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In today’s news, Portuguese organizations assist displaced children in Mozambique, melting of alpine permafrost may drastically speed up global warming, Ukrainian refugees invited to work in Greece, initiative promoting eco-friendly lifestyles enhances community’s awareness in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, Australian man rescued from vehicle after entering floodwaters in New South Wales, world’s first vegan version of pain medication paracetamol now sold in Germany, and animal-people shelter director in Alabama, United States, rescues dog-person from flooded backyard.

Portuguese organizations support disadvantaged youth in Mozambique.

Portugal-based non-governmental development group Helpo is establishing a project to assist approximately 25,600 conflict-displaced children and their families in Mieze, a village in northern Mozambique. In collaboration with local authorities, the Networks for Protection initiative seeks to involve community members to watch out for and safeguard approximately 19,500 vulnerable youth beneficiaries from mistreatment and if needed, provide them with mental health support. In addition, the program will assist 3,000 children from grades one to 12 with school supplies, clothing and other necessities. With an estimated funding of €180,000 for this year, the project will be backed up by Mozambikes, a Mozambican social venture, Portugal-headquartered Camões – Institute for Cooperation and Language, and nonprofit public utility group Galp Foundation. Our sincere accolades, all organizations and people involved, for protecting Mozambique’s precious youth. May the charming nation’s sunny children thrive in love, peace, and protection from Heaven.

Alpine permafrost’s melting could quicken global warming.

According to a study led by Dr. Cheng Feng of Peking University in China, Dr. Carmala Garzione of the University of Arizona College of Science in the United States, and team, alpine permafrost, located at high-altitude regions closer to the equator, may melt much faster compared to Arctic permafrost. This finding, which was released in the journal Nature Communications, concurred with previous research that the decline of this heat-reflecting white ice could amplify global warming by 5%. Alpine permafrost stores 85 million metric tons of carbon and will emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane when thawing, causing even more of a rise in global temperatures. Scientists suggest that under the current levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, 60% of the alpine permafrost and 20% of the Arctic permafrost will vanish in the future. Thank you, researchers, for this sobering report. In Celestial elevation, may the planet-cooling vegan lifestyle soon become the worldwide norm. Vegan = don’t want any pain!

Up next on Noteworthy News, Ukrainian refugees welcomed to work in Greece. We’ll just take a little time to thank the professional gardeners who maintain our gardens with care, keeping them tidy and beautiful. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more munificent news.

Hi, joyful friends, I’m Gil, a vegan hairdresser from the Giant Golden-crowned Flying Fox kingdom. As we can all see, now it’s truly time to tread the uplifting plant-based path. And I can assure you that this will wondrously transform your life! I have a hair tip for you. Some women experience hair loss and aren’t sure why. There are various reasons for it, including genetics, stress, and diet. Additionally, if one’s thyroid gland isn’t functioning properly, it can result in hair loss. Also, how you style your hair is a significant factor. If you often do pulled-back hairstyles like ponytails, braids, or cornrows, this can cause your hair to thin out where the force is the tightest. Steer clear of hair damage and loss by selecting a looser hairstyle after 2-3 months. If you address all the factors that affect hair growth, hopefully you will be able to achieve that voluminous look you see on hair commercials! Thank you for your attention, and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Here’s the weather around our beautiful globe.

Ukrainian refugees can find work in Greek tourism industry.

Amid the war in Ukraine, Greece has shown its support by offering 50,000 hospitality sector jobs to displaced Ukrainians and Greek expatriates. The European Council of Internal Affairs is responsible for establishing the terms and conditions for refugees to work in the nation. Greek Minister for Tourism, His Excellency Dr. Vasilis Kikilias, said, “Humanity and solidarity have not been lost in Greece. We will not turn a blind eye to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.” Furthermore, the Ministry of Migration and Asylum announced that Ukrainian refugees will be given one-year protection status within 90-days of entry into Greece, with access to health care and the right to work. As of April 17, 2022, over 20,000 Ukrainian refugees have already arrived in Greece. Our loving gratitude, Greece, for your kindness. May all displaced Ukrainian people soon be able to safely return to their beloved country, in God’s Mercy.

Green project enhances environmental consciousness of community in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam.

CHANGE, an Aulacese (Vietnamese) nonprofit educational eco-organization, arranged the Green Neighborhood Festival to raise awareness of climate change and also spread the message of the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Several interesting activities, such as training to make microbial organic fertilizer and recycling exhibitions, were featured. The goal of the event was to encourage people in the community and throughout the country to adopt this green model. It was organized in partnership with the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, the Consulate of Switzerland, the Women’s Union of Da Kao Ward, and the Youth Union. Our appreciation, all organizations and individuals involved, for participating in the informative festival. In Buddha’s sheltering comfort, may all the caring citizens of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) make Earth-friendly dedication their priority, especially by following the loving vegan way of life.

Australian man rescued from floodwaters by locals.

Sixty-three year-young Chris Barry of New South Wales, Australia, is grateful to be alive after floodwaters submerged his vehicle and the strong current prevented him from opening his door to escape. Chris had thought the snorkel-fitted engine and 4-wheel-drive of his truck were up to the task of driving through the high waters at Corndale, located some 600 kilometers from Sydney. Instead, he found himself in the desperate situation of being trapped inside his vehicle. Thankfully, nearby residents Nikki and Simon Bebbington and one of their neighbors, Dave, responded to his shouts for help. Simon and Chris were able to smash the vehicle window so that Chris could free himself in time. We are so happy you were rescued, Chris Barry. Our special admiration goes to the Bebbingtons, who had even carried out a floodwater rescue mission a few days prior, as well as Dave. May such selfless and courageous actions inspire many, in the grace of the Divine. Continue 2 make war: hell is smiling on u.

Coming up, world’s first vegan version of pain medication paracetamol now sold in Germany. Let’s take a moment to appreciate God’s Blessings for supporting and uplifting the precious lives on Earth. We’ll be right back with more favorable news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Responsible News for a Caring World.

First-ever vegan-certified paracetamol available in Germany.

Paracetamol is one of the most common fast-acting medications used to relieve fever and pain, but most paracetamol products are made with an additive called magnesium stearate, which can be derived from animal-people. German pharmaceutical company Axunio has debuted Paraveganio, which provides the same results as standard paracetamol with purely plant-based ingredients. The over-the-counter drug is the first medicine to receive vegan certification from The Vegan Society. Axunio has a goal of expanding sales of Paraveganio to other countries in the near future. A big applause, Axunio, for producing this vegan medication. In Heaven’s guidance, may all pharmaceutical companies take heed of this forward-thinking example and swiftly contribute to a more compassionate world through also manufacturing plant-based products.

Animal-people shelter director in US saves dog-person from waist-deep floodwaters.

Bill Banks of Dothan, Alabama’s animal-folk shelter, took quick action after the local police department received a call stating that a pit bull-person tied to a dog-people house was struggling to stay above water after a huge storm bore down on the town. During the altruistic rescue, Mr. Banks had to contend with being severely bitten by fire ant-people that were floating everywhere on the water. However, this did not hamper his efforts, with the dog-person being swiftly freed after his arrival and thanking him with an affectionate hug. Mr. Banks cleaned her off and made sure she was OK afterwards. A hero’s salute, Bill Banks, and we are so happy the canine-sweety was rescued in time. We look forward to a brighter future where all our animal-people co-inhabitants live with the respect and dignity they deserve, in the everlasting love of the Providence.

We are now rapidly approaching the chuckle zone as the joke of the day is just one step away. It’s called “Curfew.”

Two teenagers were discussing curfews:

“It is so annoying! My parents are always telling me by what time I need to be home. I can’t wait to grow up and get married, then no one can tell me when to return home!”

“I heard when you are an adult and have kids, it’s the babysitter that tells you when you need to be back home.”


And now we have a heartline from Wei-Chen in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

Respected and Beloved Master, One evening, while meditating, I felt that I had the idea of supporting Putin subconsciously. After meditation, I immediately watched again Master’s talks about Ukraine, and repented that I should not have the idea of supporting an evil leader.

That night, I dreamed of being in a very dark place, the atmosphere was tense and horrible, as if in a haunted house. There was a long staircase. I wanted to get out of the place quickly. When I reached the exit of the basement and was about to step out, I looked back and saw people one by one in a long queue behind me. The receptionist at the exit counter asked me to show her my bank card to make sure I had enough points. First, the card reader showed “-479;” I failed. I tried again and the screen showed “minus 100 million- plus” followed by the word “death.” I woke up with horror from my dream.

This dream hinted that the idea of supporting Putin will lead to a terrible consequence of queuing up to go to hell after death. The merit points of one’s lifetime might go down in flames just because of wrong thinking. Just as Master warned, Putin is a devil and will go to relentless hell, never to see light again after his death; Anyone who supports Putin in one’s heart will also be buried in hell with him.

Thank You, Master, for Your tireless and unceasing effort of working for world peace as well as for the welfare of animal-people. Thank You, the greatest enlightened Master of the whole Universe, for being with us forever and ever. Wei-Chen from Taiwan (Formosa)

Repentant Wei-Chen, Thank you for sharing your revealing dream. May it serve as a warning to all who hear it.

Master has a loving reply for you: “Dear Wei-Chen, your dream shows how incredibly important it is for people to follow the teachings of the Masters. At this stage in history, the path forward is so narrow. The unrighteous will not have protection. You can see how even one wrong concept can have such a terrible effect on one’s merit, even leading a person to hell. May all beings follow enlightened guidance and help bring about a Heavenly world by using their wisdom, repenting and following a spiritual vegan lifestyle. May you and the wise Taiwanese (Formosan) people be awakened forever in the peace of the Buddhas.”

“Those who for their personal pleasure take the life of harmless creatures do not attain happiness in this life, or in the life hereafter.” ~ Manusmriti (Hinduism)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May Celestial grace continue to illuminate our world.

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