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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 196 - Prophecies of the King of Shambhala

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“Many strive to find Us (Shambhala), but it is right to hold back these travelers. We must be found not geographically, but first of all in spirit.”

“Have you ever dreamed of a place Far away from it all Where the air you breathe is soft and clean Children play in fields of green Where the sounds of guns Never pound your dream anymore.”

We just listened to Supreme Master Ching Hai beautifully singing a verse from the song “Lost Horizon,” which resonates very much in these sorrowful times as hearts desperately long for peace…

While the song is about a fictional place, a real Shambhala does exist on this Earth, and in this, we can find a message of hope.

Many reports have emerged from early travelers in the 1600s and 20th-century Western explorers about this sought-after Eden hidden somewhere north of Tibet. Here all the residents are wise, loving, vegan −if they eat at all, and peaceful. They enjoy healthy and happy long lives and cultivate superior advanced technologies. For instance, members of Russian explorer Nicholas Roerich’s Tibet expedition and a British mountaineer named Frank Smythe each recorded seeing UFOs over the region. Also, Polish explorer Dr. Ferdynand Ossendowski heard reports from lamas of strange cars traveling very fast through extensive underground tunnels.

Once, the Belgian-French explorer Alexandra David-Néel met a Tibetan traveling poet known for disappearing into the freezing terrain, then reemerging in the villages after visiting “the gods” in the mountains. Madame David-Néel half-believingly asked this poet to deliver a small gift of paper flowers to the “Ruler of the Mountains.” The poet later brought an exquisite blue summer flower from the Ruler for her. (At the time, the region was freezing cold, inhospitable to any plant life!)

But who could enter this “Valley of Immortals,” also known as the “Abode of the Brotherhood”?

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama once spoke about Shambhala as follows: “We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there.”

It is believed that only those who achieve the spiritual level of Shambhala can find and enter it. The disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai have the precious chance to raise their level of consciousness in this lifetime through Her Grace.

“(Do You have contact with the wisdom centers in our planet, like Shambhala or the Agartha or things like this?) There are many people who already passed through. We can always have contact. It’s no problem. For my disciples, it’s much easier. My disciples, or the fellow practitioners, can contact them also.”

“(Master’s Light manifestation body said, ‘We are going to visit Shambhala again.’ The mountains of Shambhala were particularly colorful, with bright red, orange, yellow, green, all kinds of colors. By contrast, the colors of the mountains on the Earth’s surface are much bleaker. This (Shambhala) is a colorful world. There were many beautiful women dressed up like Tibetans, who welcomed Master and me with smiles, and we also gave them polite nods and waved hands in return. I wondered, why were there people dressed like Tibetans living in Shambhala? The inner Master said, ‘Some people entered here through Tibet. They got used to that kind of attire, they liked to dress like that, so they continued to do that. You can develop freely here and do whatever you want because it is a very free country.’)”

Regarding the freedom to develop individually, the Venerated Ascended Master Morya, who also dwells in Shambhala, said: “Our friend, the chemist V., wishes to occupy himself with a new analysis of rays – no one prevents him. … Our sister P. is occupied with the social problem of a neighboring country – no one interferes with her. Our sister U. is occupied with agriculture and introduces many adaptations – no one hinders her. … Brother M. is occupied with historical research. Our shoemaker writes remarkable philosophical treatises. Each one decisively finds work to suit himself and can change it at will.”

“(When I walked to one place, I saw a very tall standing tower. They said it was the iconic monument of the ‘Temple of the Sun God.’ There was a high staircase in front of the temple, and we climbed up to enter the temple's interior. The top of the temple was flat, more like the architecture of the ancient Mayan civilization.

The inner Master said, ‘As the universe has been unstable recently, a ritual shall be held. The so-called ritual is to gather everyone’s power to stabilize the energy.’ A lot of people gathered here, and there were four huge, dark blue round gems in four corners of the altar to concentrate and emit a laser-like beam of energy. That energy can stabilize the sky of the underground world, and now it kept increasing to strengthen and stabilize the sky dome of the underground world. Then I saw the ‘artificial sun’ in this Earth’s inside world, emitting white light, shining here. The white light was so bright that I couldn’t see things clearly. There was a spinning energy rotating around the Temple of the Sun God, then it stopped. Many people came out of the Sun God Temple and ended the ceremony. I am grateful to Master’s Power for leading me into Shambhala for the second time, to see a part of it at a time, and my heart is filled with infinite joy.

I believe that many holy spiritual practitioners can use spiritual power to explore this mysterious place and stimulate their inner Divinity. Vegan Shambhala belongs to pure and good persons, only ‘goodness and selflessness’ can correspond to it.)”

“Even though we have some group of spiritual practitioners, like our group for example, or any other good group, and truly good and virtuous practitioners, even though they have lots of merit that they could even cover the whole planet, and nothing would happen to the planet – even if they can do that – they’re not allowed to. They are allowed to share a portion of their merit, but not complete redemption. Where do we take these people who kill each other and kill all the animal-people and eat them every day? Where do we take them to? Heaven? They’d continue doing it there and make it hell.

I remember there’s a film called ‘Lost Horizon,’ the old version with Peter Finch. […] And they found Shangri-La and then one of the persons in the group said, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if we bring all the people here because this is paradise!’ And one of the wise men said, ‘No, if you bring them all here, this will not be paradise anymore.’ Yes, it’s true like that.”

“(I’m certain there’s a wish for Shangri-La in everyone’s heart. I’ve never seen your outside world, but I imagine it’s full of millions of people who secretly wish to be in a beautiful place like this.)” “(Well, if they were, it wouldn’t be beautiful for long!)”

“Many strive to find Us (Shambhala), but it is right to hold back these travelers. We must be found not geographically, but first of all in spirit.”

A Tibetan parable further illustrates this: “Where are you going across these wastes of snow?” “To find Shambhala.” “Ah, well then, you need not travel far. The Kingdom of Shambhala is in your own heart.” “To him who is aware of the path to Us, let us say, “Walk by the path of love. Walk by the path of labor. Walk by the path of the shield of faith!”

Ah! So the key to finding Shambhala is to have love (as compassionate vegans), labor (as citizens doing good), and faith (in the Divine). Above all, the individual must go within.

“There are two kinds of Golden Age: one kind is individual Golden Age, at any time, at any age; another kind is that the whole planet's consciousness has changed together into a higher consciousness level.

At that time, the whole planet, or almost all inhabitants of this planet, will enjoy a similar consciousness of bliss, and that is when we call the Golden Age of this planet. Otherwise, for us, every one of us, we can have Golden Age anytime if we reconnect, remember God again.

According to the Tibetan prophecies, the King of Shambhala, Rudra Chakrin, will establish a Golden Age on Earth. At that time, most of the people will become enlightened. One of our Association members, who recalls living in Shambhala in a former life, also revealed: “(The way that Shambhala’s society currently operates is the way that society will operate if the Earth is successfully saved. That is Master’s plan for the future of the Earth. This is God’s original plan. That is, the Earth will become like Shambhala in the future.)”

“Many miles from yesterday Before we reach tomorrow There’s a lost horizon Waiting to be found There’s a lost horizon Where the sounds of guns Never pound your dreams anymore.”

Thus, in the Golden Age, lucky souls will be able to find the passageway to Shambhala, by Rudra Chakrin’s Grace.

“When someone hears this imperative call, he must know that the way to Shambhala is open to him. He must remember the year when he was called, because from that time evermore, he is closely assisted by the Blessed Rigden-jyepo (Rudra Chakrin, King of Shambhala).”

After initiation, your soul is free. And if you have any questions, all you have to do is just ask or write it down and you will get the answer from inside. You will know it. You will know the answer without verbal language, or sometimes, even the Master talks to you in your language too, if necessary. You can see the Master in your house also, whenever you need, or if you don’t see, the Master is always there with you 24 hours protecting you, guiding you, helping you in every way you need, whenever you need. So, you have the best Friend of your life. Better than any best friend that you know, (who) will be with you through life and death. And when you leave this world, the last time ever, I mean leave the physical body the last time ever, the Master will be there with you, greeting you, bringing you back to the safe Heaven where you belong.”

Truth-loving viewers, a peaceful, blossoming Golden Age beckons. We are most grateful to the King of Shambhala, Supreme Master Ching Hai, who is calling on those of us who are ready. May the way be opened to you and me and all!

“Go! Go! Go! Go to the Future Go! Go! Go! Go to Shangri-La Go! Go! Go! Go to the Father Go! Go! Go! Above the stars Oh, Glory! Peace and Harmony Oh, Glory! Wish-fulfilling Muni Oh, Glory! The wise, wise Brothers Oh, Glory! The Home of Masters Hail! Hail! Hail! Oh, hail the Heroes Hail! Hail! Hail! Oh, hail the Angels Go! Go! Go! Go to the Father Go! Go! Go! Go to the Far Land Go! Go! Go! Go to the Father Go! Go! Go! Go Home together Go! Go! Go! Go Home together (All for spiritual practice.) Go! Go! Go! Go Home together Go! Go! Go! Go Home together Go! Go! Go! Go Home together.”

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