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Testimonies: Demons possess human beings and send out dark, evil energy. Only by following the teachings of the enlightened Master can we have true wisdom and protection.

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Hallo, Merciful Master, Recently, I saw our great Master pointing out the evil truth about the Biden administration’s and the pope’s support for abortion. I have witnessed how evil the demons are in manipulating human bodies and damaging the Earth.

In meditation, I often see how demons possess human beings and, like a parasite in the human bodies, send out dark, evil energy causing the downfall of humanity. Humans are virtually unable to resist the demons and can only let their thoughts and actions be controlled. The demons search and possess humans everywhere, such as in nightclubs and shopping malls. People in the media, people in power, celebrities in pop music and the movie industry, entertainers, anyone with influence can become the demons’ tools. Demons make people obsessed with the material world so they cannot be free from that.

Butchers and meat vendors are also targets of the demons. After possessing their bodies, demons relish the chopping up of the dead bodies of the animal-people and the selling of the meat while enjoying the smell of the carcasses. Demons stick close to women having an abortion or difficult birth, devouring the dead infant’s body and imbibing the smell of blood. They become extremely excited at the odor of blood and the energy of death or pain, and love to possess human bodies in order to commit unbelievable murder cases. And there are also demons who possess human bodies to manipulate them to indulge in sexual pleasure, sexual abuse, and immoral sexual intercourse, exactly the same as the evil conduct of the zombies in movies.

There’re different degrees of evil power from the eyes of movie stars, politicians, and internet celebrities possessed by devils. I dare not look at their pictures and works because devils can lure humans through the visual sense. The picture of Pelosi shaking hands with the pope smilingly depicts the sinister smiles of two demons plotting evilness, which sent a chill down my spine.

There’s also evil power in pop songs, which make people who listen to them feel depressed, sad, and fall to low levels. It’s the demons at work.

Demons hate peace, and therefore possess people who crave and cling to wealth and power, who would even sell their souls to the demons in exchange for benefits, because the demons continuously whisper in their ears tempting them to surrender themselves in exchange for benefits. I’ve personally witnessed all these. How evil and ugly are those demons clad in human bodies, visibly and invisibly! I truly and deeply understand Master’s anger and agony.

Master, You’re just so immensely great, that my eyes are always full of tears each time I think of Your sacrifice and devotion. All this is horrifying! We are truly helpless if we don’t have the protective power of the enlightened Master. How dangerous this world is! I have personally witnessed all this, and I am deeply saddened for humankind. To reveal all these truths, Master alone must face the tangible and intangible persecution by the demons, evil media, and powerful people. As Her disciple, my heart aches for my Great Master.

I sincerely pray that humankind will wake up, adopt the vegan diet, and follow the teachings of the enlightened Master to pursue spiritual practice with their precious human body. Only then will we have true wisdom and protection. Ching-He from Taiwan (Formosa)

Introspective Ching-He, It is truly frightening to know that even as children of Heaven we can allow ourselves to be controlled by the negative power and inflict harm onto others. May we all awaken soon to our benevolent self-nature with the help of an enlightened Master, who will always also guide us to do all things in love and wisdom.

Master shares Her thoughts with you: “Contemplative Ching-He, it is the Master’s job to speak only the Truth even if it means going against the rampant vicious evil force. Surely, the soul understands everything; it’s just the mind that makes trouble. I trust that deep down in each person’s subconsciousness, their Buddha Nature will be awakened and make amends for their wrongdoings, so they can at least save themselves through Heavens’ Mercy. May you and the kindhearted citizens of Taiwan (Formosa) be forever protected in Heaven’s everlasting Grace.” 

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