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In today’s news, Qatari foundation and UNICEF support Somali children’s education, World Trade Organization head warns Ukraine war could spark food unrest in vulnerable countries, certain butterfly-people populations begin to recover in United Kingdom, United States scientists surprised to discover subatomic particle heavier than expected, Australian boy starts degree in medicine at 15-years-old, Beyond Meat and PepsiCo team up to produce plant-based jerky, and dog-people take part in swimming pool party at canine-person hotel in Venezuela.

Qatari foundation Education Above All (EAA) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) partner to expand primary education in Somalia.

Currently, three in five school-aged youth in Somalia are not attending school. The initiative is based on an EAA-UNICEF partnership in 2014 that successfully enrolled over 65,000 Somali children. Somalia’s State Minister of Education, Culture and Higher Education, His Excellency Abdurahman Mohamud Abdulle, has pledged support for the current four-year program to ensure access to quality primary education for another 300,000 out-of-school children in the country. We wish you great success in your endeavor, Education Above All and United Nations Children’s Fund. Thank you for your support, Your Excellency Abdurahman Mohamud Abdulle. May all the spirited Somali children thrive, in Allah’s loving Care.

World Trade Organization (WTO) cautions Ukraine war could trigger food riots in impoverished countries.

WTO Director-General, Her Excellency Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has warned that due to Russia’s assault on Ukraine, surging food prices could lead to unrest in developing nations because of people living with hunger. Before the war, 35 African nations were reliant on wheat and other grains from Russia and Ukraine, which collectively were supplying a significant 24% of wheat and 73% of sunflower oil traded globally. Furthermore, Ukraine was the supplier of approximately 50% of the wheat purchased by the United Nations World Food Programme. To avoid a catastrophic food crisis, Dr. Okonjo-Iweala is urging for a swift and peaceful resolution to the war. Our gratefulness for the concerning warning, Your Excellency Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and World Trade Organization. May we soon herald a harmonious vegan world, in Heaven’s illuminating light. Turn vegan: remember u r the divine crown of this creation.

Up next, certain butterfly-people populations begin to recover in United Kingdom. Let’s pause to thank the organic potato farmers who specialize in planting and harvesting potatoes, a staple food in most parts of the world. We’ll be right back, with more positive news on Supreme Master Television.

Hey, optimistic friends, how are you doing? I’m Logan, a vegan handyman from the Leopard kingdom. It has become so clear to me that we can only find true refuge in God’s Love. And it is so essential that we include all beings into our sphere of benevolence! I have a flooring tip for you. Hardwood floors get scratched up after long use. To fix the scratches, apply some stain either from a can or stain pen that closely matches your floor’s color. Then use a rag to help blend the stain into the floor. For lighter colored floors, it is a good idea to apply the stain directly to the rag and rub it on the floor. You should make sure the stain blends in well with the floor by first testing it out on some scratch wood or unnoticeable area on the floor. You can apply melted wax that complements the color of your floor for larger or deeper scratches. Purchase one of the many wax kits available in stores, or even use a crayon if the color fits. Just heat the wax with a heat gun or blow dryer until it’s slightly melted and apply it to the floor. Fill the scratch so the wax is sitting just above it. Lastly, buff the scratch and the region surrounding it with a clean rag to blend it in. Thank you for tuning in and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

Certain butterfly-people species show signs of recovery in UK.

Thanks to conservation and habitat restoration efforts, the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (UKBMS) reports that butterfly-people populations of endangered species like the Heath Fritillary and Silver-studded Blue have increased despite adverse weather in 2021. UKBMS’s organizers Butterfly Conservation, the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, the British Trust for Ornithology and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee have worked to rehabilitate heathland and grassland habitats to support the survival of these types of butterfly-people. However, most species like the common green-veined white butterfly-persons continue to decline due to habitat deterioration from causes such as pollution from farming and climate change. Good work, UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, for your conservation efforts! In Divine guidance, may humanity protect the delicate ecosystems and help preserve the homes of our beautiful butterfly-people neighbors.

Scientists in United States unexpectedly find subatomic particle possibly has more mass than theorized.

Researchers from the Fermilab Collider Detector in Illinois, United States, recently performed an experiment to determine the mass of a fundamental particle called W Boson, and found it was 0.1% heavier than the well-accepted Standard Model of particle physics theory predicts. The discovery, if confirmed to be correct by further investigation, could lead to the biggest change in our understanding of the Universe since Dr. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Our accolades, scientists from the Fermilab Collider Detector, for your fascinating research into the mass of the W Boson particle. In the protective gaze of the Providence, may our science continue to point in the direction of a Higher Power, as we always remember our humble position within the grand universe.

Super bright Australian student starts degree in medicine at age 15.

Peter Susanto is on track to graduate with a degree in medicine from Australia’s Charles Darwin University by the time he reaches 21 years of age. The aspiring radiologist first revealed his genius at the age of two when he was able to translate words from Bahasa Indonesia into English. His parents attribute the talented youth’s academic success to working hard and spending good quality time with family. The value of serving others has been part of his upbringing, with the youngster spending time participating in charitable fund-raising activities. On his desire to become a physician, Peter stated, “Becoming a doctor is both my dream of helping people and also [a] challenge.” Congratulations, Peter Susanto, on your outstanding achievements and noble ambitions to make the world a better place. Wishing you continued academic success and a happy life caring for those in need, in Celestial benevolence. Vegan: or shall we have war anytime, anywhere or everywhere?

Coming up, Beyond Meat and PepsiCo team up to produce plant-based jerky. We’ll just pause for a moment to enjoy a nice cup of vegan hot chocolate. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more cheery news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Constructive News for a Sustainable World.

Beyond Meat and PepsiCo alliance creates plant-based jerky.

US-based companies Beyond Meat and PepsiCo have joined forces to form Planet Partnership, their joint venture to develop, manufacture and market plant-based snacks and beverages. Their first product is the Beyond Meat Jerky, a delicious, non-GMO plant-based item that is marinated and slow-roasted and offered in three flavors: original, hot and spicy, and teriyaki. Each serving contains 10 grams of protein. It has no cholesterol, soy, or gluten and is made from peas and mung beans. The jerky will be available in grocery stores, gas stations, club stores and pharmacies. Planet Partnership was founded in 2021 and aims to create healthy and sustainable food alternatives. Our applause for your new joint venture and the launch of this exciting snack, Beyond Meat, PepsiCo and Planet Partnership. We look forward to your creation of many more tasty, planet-saving products, in the grace of the Divine.

Dog-people invited for swimming pool party in Venezuela’s capital.

A hotel for dog-folk in the capital city of Caracas hosted a swimming pool party for more than 40 canine-people and their supportive caregivers. Veterinarian Dr. Otto Alvarado, who owns the hotel, arranged this fun event so that the beautiful four-legged ones can learn to become comfortable in water and socialize with others. One caregiver shared that the pool party was not only entertaining, but also gave the sweet dog-persons the opportunity to exercise. Bravo, Dr. Otto Alvarado, for your wonderful idea to honor the loyal dog-people guests with their very own pool party. May we all recognize the untold blessings that loving canine-folk bring to our lives, in God’s magnanimous Love.

It looks like the laugh machine is up and running! So let’s grab the freshly made joke of the day for some fun. It’s entitled “At St. Peter’s Gate.”

When a woman’s time came to pass on, she appeared before St. Peter’s Gate, and she said to St. Peter:

“This is surely a wonderful place. It must be Heaven. How do I get in?”

“You have to spell a word.”

“What word might that be?”


She spelled it correctly and was admitted through the Gates of Heaven.

A year later, St. Peter asked the woman to guard the Gates for a short while for him. While she was waiting for St. Peter to return, her husband arrived.

“How have you been?”

“Oh, not bad. I married the nurse who took care of you, and then I won the lottery. I sold our little cottage and bought a lovely mansion. My new wife and I traveled the world. But today I was skiing and met with an accident... and here I am. How do I get in?”

“You have to spell a word.”

“Oh, what is that word?”



And now we have a heartline from Diane in Germany:

Dearest Master, Watching the program of Your conversation with the COVID chief, I could not help shedding tears. I have tears of gratitude for Your endless unconditional Love and sacrifice for us, including the ultra-naughty, ignorant humans who still enjoy eating dead bodies of animal-people. Until 2099 is a long time for the pandemic to go on and for the human population to shrink, sad to hear that. But would You please consider to stay with health and youth on Earth until then, and lead humans into the new Era? I beg You with my whole heart. With the highest Power of the Universe and all, You can certainly do it if You want to, I suppose. If I can, I will accompany You all the way. Also, a maybe naive question of mine: Can we ask those loving extraterrestrial beings, who are more advanced in techniques and technology, to join us to help wake up the meat-eating humans so as to release a little of Your burden? Seeing You alone holding back all the negative influence standing on the frontlines, it breaks my heart. All I can do as a humble disciple is to meditate as much as I can, and turn on Supreme Master TV to bring Blessings and awakening energy to my neighborhood. Love You always, Diane from Germany

Considerate Diane, We, too, cherish our Master’s magnanimity and immeasurable humility.

She would like to share the following Wisdom with your heart and soul. “Sympathetic Diane, if all humans become loving VEGAN now, the pandemic disappears, the climate is regulated and peace will be here. Your diligent meditation would help. Please also help to spread the immense Blessing Power of Supreme Master Television as much as possible. Standing alone on the frontlines is what a Master signs up for when They agree to take on the job and only for a certain time. Even if COVID-19 subsides, others will emerge. Until humans use their will power to turn to the right direction, disaster, calamity will befall them relentlessly, not to mention some are not humans! Countless Masters came and went, suffering daily, Their precious lives have been sacrificed for humans’ selfish wish and desire. And the world people continue their brutal way. Sometimes it seems like a great waste. You should feel lucky to be saved! Would you rather see humans continue to torture, murder each other and helpless animal-people en masse daily, while the wicked are well blessed and protected? And the Master continue to endure untold suffering for them?? Even if you so wish, Master’s physical body won’t last with so much pain from horrific humans’ karma!! Please study well my teaching, try to understand it and be a true disciple. The extraterrestrials cannot do much − though they are technologically advanced! − if humans don’t awaken themselves. But Heavens are helping already, tremendously. Let's continue to pray that soon humans will change and recover their benevolent nature. Wishing you safe travels on your journey back Home. May you and innovative Germany always enjoy God’s favor.”

“[The unsustainable quantities of meat consumed] push for an industrial and intensive breeding, which is cruel to animals.” ~ The Honorable Bastien Lachaud (vegetarian)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

It’s been a joy to spend time with you on Noteworthy News. May the love of Heaven be your treasured companion and guide.

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