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Visits to Hell, Part 10 – Witness of Master putting special magnetic field in the black hole to rescue repentant souls out of hell

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Most respectful greetings to Master. My name is Ngọc Huyền, I was born on May 26, 1986 and got initiation on September 16, 2001 at Bảo Lộc center. Recently, I have received a Master’s gift to prepare for my new born birthday. I would like to thank Master for taking care of me both inside and outside, spiritually and physically, and I have always felt the Blessings from You.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with Master my inner experience. When Master was in the conference with the Supreme Master Television team on April 15, 2021, Master talked about the M87 black hole and the golden lights.

“The golden stripes are the new stuff. (Oh.) Well, not quite new, but they were only discovered recently. That is a stripe, actually it is more extra reinforced. This is the rescue road for the souls from hell. (Wow.) It’s a rescue arena. A special magnetic field to rescue, and to help those in hell. (Wow.) Without that, nobody escapes. Nothing can escape the black hole force. (Wow.) Whatever goes in there, it just stays in there. So there has to be this balance ring, half of the ring or the stripes, half-way, to counterbalance the force of the black hole. Because the black hole is hell.”

When I was meditating, I saw myself standing on that black hole and reciting Master’s name, Tim Qo Tu. After a while, I saw the beings from that black hole ascending, following the yellow light.

When they were lifted up from there, I told them to repent to Tim Qo Tu, because Master’s Love is boundless. Master is the Loved Lord of All Worlds. I saw them repenting and emitting light.

I also saw the doors opened to let them in those rooms which were for them to reside for a period of time.

“So even I worked with the Heavens to put that rescue area there. Like a refugee camp (Wow.) outside of the black hole. That’s for the hell beings, whoever can just one split nanosecond remember God or remember the Saints, or repentant, or calling for help. Then we can use that raft, to take them up to that area. (Thank You, Master.) And then slowly, of course, to bring them up to higher-area Heavens.

Even without higher Heavens, they will be feeling good. For example, I call it the hell-Heaven, the Heaven that I made for the extra repentant zealous demons. (Yes, Master.) They are between the Third and the Fourth Level, in these buffer zones. But that means they are outside of the Three Worlds. They are liberated.”

After a while, I saw many planets like our Earth but not as beautiful. At that time, I saw two huge angels with wings standing on either side of me. One of them held a pitcher of nectar.

I looked for a while then I chose a planet. I poured nectar on that chosen planet and it started to change and become alive. That planet was being prepared to receive the souls who have repented. I do not know the words to describe how You have always been merciful and forgiving to all sentient beings because of Your boundless Love and compassion.

I thank You very much and I wish You good health always. May Heavens and the mighty Godses always protect You and Your noble and sacred mission on this Earth. Your disciple, Ngọc Huyền

Vegan side effect: Hell will try 2 locate u in vain.

Vegan: ur visa 4 hell is indefinitely expired

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

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