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A witness to what happens when supporting evil leaders: misconceptipns not only have bad effects on individual merits but also lead oneself to hell

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Respected and Beloved Master, One evening, while meditating, I felt that I had the idea of supporting Putin subconsciously. After meditation, I immediately watched again Master’s talks about Ukraine, and repented that I should not have the idea of supporting an evil leader.

That night, I dreamed of being in a very dark place, the atmosphere was tense and horrible, as if in a haunted house. There was a long staircase. I wanted to get out of the place quickly. When I reached the exit of the basement and was about to step out, I looked back and saw people one by one in a long queue behind me. The receptionist at the exit counter asked me to show her my bank card to make sure I had enough points. First, the card reader showed “-479;” I failed. I tried again and the screen showed “minus 100 million- plus” followed by the word “death.” I woke up with horror from my dream.

This dream hinted that the idea of supporting Putin will lead to a terrible consequence of queuing up to go to hell after death. The merit points of one’s lifetime might go down in flames just because of wrong thinking. Just as Master warned, Putin is a devil and will go to relentless hell, never to see light again after his death; Anyone who supports Putin in one’s heart will also be buried in hell with him.

Thank You, Master, for Your tireless and unceasing effort of working for world peace as well as for the welfare of animal-people. Thank You, the greatest enlightened Master of the whole Universe, for being with us forever and ever. Wei-Chen from Taiwan (Formosa)

Repentant Wei-Chen, Thank you for sharing your revealing dream. May it serve as a warning to all who hear it.

Master has a loving reply for you: “Dear Wei-Chen, your dream shows how incredibly important it is for people to follow the teachings of the Masters. At this stage in history, the path forward is so narrow. The unrighteous will not have protection. You can see how even one wrong concept can have such a terrible effect on one’s merit, even leading a person to hell. May all beings follow enlightened guidance and help bring about a Heavenly world by using their wisdom, repenting and following a spiritual vegan lifestyle. May you and the wise Taiwanese (Formosan) people be awakened forever in the peace of the Buddhas.” 

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