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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 198 - Visions of Beloved Bulgarian Mystic Baba Vanga

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“Christ will come again to Earth in white robes. The time is coming when certain people will feel with their heart the return of Christ.”

In our previous episode, we were introduced to the fascinating life and prophecies of Baba Vanga. This beloved Bulgarian mystic offered much practical help, comfort, and wisdom to those who came to her, whether they were ordinary families, celebrities, or government officials.

Baba Vanga warned that the current ways of humankind are leading to a fateful destruction by nature. But beyond the many disasters, she also saw a hopeful vision of a more peaceful and civilized world. She said: “The time will come − on Earth the borders will disappear and people will live in peace and understanding.”

With the creation of unifying organizations as well as the advancement of communication technologies, it seems as though borders are already disappearing in some aspects of our lives. People of different nations are willing to help one another more than ever before, and more countries have been mending ties with one another.

Baba Vanga also predicted that there would be an overall transformation – away from religious institutions, many of which no longer represent their true original teachings.

“Now the different religions want to make use of whatever they get, but their time is passing. Humanity will throw off these shackles. Religion will have another task.”

“It’s just like the Bible, the Roman government at that time cut many of the parts about reincarnation and non-animal-people diet, just to suit themselves and make Christianity into another kind of mundane religion. So they can eat meat, they can drink wine, they can even fool around like that. (Yes, Master.) And now it’s gone to the worst, that they molest children. At random, anytime. Anytime or any child that falls into their hands. That is vulnerable in their environment. (Yes, Master.)”

This moral degradation of religion has had painfully devastating effects, with some followers who have been known to even lose their faith in God.

“I don’t know what’s happening to the Catholic Church anymore. I don’t know what happened to Christianity anymore. It must be the end of the world. So, the holy knowledge is going to be lost. It’s already lost. Thus, the people who are supposed to represent it are evil, evil outright, more than evil. (Yes, Master.) Worse than the criminals in the society. (Yes.) Worse than all these serial killers. Worse! (Yes, Master.) These serial killers, maybe they are crazy. Maybe something’s wrong with them mentally, (Yes, Master.) but they don’t kill and rape children the way they do like this. (Yes, Master.) (That’s right, Master.) I don’t know what to say anymore. I don’t know what happened to Christianity now. Nobody dares to say anything, nobody does anything. Just talk or even try to avoid the sensitive topic.”

Baba Vanga foretold that ultimately, only the true teaching will remain, one that really has the power to liberate souls eternally.

“All religions will one day disappear! Only the teachings of the White Brotherhood will remain. Like a white flower, it will cover the earth, and thanks to it, people will be saved.”

By the disappearance of “all religions,” perhaps Baba Vanga meant that the current outer forms of religious teachings would dissolve so that the true, ancient essence within them could be revived. This one true teaching would be that of the White Brotherhood, a symbol of purity, a universal circle of Saints. These enlightened Beings all teach the same method of connecting with the Divine, through the inner Heavenly Light and Sound, along with moral precepts that include a benevolent vegan diet.

“There is an ancient Indian teaching, the teaching of the White Brotherhood. It will prevail throughout the whole world. It will be printed in new books and be read all over the world. It will be the ‘Fire Bible.’”

Over the past several decades, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been sharing the true teaching, the same way of connecting to the Divine that also gave rise to the ancient Indian-born religions of Hinduism and Buddhism, and others. Thus, we wonder whether Baba Vanga had a vision of Master’s teachings being printed in “new books” and “read all over the world.” With fire being an age-old spiritual metaphor for enlightenment, could the “Fire Bible” be Master’s book series titled “The Key of Immediate Enlightenment”?

In addition, Baba Vanga confirmed through her inner visions that the Worshipped Lord Jesus Christ would return to the world – what Christians call the Second Coming of Christ.

“Christ will come again to Earth in white robes. The time is coming when certain people will feel with their heart the return of Christ.”

People of different backgrounds have also sensed that Supreme Master Ching Hai is Lord Jesus Christ returned. For example, right around the time that Master came to Israel in 1999 to give a lecture, a large number of people from around the world were flocking to Jerusalem, expecting Christ’s appearance at any moment. In addition, the inner visions of our Association members have revealed that Master and Christ are one Being.

“(Master, when You came to visit us on the third day of the retreat, I was so happy to watch Your every movement. My heart opened widely to greet and welcome You; and when You came in front of me, I realized that You were Jesus Christ. I came closer to admire You and adore You.)”

“(One day, during meditation, I was lifted up by a sound stream with golden light to a realm where Master appeared as Jesus Christ and then as the enlightened Indian Master Baba Sawan Singh.)”

“I - He. We - He. We - It is He who is returning to us again as He had promised. All the Apostles are now on the move, all the Apostles are on the Earth, as the time of the Holy Spirit has come.”

Baba Vanga reveals that Lord Jesus Christ’s close disciples have already come back in this lifetime to assist their Master once again. We know that many of Master’s disciples from the past have been reincarnating life after life to support Master’s mission.

“(Upon reaching Jerusalem, I called out to Master, ‘Master, we have reached Jerusalem.’ Master woke up from Her samadhi, and upon opening Her eyes, Master exclaimed, ‘I have come home!’ Looking around Jerusalem from the car, Master further said, ‘Look at those houses up the mountains, they look the same just like before, like the old times.’ Those words sent chills down my spine, as immediately after Master spoke, I felt a familiar feeling that perhaps, I had been there before too.)”

“(Since very ancient times, I’ve been together with Master and followed Master to come to the Earth in many lifetimes. In one lifetime, Master was Jesus Christ and I was one of His disciples, Mary Magdalene. I saw that Lord Jesus, me, and other disciples ran to the mountain to hide in a cave in order to escape the pursuit and killing of the Jewish people. I also witnessed that Lord Jesus was hurt and abused, and I felt totally heartbroken when seeing Lord Jesus crucified.)”

“(In one of my past lives in the time of Jesus, I was one of His followers, and I lovingly conveyed the message of Love and affection of Jesus Christ to the people.)”

“(My spiritual upliftment is increasing every hour, and I always think of Master and God in whatever I am doing. I especially feel that in my past lives, I did the work of Jesus Christ, and now I continue with Master.)”


The cherished Baba Vanga offered wise and encouraging teachings up to the time of her passing in 1996 at the age of 85: “Strengthen your faith in God, love and be kind to each other because without these things there is no progress in anything. … The good is coming! It is not far, do not be afraid! Everything will fall into place!”

“Please do help. Help in any way you can. Show your friends the gruesome practice of the animal-people industry; of how we, as humans, lost our humanity, lost our humane quality, lost our compassion, lost our sympathy.

We lose everything if we lose love. We lose everything absolutely if we lose compassion and mercy in our heart. So, you try to invoke that merciful quality in other humans wherever you go, wherever you are, whenever you can by showing them the benefit of the vegan diet. Through our television, you have many information. You take out some clips and show it to them.

Let them wake up. Let them see the reality, the connection between the piece of meat that they put in their mouths and the pain, the agony, the suffering of other beings in the dark corner, hidden from sight. Show it all to them.

So, if they became vegan, our lives would be more comfortable. We will have more and more extraordinary high-tech. We will have less or no more disease. We will not have to mourn early the death of our relatives, friends, or loved ones. We will live happily, healthily, long lives, connected with the Divine even, because Heaven will be able to show us some expressive signs of Their love and Their connection with us.

We are deeply grateful to Baba Vanga for gracing our planet as a gentle messenger from Heaven, whose comforting wisdom helps us through challenging times. Our profound gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai, who is the promised Christ returned, for saving souls and guiding humanity as a whole to follow the will of God. May the simple advice to be loving and kind be taken to heart, and may our faith in the true Christ power allow us to witness the beginning wonders of a new era of peace.

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