in the Love of Tim Qo Tu. Love You forever, Lily from Australia

Inquisitive Lily, It was a pleasure to read your heartline. Master has incarnated countless times throughout the ages to fulfill Her plan to protect and uplift humanity. Often disciples have seen in their meditation visions of Master’s past incarnations. Many of the righteous historical figures from our past were indeed incarnations of Master helping humanity. Perhaps your vision is yet another example. May you and all the free-spirited Australians always be guided by the Providence in your noble endeavors, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Here is an inspiring message from Master: “Shining Lily, I have been doing my work through many different bodies for a long, long time on this Earth. My purpose has always been to uplift and free all beings so Heaven can manifest here. Our planet fell into deep darkness a long time ago, so it has been ages to get to this point. Each incarnation that I have had accomplishes some portion of my mission. Now is the period of completion and transition to the Golden Age. Continue to pray for World Vegan, World Peace, while spreading the message of love and healing along with me. I cannot do it alone. We all must participate in bringing about the end of ignorance on Earth. Now is the time! God’s will shall be done! May you and the life-loving Australian people prosper in the glorious Light of the Divine.” 

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