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PreetiRang Animal Sanctuary: The Color of Love Part 3 of 4



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In today’s program, we’ll learn about how PreetiRang has transformed people’s thoughts and feelings and convinced them to go vegan. “I first came to PreetiRang Sanctuary around my 16th birthday. Prior to that, I’d never met a cow, I’d never met a chicken or goat. So getting to hold one the first time or getting to hug one was really nice and it really just motivated me to stay vegan for the rest of my life because these are the animals that I’m saving. It’s still just as magical as the first time I came here, just getting to hug the cow it’s like just the most amazing experience ever and I really hope that everyone gets to experience this too one time in their life or another.”

“I think the moral bankruptcy that we are facing can be addressed mainly by a vegan lifestyle, right? Including every living being in our circle of compassion, we need to see beyond ourselves. We need to see even beyond the human race. Greenhouse effects are huge. They are using up land. They're using up water that could be used more fruitfully to produce more food for animals. It could end global hunger.”

“There was a gentleman who came here because his girlfriend brought him on her birthday, and just to keep her happy, he brought her here. She was very excited to be with the animals. So she would tell him to pose with the animals and he would put two fingers on a cow and one finger on a goat. You could see, he was not very comfortable when he started. Two, three hours later when the tour was over the only sentence he spoke with us, ‘All I eat is animals; how can I give them up?’

So we were laughing about that, but in like two or three weeks, the girlfriend wrote to us saying that he is ready to try to convert to a vegan lifestyle. And he credits his PreetiRang tour to that. And that's just one of the stories, but because it's such a contrast between’ All I eat is meat; how can I be vegan?’ to, ‘Yes, I'm ready to try vegan,’ it's a huge contrast.”

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