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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 193 - Prophecies of the King of Shambhala



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“Thee, great Lama, who lives in this paradise land and who is constantly in prayer, shall adopt the title of Rigden Djapo (Rudra Chakrin) and shall defeat the armies of lalo (barbarians). Thy army shall include people of many nations.”

In our previous episode, we were briefly introduced to the wondrous, mystical world of Shambhala and its Final King, who is prophesied to appear and lay the foundation for the Golden Age. His name is Rigden Djapo in Tibetan, or Rudra Chakrin in Sanskrit, and it means “Wrathful One with the Wheel (of Time).” Could it be more than a coincidence that Supreme Master Ching Hai has often said:

“I’m very angry. I’m a very angry vegan Master. When it comes to injustice and the suffering of children, and animal-people. Because they are helpless. (Yes, Master.)”

“I cannot imagine any humane being could do all this, could ignore the suffering and enjoy it! […] Don’t ask me more about that. Otherwise, I’m angry again. You know I’m angry.”

“I told you I’m an angry Master, but only with cause. (Yes.) I’m not angry because people molest me mentally, or abusing me or anything. I have never complained. (Yes.) Even though I could write books about it. But this is not about me, is it? (No. No, it’s not.) I’m angry only when it comes to someone else or other innocent beings like animal-people. (Understand.) I’m not just angry, I’m anguished, I’m pained inside.”

It is foretold in the Kalachakra Tantra scriptures and commentaries that when the world degenerates into greed, violence, and wars, Rudra Chakrin will emerge from Shambhala to lead a final battle to defeat the barbarians, annihilate the barbaric culture, and usher in a worldwide Golden Age. The “barbarians” could refer to the zealously oppressive government leaders or those who instigate wars. Similarly, the “barbaric culture” could be the cruel human customs that have become the norm, such as abortion, the mutilation of male infants and girls, and of course, the wide range of brutalities we inflict upon the defenseless animal-people. We must also remember that behind this barbaric culture are hordes of zealous demons that influence humans to turn away from the Buddha’s Dharma, agitating them to torture and kill countless lives.

“The zealous demons, they eat dead bodies, the essence of the energy of the anguished people who die anguishedly. (Understand. Yes.) Like in war or under oppression, or wrongly killed, especially babies like this. (Yes.) Oh, they’d be happy! (Oh dear!) And the more they eat, the stronger they become. (Wow.) And then they will use this human energy mixed with the anguish to influence others, to bear more devils. (Wow!) They can spread out, they can multiply, with all this energy feeding them. (Yes. Yes, Master.)”

Pained by all the suffering in our world, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been taking unprecedented action:

“Because I saw animal-people’s clip, the cruelty that’s measured onto them. So, ‘Ordering all Godses to hunt down all the zealous demons, lock in hell forever.’ Because of them, humans became cruel. That’s why I am anguished with the humans, but I’m angry with the zealous demons. So, I ordered all the Godses to hunt down all of the zealous demons.”

Master’s actions to free humans from the fierce grip of the zealous demons, is a clear fulfillment of the prophecy about Rudra Chakrin. This King of Shambhala is also the manifestation of the legendary King Gesar of medieval Tibet, one of Master’s glorious past incarnations.

“It has been prophesied that in the future (which is actually predicted to be sometime in the twenty-first century), when this world is overcome by barbarians who hold extreme and perverted religious views, this great Vidyadhara (supernatural) hero, Gesar Norbu Dradul, will arise in the enlightened body of a sacred warrior general, the foremost Rigden King of Shambhala, Rigden Rudrachakrin, and, enveloped in the splendor of a hundred thousand suns, will once again return to defeat the hordes of maras (demons) in our world.”

“It’s the zealous demons, Satan’s subordinates. They like to eat the flesh of anyone who dies in war and conflict and agony, and the like. Recently, I cannot bear anymore, they also bother me too much. So, 80% of these demons are already dragged into hell by the Original Universe Godses Protectors. Because these kinds of demons, they might not be Satan himself but they work for Satan, and they try to always incite hatred between humans, and between humans and animal-people, or between animal-people, between all beings, to enjoy their inflamed energy.

“A few days ago, the spiders came and told me, ‘Don’t be sad. Be happy. Be free. Be safe. Zealous spirits returned to hell.’ 93%. (Wow.) So I said, ‘Thanks all help. Thank God.’ (Thank You, Master.)”

“The Chakravartin (Ideal Universal Ruler) shall come out at the end of the age, from the city the gods fashioned on Mount Kailash. He shall smite the barbarians in battle with his own four-division army, on the entire surface of the earth.”

The prophecy says that eventually, the demons will wage war in an attempt to invade the pure and sacred kingdom of Shambhala. At that time, King Rudra Chakrin, mounted upon His white horse with a spear in his hand, will lead His powerful army to defeat the barbarians in the Final Battle. This army has both Heavenly and Earthly contingents.

“Ordering all Godses to hunt down all the zealous demons, lock in hell forever.”

We don’t have any weapons. We don’t have any guns, any atomic power, nothing. But we do differently. We work peacefully. We also, you’re also soldiers. You’re also selfless and brave soldiers and I thank you for that. God bless you. (Thank You, Master. Thank You so much, Master.) All of you, the so-called disciples that are helping this Supreme Master TV program to broadcast the truth, the fairness, the true news to the whole world. And true opinion. Not for profit, not for fame, nothing. We’re doing it because we want to help the world.”

“According to the most ancient testaments, the Lord of Shambhala is fighting the Prince of Darkness (Satan) himself. This battle, first of all, takes place in the subtle spheres; whereas, here the Lord of Shambhala acts through his earthly warriors.”

The Kalachakra Tantra, a central scripture of Tibetan Buddhism, reveals the following about Rudra Chakrin’s army:

“Thee, great Lama, who lives in this paradise land and who is constantly in prayer, shall adopt the title of Rigden Djapo (Rudra Chakrin) and shall defeat the armies of lalo (barbarians). Thy army shall include people of many nations.”

As foretold, Rudra Chakrin will be escorted by a multinational army. Thus, in paintings, He is sometimes depicted together with devoted subjects from different religious and national backgrounds. The Russian archaeologist Nicholas Roerich described one of these paintings he saw on one of his Tibetan expeditions.

“There was a Ladaki, in his high black hat; Chinese, in their round headgear with the red ball on top; here, in his white garments, was a Hindu; there, a Moslem in a white turban. Here, Kirghiz, Buryats, Kalmuks; and there, Mongolians, in their characteristic dress. Each one offered to the Ruler the best gifts of his lands: Fruits and grains; textures and armor and precious stones. No one coerced these nations; they came voluntarily from all parts of Asia, surrounding the Great Warrior. Perhaps they were conquered? No, there was no humility in their approach to Him. The nations approached Him as their own, their sole ruler.” Etc…

Today, Supreme Master Ching Hai has brought together disciples from all different corners of the world, indeed “of many nations,” in a unified ideal of peace, love, and wisdom! These are the aims of Master’s “army”!

“Under the lead of Rudra Chakrin, the army of Kalachakra will descend from their kingdom to places like India, the Tibetan area, and others in the human world to conquer Mara’s armies, evil forces, tirthikas, and those who hold wrongful views. However, this army is in no way the same as an ordinary one who ruthlessly harms sentient beings. With great compassion and miraculous transformations, this Kalachakra troop will liberate the consciousness of sentient beings by teaching them Dharma according to their capacities.”

Inspired by Master to be peaceful warriors, the Association members at this time have the rare privilege of working with Her, such as by spreading Master’s Teachings – the Buddha’s Dharma – in their own capacities. Etc…

“Thy people shall tame the lalo’s (demons’) protectors, and lalo’s influence shall be totally gone. … And then the time shall come when the true faith spreads all over.”

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