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PreetiRang Animal Sanctuary: The Color of Love Part 4 of 4



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In the PreetiRang documentary, Madhulika refers to her Indian cultural background as being the major influence in leading her to start the sanctuary. “In Sanskrit there is a saying ‘Vasudaiva kutumbakam,’ all people on this Vasudaiva, on this Earth, are one family, so we hope that in the future, more and more people will realize that and that this world will actually start becoming one. We would like people to come here, visit our animals, get to experience animals other than cats and dogs and realize that we are really all related. We feel the same way, pain and love and joy, so we want to bring this realization to the world.”

“And if you truly believe that we are the highest, we have the highest evolved form on this Earth, if you truly believe that we are moral, spiritual, then we have no choice but to enlarge our circle of compassion, include everybody and treat all life with respect because every life deserves a chance to express itself. No life should be forcefully taken.”

“And my wish is that we are in a more compassionate world, that we study how by ignoring or killing or hurting other animals, how we hurt ourselves or how by helping other living beings prosper, how we benefit ourselves, we learn all those things, we raise the awareness for that. And as you know veganism is not restricted only to animal rights and taking care of animals. Veganism is an extended fight against sexism, against abuse of children. So, we want no segment of society to suffer. We want to help.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai along with all of our Association members has been praying every day for a vegan world because it is the only answer to all the challenges we are facing. “Because it’s all only one answer: the VEGAN DIET, the VEGAN WORLD, that will rescue our planet and secure lasting peace for all beings on Earth. Do be vegan. THAT’S THE RIGHT THING and that’s all you have to do. Everything else will fall into place. It will be all benevolence, merciful, compassion, happiness all over our planet if you do that.”

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