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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 190 - The Roerichs (vegetarians) on the Epoch of Maitreya



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“The great epoch of Woman is coming. Verily, woman has a two-fold task: to uplift herself and to uplift her eternal companion, man. All the Forces of Light are awaiting this great deed.”

In their spiritual writings, Russian visionaries Helena and Nicholas Roerich revealed that women would ascend in the new Epoch of Maitreya, meaning the Golden Age, and play an important leadership role in shaping humanity’s future. Thus, one of Nicholas Roerich’s paintings is titled “She Who Leads” and depicts a Truth-seeking man following a holy female Leader.

“The Epoch of Maitreya proclaims woman.”

“In the East this epoch is noted as the epoch of Maitreya, the epoch of Great Compassion, and the epoch of the Mother of the World.”

Here, the Mother of the World refers to the great Universal Power, also known as the Feminine Origin. This Power manifested in the Great Masters, such as the Worshipped Lord Jesus Christ and the Worshipped Lord Shakyamuni Buddha, as well as the beloved Goddess Isis, who was especially venerated in ancient human history.

In Her lectures, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained how our world had changed, from once worshipping a Feminine God and respecting women, to doing the very opposite, thus causing imbalance and chaos.

“In the beginning, everybody thought of God as a Mother, because it is very simple. Women bear kids, give birth to children, so naturally for all of us to think that our God is a Mother. […]

Man and woman were very contented to live alongside each other, and doing whatever naturally come to them. For example, woman is more delicate and more brainy, so they take care of some intellectual issues. And man is more muscular, strong, protective, so they do that. They work together fine. And there were no problems at all, and the world was in a much better shape. Not talk about physical comfort only, spiritually speaking and emotionally speaking, the world has been at that time a better place to live. Because the women ruled with more common sense and love. […]

But you know, as usual men sometimes are stubborn, sometimes they are jealous, ego, so they begin to wonder why women should rule everything. […] And ever since then, they have waged war against women, trying so hard to tell women that they are bad, they are inferior, and cannot do much. And it is a very nonsensical theory, but nevertheless our society, our world has become worsened spiritually, emotionally, morally, because of this belief. […]”

“The dreadful decline of morality, the diseases and degeneration of some nations are also the results of the slavish dependence of woman. Woman is deprived of the greatest human privilege— complete participation in creative thought and constructive work. She is deprived not only of equal rights but, in many countries, of equal education with man. …But a woman slave can give to the world slaves only. …By humiliating woman, man humiliates himself! This explains today the paucity of man’s genius.”

“Women are important. (Yes. Definitely.) They have to let the women go to school, go to university, and that is correct so. (Yes.) You cannot avoid women, we are everywhere. And we must learn something to contribute to the prosperity and development and progress of the country. (Yes, Master.) Women are beautiful, very smart and very capable, and also more detailed than men in most cases. So women are a very important part of the society. Any country that looks down upon women or prohibits women in any way, will never develop well, (Yes, agree.) and will stay underdeveloped, or like some other centuries ago.

Helena Roerich also revealed that the unjust degrading of women was influenced by Satan.

“…In order to achieve his goal of becoming the full and only ruler of Earth, [Satan’s] chief efforts were directed toward the humiliation of woman. He knew that with the demeaning of woman, the coarsening and degeneration of humanity was unavoidable.”

“So since the change of the political system, we always believe more in a male God, and since then, we degrade. Because we have lost the belief in an eternally loving God. And what we believe, we get. See? […]

And […] those who are in power, those who are negative, and bad and frustrated ones, they use fear, they create a fearsome God, so to control other people, including men, too. […] And the more people fear, the more all of this negative thinking congregates together, the bigger the devil becomes.”

With a profound understanding of human history, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been working to uplift women from their long oppression, as part of Her Mission to restore a more merciful justice on Earth. In this lifetime, She emanates the Power of the Mother of the World in full Splendor – including physically through Her most beautiful and sublime feminine form!

“I have not always been a woman Master. I did it on purpose this time, to let you know that women can also be enlightened, and be a Master. How about that! To break your false conception about the superiority of manhood. To encourage and glorify the womanhood. To teach the man the humility lessons, which is badly needed now. You have boosted your ego for many centuries, and looked down upon women. Women are mothers of all the Buddhas, and Jesus. They deserve a good position. Without women, no-one can exist. But since millions of years, people are ungrateful to the mothers of the Earth. So God had decided that He’d choose a woman to be a Master now.”

“It is necessary to awaken in woman herself a great respect for her own Origin; she should realize her great destiny as a bearer of the higher energy.”

Actually, it takes many lifetimes of male experience to enable you to become a woman. Yes! Men had to gather a lot, a lot of information, a lot of common sense, a lot of experiences, in order to be a woman, to be able to raise another human being that is God incarnated. […]

So in fact, woman is more spiritually advanced. Whenever a man has trouble, if he can talk to his wife, the problem is three-quarters solved already. She always blesses him with more wisdom and insight, and encourages him to dig out his intelligence and resourcefulness within himself, and love him. And she can love him and love the whole children as well.”

“The great epoch of Woman is coming. Verily, woman has a two-fold task: to uplift herself and to uplift her eternal companion, man. All the Forces of Light are awaiting this great deed.”

“If you use your feminine quality for some higher purpose, you get there quicker, because you have the precision, you have the attention, you have the delicate feeling and you have the common sense. So whatever you want, you get it. […]

So I would like you to use your power to advance yourself, to go faster to Buddhahood. Try to use that to help yourself and help your family, help your man to advance. That’s why the English people, they say, ‘Behind a great man, there is a great woman.’” […]

“Women’s movements have a special significance for the immediate future. These movements should be understood not as an assertion of supremacy, but as the establishment of justice. …One should not think that this will benefit only women; it will promote world equilibrium, and thus is necessary for harmonious evolution.”

“Instead of looking down upon women or suppressing women, our society should encourage, should make use of their talent, their intelligent powers and their love, their limitless strength of love from the women, in order to take care of this planet, then our world will have been much, much more a better place to live. […]

So you've heard of the Golden Age, that is when things have been done and carried out, and obeyed the way God intended. But never mind, it's OK, men can also have power, but they should not underestimate the strength of women's finesse and intelligence. Because women are the greatest help to men, and men are the greatest help to women. Without one or another, we cannot live. I just hope that the world will change for the better, and we go back to the Golden Age again.”

At the time of the Roerichs’ writings, countries around the world were just beginning to grant women the right to vote. Since then and into the 21st century, the movement to improve women’s status has only been gaining increasing momentum. We believe that Supreme Master Ching Hai, as a pure manifestation of the Mother of the World, has been quietly making this remarkable progress for women possible.

“(Oh, my Master, thank You. You are the great Loving Mother to all beings on Earth.)”

In fact, it has been a long process of loving sacrifice spanning centuries, as Master once revealed during a lecture about the Venerated Lord Mahavira (one of Her past incarnations).

Just like Lord Mahavira had to starve for five months and a half almost, in order to help women to be liberated, I mean, to start a period of women’s liberation out of slavery, like the princess. It’s just a symbol. She had been in shackles like that and then Lord Mahavira had to come and eat from her offering. […] It was not real food even – bran, and rotten, stale – so that the women in this world would begin an era of liberation. It didn’t happen immediately, but it did happen slowly, slowly.

And nowadays, we have women presidents, women prime ministers, women ministers, a lot, a lot. Maybe president and prime minister, it’s less, but ministers, a lot, a lot, and women everywhere. Women, even drivers, truck drivers, women go to the moon, women go to space stations. Oh, women go anywhere! Before, it was unheard of. Before, it was not possible.”


“Hear ye, hear ye! We women will not waver, we will not falter, we will be victorious, hurrah! There will be no man, no woman; there will be only humans, humanity. There will be only enlightened, good, saintly beings. We will forget that we are either man or woman. We will just live together, love each other in harmony and perfection.”

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