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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 195 - Prophecies of the King of Shambhala



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“All sinners against Shambhala will perish in this very incarnation, because they have exhausted mercy.”

Throughout the history of mankind, the Divine messages are often shrouded in mystery. Prophets, Messiahs, or whichever names you call them, are often persecuted and oppressed; their words obscured. But how do we distinguish the true from the false? To do so, one can only rely on the Divine’s guidance. And the truth will reveal itself to those who earnestly seek it.

As foretold in the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures concerning our current Dharma-ending age, the planet has been plagued by natural disasters, epidemics, war, and violence. Human greed and ignorance have increased, and our world at times seems to be dominated by evil barbarians.

It is said that the demons would try to invade the Kingdom of Shambhala, which acts as a stronghold for the whole Earth. At this time, the last King of Shambhala, Rudra Chakrin, is prophesied to rise and counter the spread of evil.

We believe Supreme Master Ching Hai is fulfilling this prophecy as the final Shambhala King. Up to now, She has ordered the powerful Heavenly Beings of the Original Universe to rid our planet of the zealous demons that have been causing chaos – such as through the war in Ukraine.

“This is not karma; this is really bloodthirsty demons’ workers, who try to cause trouble to spill bloodshed to cause suffering and sorrow for the innocent. And hell is awaiting Putin and his real supporters.”

“I was shocked also to realize now, to see now, that Putin and Medvedev, his partner, are both demons. (Yes, Master.) […] They are zealous demons in disguise, in human form. (Whoa!) The whole world hates him, how can he not die? Otherwise, he’ll be severely sick. (Yes, Master.) If he is not sick already and pretending to be healthy.”

As a Tibetan lama once explained to the Russian explorer Nicholas Roerich: “All sinners against Shambhala will perish in this very incarnation, because they have exhausted mercy.”

“Oh God, how can anyone have the heart to even create this (war in Ukraine), and look at that from the screen from afar, in the safety of his bunker or palace, or yacht, or whatever? (Yes, Master.) So, this wicked evil cannot exist on this planet much longer. The less of them, the better. There are less and less already, you can see. But still there are some. Some, more wicked, they survived. They’re on the top. (Yes, Master.) We will have to deal with them somehow. Heaven has to do it. I have no power, no secular power. But I’m not doing nothing. (Yes, Master.) They just watch and wait. (Yes.) I don’t have any physical means or power or ways to do anything. But I have Heavens supporting me. (Yes, Master.) And They are not just letting it go. (Right.)”

Supreme Master Ching Hai is ever-vigilant in the cause of humankind. Just as the prophecies said of the King of Shambhala: “Distance does not exist for Him; He can instantaneously bring assistance to worthy ones.”

Especially at this challenging time, Master and Her Heavenly assistants readily come to the aid of the worthy, such as the exceptional Ukrainian people.

“(In one of my visions during meditation, I could see the white forces surrounded by dark forces. I could also see Heaven helping the Ukrainians in every way, like making Russian bullets disappear into thin air, shaking the Earth, cracking it, and making their vehicles difficult to maneuver and their air missiles to fly into thick clouds and disappear. Yao Guan from Singapore)”

“(Greetings from Ukraine! I pray for peace in the world and peace in Ukraine. I ask that the war end immediately. I asked Supreme Master Ching Hai to help in this. I asked that the mayor of Melitopol be released within two-three days. On the third day of my request, he was released – everyone saw it on television. This is a real miracle. I asked for the Chernobyl zone: I said, ‘My favorite Master, I ask the Russian troops to leave without a single shot, without casualties, to take away their military equipment and go away. I do not know how to do it right, but I beg it to happen, and as soon as possible, because in this area, it is dangerous not only for Ukraine but for the whole world, because there is radiation.’ And so it happened as I asked. Again, a comparative miracle. Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai. May Her heart always shine like a diamond, and may the Heavenly Light always protect Her. Dasha from Kyiv, Ukraine)”

“(Hallo! I’m from Ukraine. My mother lives in the Kherson region, where there is a serious situation. My husband and I live in Kyiv. In our district of Kyiv and in the Kherson region where my mother lives, there is no destruction; there is water, electricity and heat in the house, but in some areas it is all destroyed. A lot of thanks to Master Ching Hai for protection and help not only for me, but my husband, my mother and the nearest street where we live and the region where my mother lives. Bohuslava from Kyiv, Ukraine)”


I feel very sorry for the Ukrainians, and because of their very noble spirit. They’re not just any nation. Their spirit is very noble. They’re really not concerned about their own safety, but about their people’s safety and their country’s. I am so glad to know such a mightily noble race as the Ukrainians. […]”

“I’m truly sincerely sorry for all the suffering children, women, elderly, men, government officials and defenders of Ukraine. […] I’m praying with you and my heart is with you. And Heavens are helping you, though you don’t see it. Angels are trying hard to protect whomever they can, though you don’t see it.

Soon after Master expressed these words, there were a number of significant and surprising positive changes reported in the news.


We believe these are the fruits of Master’s wholehearted, loving support for Ukraine and her people.

“Everybody changed their tone now, so quickly. In just some weeks! (That’s right. Yes, Master.) Before, nobody even wanted to go there, didn’t give anything, even stopped somebody from giving. […] Suddenly everybody changed, like 360 degrees. […] They behave themselves. It’s good. Sometimes they need scolding. Waste my time. […]

But Heaven is helping Ukraine. (Right. Yes, Master.) Otherwise, what do you think? Even before the West was helping them, they already defeated Russia everywhere with their homemade weapons even. (That’s right, Master.) And they even sank the most important warship of Russia, the Moskva. […] And remember the lightning that destroyed many of the Russian tanks that were coming to kill them? (Yes, Master.) […] Many things. Of course, it’s not complete, but humans’ karma also. Otherwise, Heaven was really helping. You can see that. (Yes, Master. Yes.)”

“His powerful Light can destroy all darkness. He may even change the karma of human beings…”

I would save Putin, if he stops the war. (Oh.) Just because of world peace and for the Ukrainian people and the world, I want him to stop the war. So, even if I save him and suffer, it’s because of the Ukrainian people and world peace; not because of Putin. […] So, if Putin ever hears me, he should stop the war, to save himself, at least. […] Otherwise, he will die soon. No matter if he wins or loses. (Yes, Master.) Because when too many people hate you, this dark energy will pierce whatever armor you have. Even invisible armor. And you will die soon, you will be short-lived. That is the thing. (Yes.) Not to talk about hell waiting or anything else. (Understand, Master.) Or even destroying his being by the Council, which I cannot interfere with. If the war goes on, more innocents will die for nothing. (Yes, Master.) Then his essence, his being, whatever it’s made of, is going to be destroyed forever. It’s a pity. (Yes.)”

Indeed, Master has the immense Power, and Mercy, to transmute even the heaviest karma for a person. The following is just a sample of innumerable such cases.

“(My body was beginning to show signs of a serious illness, and I was admitted to surgery the next day. The doctor thought I had no chance of survival. As I was dying, Master’s Light manifestation body was constantly standing on my right side, holding my hand. At that moment, I fervently pleaded to Master, ‘I don’t want to die yet, as I have not learned my lessons well. Please let me make further use of this physical body to start anew and practice seriously.’ …Miraculously, from that instant, although every day I still had to fight for my life, I felt very happy in my heart. …What shocked the doctors and nurses the most was that a patient who had been doomed to die had not only survived, but also recovered and was discharged from the hospital in just one and a half months. Master’s sample booklets that were left at the hospital by fellow initiates were snapped up by the doctors and nurses, who were eager to find out what kind of power was so miraculous!)”

“(During my meditation You told me that I had only two weeks to live. So I prepared myself.) You’re still here. (Yes, yes, Master. Thank You so much. […] I think that because I work here at Supreme Master TV, therefore I had changed my fate and had paid my karma in a different way. And that’s why I didn’t die.) Right. (After You told me that I have two weeks to live, it didn’t happen, but then, I was severely sick for about one month. Do You think that’s the way I paid my karma instead of dying – I just got sick and then got better again?)

Yeah. Because when we do something good, our destiny changes. (Thank You, Master.) […] So, I always told you, whatever you do is for yourself, bad or good. You see what I mean? (Yes. That’s right, Master.) […] Because you work to save lives, so yours prolongs. […] It’s the law of cause and retribution. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, just follow me and then you’ll be OK! (Thank You!)”


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