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Between Master and Disciples

Supporting Good Leaders for a Happy and Peaceful World, Part 2 of 2, Sep. 16, 2021

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Hatred cannot be doused out with hatred, it can only be terminated with love and forgiveness. (Yes, understand.) It’s easier said than done, I know that. But whoever carries out revenge and all that without love in their heart, without, truly, love in the heart for their citizens, then this one will make him a thousand times more karma, more than the killing itself, (Yes, yes, understand.) more than the strike itself, more than the vengeance itself.

I am also against abortion, because you don’t have to do that, unless the doctor advises you for some reason. (Understand.) For some good, good reason for the child’s sake, or sometimes the child and the mother’s sake. (Yes.)

But there are many cures nowadays; everything is doable. You don’t have to get pregnant and then kill to cover it. You cannot be that selfish and cruel to your own blood and flesh. Even tigers, lions, they don’t eat their own babies. You know that? (Yes, Master.) That’s what we say in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). So if you kill your child, I’m not sure what else you are capable of. I’m not sure how much you killed your love until this extent, in order to bring a termination to an innocent life within your body. It’s supposed to be your precious baby, your own flesh, your own blood. (Yes, Master.) You cannot have pleasure and then kill to cover up. (Yes.) No matter what.

(Many proponents of the pro-abortion laws, say that one of the arguments is, in the case of rape, how does that) Yes. (play into it, Master?)

Oh, I see, I see. Well, it’s the same case. There is a child in your body, and you have to protect it. And if you don’t want to have that child, you can give birth to it and, I told you already, give it away. (Yes.) Many people would love to have a baby, to cuddle, to love, to take care until that baby grows up into a useful citizen of the world and to himself or herself.

I think the government should make adoption an easier law. (Yes.) Of course, checking the background of the parents and the motive all that. Of course. But adoption should be made easier, more available, and anyone who accidentally get into pregnancy can count on that law, on that rock, (Yes.) to sustain themselves until the delivery day, and then can always give it away, if they still want to give away. (Yes, I understand.)

And for the adoption, I think all the hospitals, at least the hospitals that have maternity service for delivering babies, they have to have the list of all the people who are childless or/and good, and want to have adoption for the newborn babies, and they can, by the way, do it right there. Make it convenient for everyone.

In the case of rape, many people would feel sorry for that woman, and would support her, even parents or anybody. (Yes.) They would give them comfort and sustenance until the baby is born, and then they can decide, keep it or not. (Yes, understand.)

The baby is not at fault for the rape. (Yes.) So why kill the baby for the misdeeds of adults? (Yes, that make sense.)

But it is not like blaming the woman. Most people have abortions because they don’t have other people to give them wise counsel, to support them. They were lonely and vulnerable. So in the society, in any country, we should make like a volunteer group or something for this case, so that people who get unwanted pregnancies can come to them or talk to them, even over the phone, about their problem, and get right, wise counsel. In this case, many lives will be saved, and also many guilts and consciences will be at peace.

Any more arguments? (No, no, Master. For another question, after a terrorist attack, various presidents retaliate with a strike, such as the drone strike in the case of Biden for the Kabul attack or Bush’s “War on Terror” for the 9/11 attack.) Yes. (Master mentioned that it is out of optics, to appear strong. Could such optics be useful to keep the terrorists from doing it again?)

I’m not sure. You see how many optic killings have already been carried out and we still have terrorists in many countries, (Yes.) the war with terrorists is still there. Maybe a lesser scale because somebody made peace or something, (Yes.) but the drone strike or any strike will just make it more troublesome. (Yes, understand.)

Hatred cannot be doused out with hatred, it can only be terminated with love and forgiveness. (Yes, understand.) It’s easier said than done, I know that. But whoever carries out revenge and all that without love in their heart, without, truly, love in the heart for their citizens, then this one will make him a thousand times more karma, more than the killing itself, (Yes, yes, understand.) more than the strike itself, more than the vengeance itself.

You cannot kill for your own benefit. (Yes.) Because that is selfish and that’s evil, (Yes.) for fame and gain and for whatever, for people to look up to you as a tough guy or… That is a no-no, you will earn a thousand times more karma than the killing itself. (Understand.) My God, the world is crazy, still crazy, drunk ‒ drunk with ignorance and hatred. (Yes.)

Any more? (The team has a question. What inspired Master to honor the Sun through Her recent photography in the current Between Master and Disciples series?)

Because He is honorable. (Yes, definitely.) He’s a lifesaver for this planet. He’s saved billions, trillions of us since forever. (Yes.) And continues. Maybe one day He will dim out, then what do you think? (We will cease to exist.) We are finished. So, somebody has to openly thank Him and honor Him, at least. No? (Oh, yes, yes. We should.)

My God! He is not only beautiful, He nourishes the whole planet in His part. Without the Sun, nothing grows, nothing exists. (Yes.) Even in some countries, there’s not enough sun, people are depressed and commit suicide a lot (Yes.) if they don’t take the antidepressant medicine. (Yes.) So the Sun is great, for what we can see from the planet. He’s great for us.

I always love the Sun, not just this month. But I want to show it one time. Whenever I take a photo of the Sun, I always thank Him, and tell Him how beautiful He is and how great He is, and how He is beneficial, how He is a benefactor to our planet, how He saves our lives. I always praise Him and thank Him. Some days I’m too busy with work, I don’t see Him for days, I say, “Oh sorry, I haven’t seen You for days. Thank You for coming out to brighten and glorify our world, thank You for brightening our mood, thank You for making everything nice, bright and beautiful. Thank You for our lives.” I always thank Him.

(The photos make us feel very loving for… We can feel the love from the Sun.)

Good! Then it’s good that it has some effect! (Yes.) Good that you feel that way, because it’s so beautiful! No? Some Sun photos are beautiful. (Yes, very.)

You know what? Originally, like one of the photos with a plant with a new bud and the Sun is like a rainbow color, (Ah, yes.) right on top of it, I didn’t see the rainbow color before I took the photo! He just had it appear there for me like that. (Oh, wow!) Just in the photo. After that, when I took the photo, I thought, “Wow, beautiful!” And I looked at that, there’s no rainbow around it! Many other things like that too. (Yes. Amazing.) Yeah, amazing!

And sometimes there’re so many thick clouds, I say, “Oh, Sun, only today I have time to see You. I’ve been too busy. Sorry. But I know You are there and thank You anyway for the warmth even if I don’t see You. I know You are there and warm us, warm our planet.” And then He appears! Sometimes my heart jumps. He’s so wonderful.

And sometimes He smiles at me with eyes, and nose, and mouth, everything! (Wow.) But for some seconds only, I had no time to prepare the camera. It’s only for me, He said. (Ah, understand.) Just some sudden moments. Sometimes I don’t have a camera with me. And by the time I get a camera, it’s no more.

The Moon also smiles very clearly. I had some witnesses. One in Costa Rica and one is now in California. And maybe another, I don’t remember. But these two are still alive. (Yes.) The Moon was smiling (Wow.) very brightly, and with nose and eyes, and smiling mouth. Truly like that! At that time, I never took a camera, I didn’t think, we just sat and enjoyed together.

(Yes, one of Your photos is named “The Comfort Smile.”)

Oh, but that is not it. That is the Sun with a radiance around. (Yes.) But the Moon really smiled, the Sun really smiled within Their frame, within the Moon Itself, within the Sun Itself. Within Their orb. (Yes.) Not the rainbow around it, or not the ring around it. No. (Ah, OK. Understand.) Really smiled, like you would smile. You know, within your face only. (Yes.) Like that. So, many times I’m just taken aback. Sometimes I forgot to take photos. Only recently I took photos. Before, I’d never think about that. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. Is that good enough for you? (Yes. Thank You for all Your answers. That’s all the questions that we have.) Oh, good then. Good. Thank you very much.

And I take the opportunity again to thank all of you for all your hard work and your dedication, because, truly, I know. Because I’m working with you, so I know what it is like. I know that sometimes you forget your sleep and you forsake your meal, just to finish the work on time. Same, I do the same, but I deserve it because I started all this “trouble.” You are just tagging along and having to work so hard, and I really appreciate it very much, very much. And sometimes the stress and the time pressure, and all that ‒ I know all that. And I really, really, really, really am grateful to all of you. Also, the brothers and sisters outside, not just the inhouse team. (Yes, Master. We’re grateful that we have the chance to be able to help affect the world peace and saving the animals and such, through Your powers.)

That’s very noble of you, all of you. I like that very much. That’s truly noble, truly unconditional. That’s all you want for a job, any job, anyway. (Yes.) Some people work very hard and they cannot even make ends meet, even. And where you work, you just have everything you need, whatever you need, right? (Yes. Everything we need, we have.) Just what you need, like keep warm and keep your stomach at peace. That’s it, right? (Yes.) Keep healthy, taken care of in all ways. That’s all you need really. And we can dedicate our lives and time for the good of others. (Yes.)

We’re looking in the same direction, and I’m very proud, very proud to have co-workers like you. Like all of you inhouse and outside. (We thank You, Master, for giving us the opportunity.) It’s so good, it’s so good. We thank God for that Grace, for the Grace that we can do something. Otherwise, we just sit there and look at the world being in trouble and cannot do anything, then I think we cannot also bear it. At least we can do something. (Yes, yes. It’s too much suffering outside.) At least we can do something. Right? (Yes.) OK. May God bless all of you abundantly, keep you healthy, keep you happy, keep you strong, so that we can continue our job. (Thank You, God.) Thank You, God. Goodbye for now, my love. (Yes, Master. Goodbye.) Thank you.

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