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Reaching to A Gentler World with Singer-songwriter Boci (vegan)

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Our special guest today is a talented violinist, singer-songwriter, and composer, Boci. This soulful songstress from Bristol in the UK uses her soft sultry voice and emotional lyrics to quieten our minds and lead us to other-worldly spaces. During an interview with our Supreme Master Television team members in August 2022, Boci talked about how she found her path in music and discovered her unique singing and performing style. Boci’s singing style is beautifully showcased in the song “Golden Sky.”

Deeply sympathizing with the suffering of the animal-people, Boci has written songs from their perspective. “Ocean” is a violin loopy song. “I hope that the song will make people think about how their choices affect all the beings and the ocean. Because not only are their lives really important, the whole ocean’s ecosystem is so important for the world's ecosystem. Everything is so connected. And I just hope that will inspire people to take more care of the ocean.”

The animation of the song “Ocean” was done by vegan artist Shalini Reddy, with whom Boci also collaborated for another song she wrote and sung, “Long Walk.” The song is dedicated to all the mother cow-people whose babies are taken from them by the cruel animal-people factories.

Boci shared with us her vision for her next album and her wish for a better, different kind of world. “I have plans for the next album to be a fully vegan album. I wish that everybody would go vegan. Because obviously for the animals, that's the main reason why I wish that, but also I think so many good things would happen if the world went vegan, not just stopping animal suffering, I think it would make people more compassionate to humans, I think that the world would be a more equal place. Because a lot of humans and entire countries and tribes are not treated with empathy or compassion. And I think if we all went vegan, then that would change.”

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