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Between Master and Disciples

The Phoenix, Part 7 of 13, Mar 26, 2021

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Remember, we are the soul. Every time we remember to go up there, we are in control again as a soul. That’s why you can go up to Heaven, you can see your original Light from Heaven and hear the teaching from Heaven in the form of music of the spheres. Like that. Otherwise, we are nothing. This body is not us.

OK, my love, any other question? (Yes, Master. Is there anything we disciples could do to help Master in the negotiation with Heavens?)

Just be good! (Yes, Master.) Be good, be diligent, be sincere, be humble, (Yes, Master.) believing in God. Practice the teaching to the letter. (Yes, Master.)

And don’t ask me to bless you if you marry the brother outside or sister outside. That’s your private stuff. I don’t do weddings at all, ever. I don’t have time for that.

Lucky, because if you are like a county chief… She was telling me she is very busy. She just came from how many weddings. And she looked really exhausted and her voice was really, like, fading. I could tell. Because I had this kind of situation before, not about weddings, but when I work so hard, hardly have any energy to talk. (Yes.) But she was telling me things, and she said she has to go to weddings, she has to go to funerals, and busy about all that. So, it’s not like you are a chief of a county, and then you have it pretty, not really. Everybody is working very hard as well. (Yes, Master.) She woke up since four o’clock and worked until, oh my God, whenever she saw me, that was very late already in the evening. (Wow.) She was eating something with me and talking about her job. And I felt so sorry; I didn’t know. I mean, I kind of knew that government people are busy, but I didn’t know they were so busy. (Yes.) From dawn to dusk like that and until so exhausted, could hardly talk in a normal voice. (Wow.) Like lacking energy voice. (Yes, Master.) I could tell.

And she said to me that her husband died because of exhaustion also, worked too hard. If you have to run from one wedding to another all day, or to another funeral again, or visiting somebody sick in the hospital. Because they are constituents, your co-citizens, (Yes, Master.) your subjects. And then also when somebody reaches like 90 years of age or 100 years, have to go to the celebration. (Yes.) My God, a lot of time for that. I wonder how she does any other job. (Yes.)

No wonder the governments are so slow in many other things. (Yeah.) Like some urgent things, like the water scarcity, (Yes, Master.) the climate change. (Yes.) More urgent and more big. Or the immigration crisis at the border in America, for example. (Yes, Master.) Everybody can criticize, but when you sit in the seat of the president or senate, oh my God! Sometimes they have to work all day, all night to read all the proposals, which are many hundreds of pages, and they have to read them all and understand them all in order to say yes or no or veto it. (Yes, Master.) To read all that is already very time consuming. (Yes.) My God! And then have to debate pros and cons, and vote. And after the vote, still happy or not. And the citizens will be happy or criticize, or newspapers will throw bombs at them. I mean the “writing bombs.” (Yes.)

My God. What a world we live in! (Yes.) And that’s not the worst thing yet. So much suffering – of sickness, of water shortage, of food scarcity, and oppression from power of governments, or gangsters, or war. (Yes, Master.) What a world we live in! What for we live here? For what? (Yes, Master.) And then the animals and people suffer so much. Just to go out in the field to plant some potatoes and maybe the bomb will explode from the war before, and then you’re dead, or you’re maimed, or you’re handicapped and dependent forever. Your life is ruined, finished. (Yes.) Nobody will marry you, for example. (Yes, Master.) Nobody will take care of you, because you will be like dead. And to live dependently on family members or social security is nothing compared to your freedom of movement, and taking care of yourself, and earning your own living. It’s below your dignity, no? (Yes, Master.) It must feel very bad, being a handicapped person suddenly like that.

So, sometimes I sit and I talk to God. I say, “Oh, this is really hell. My world here, what I see, is really hell.” (Yes.) Even rich people, you envy them, you think they have a good life. Anytime they want to go somewhere, there is a helicopter, Air Force One, Air Force Two, whatever – and people still criticize you. (Yes, Master.) Give your life a miserable and uncomfortable feeling, for your feelings or emotions, or mental wellness, or even physical wellness.

Just a few days ago, I saw the news that one of the French billionaires, he’s just dead like that because his helicopter collapsed. His helicopter crashed down. One of you saw it? (Yes, Master.) He’s very famous, this man, (Yes.) and very respected. Not like a bad person or anything. A French billionaire in such a civilized and secure country, technology-wise, still died by a helicopter crash. And you don’t think it’s a cheap helicopter that made him crash. It’s not that. He’s a billionaire. He must have the top-class helicopter, no? (Yes, Master.) Or maybe he hired to go, I don’t know, maybe it’s not his own. But even then, some people have their own helicopter or airplane that also crashed nowadays. I read often, often. Even army airplanes also collide with each other or just crash for no reason. Or commercial planes just crash on the highway or crash into the residential area, etc., (Yes.) brought many deaths with it.

Nothing in this world is a guarantee. (Right, Master.) And still go on killing each other, and harassing each other, or accusing each other with fake news and wrong news, and like trampling on each other just to climb on the top. Oh, dear God! I don’t know if anybody really loves to live in this world. People do, huh? People still do. But I’ve seen through all that. I live just for others, because they still want to live. Otherwise, (Thank You, Master.) whatever here has nothing for me.

Any more questions? (Sisters have some questions.) Oh yeah? (Master?) Yeah, tell me. (Master read from Her diary that many of Master’s disciples were coming back. Master, what prompted them to come back?)

I don’t know. You ask them. Just like whatever prompts them to go out, it’s all their doing. You don’t know what humans’ minds are doing or thinking. You have to control it or it controls you, makes you do all crazy things. (Right.) Or even just eat some wrong ingredients somewhere, then it makes you do wrong also. (Wow.) Or at least your body goes wrong or sick. (Yes, Master.) And everything affects everything these days – drugs, alcohol, and the pandemic energy. (Yes.) That probably drove them back. Because they probably suddenly woke up feeling that, “Oh, this little world is really nothing to rely on. (Yes, Master.) It’s better to come back to Master because She taught us all the good things and guaranteed us to go home to Heaven. What for would She lie to us if She doesn’t want any money from us? She doesn’t even care about our attendance or not to Her group. We are free to do what we want, as long as we are vegan and practice and don’t harm any others.” (Yes, Master.) So they have to wake up. The pandemic made them feel life is ephemeral. (Yes. Understand.) They wake up.

The pandemic does help in many ways. It brings out the best in people. Also, it brings out the worse. It depends on what mental or spiritual level you are (on) to be influenced by the good or by the bad. (Understand.) (Thank You, Master.) After 20 years even. Believe that? Coming back, just say, “Business as usual.” After 20 years, 30 years, 10 years, 15 years, (they) come back. I let them all come back. It doesn’t matter. They erred, but they returned. (Thank You, Master.) We can always err anytime, because of the world’s influence, because of the bad energy around us, because of the bad influence from whomever we are with. (Yes, Master.) They can be stronger than us sometimes − stronger than our mind, not our soul. The soul knows, just the mind doesn’t capiche (understand), (Yes.) and follows the mind’s orders, and do this, do that, and some days wake up, some days not.

Any other question, my love? (In a 2017 lecture, Master talked about how 99% of the people and animals on this planet were space-shipped or exiled here from other higher-technology, advanced planets with stricter and more controlling governments, and the people sent to planets like ours were being given poison or a soup to drink, which made them forget their origin. Master, is this forgetfulness or hypnotism the origin of the inner snake in people which Master talked about recently? And is this where the ego comes from?)

Because remember God said – we are made from earth? (Yes.) Easy for us to fall? (Yes, Master.) “From dirt you are, to dust returned.” (Yes, Master.) We are made from earth. No wonder. And some water. And some little iron, a little gold in it. Some specks of gold inside. You could have more gold if your teeth are capped with gold. Otherwise, we are nothing worthy. (Yes.)

Analyzing us, what do we have? Ninety percent water inside and some dirt. Because whenever you take a shower, doesn’t the dirt come out? (Yes.) We are shedding. Like the snake, they shed their skin to be reborn anew. We could be reborn anew every day when we take a shower. Some dirt comes out from head to toe. (Yes.) Where do they come from? They just come from inside the skin, come out, no? (Yes.) Even if you sit in a clean room all day with air-con and screen, everything, you take a shower, you still have dirt come out. So, we are from dirt, no? (Yes.) And the nature of the dirt is that it’s dirt. It’s not much intelligence in it.

So, the body is not much. It’s just a building. It’s just a temple. And what stays in it is important: the soul. That’s why we have to concentrate on the seat of the soul here. Remember? (Yes, Master.) Remember, we are the soul. Every time we remember to go up there, we are in control again as a soul. That’s why you can go up to Heaven, you can see your original Light from Heaven and hear the teaching from Heaven in the form of music of the spheres. Like that. Otherwise, we are nothing. This body is not us. (Yes.)

Whom are you talking to and whom am I answering? I don’t know. Who is all this? Yeah, yeah. Many times, I try to shut it off. Otherwise, I would just leave. (Understand.) If I keep dwelling on all this illusionary nature of this world, then I will leave immediately. I would not be able to bear sitting for hours on end to work for Supreme Master Television, tedious proofreading or editing or whatever. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about writing sometimes a joke or a tip for kids and all that, and talk to you in this and that way. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) I would not do it. I would not be able to. I shut myself out of this knowledge, out of the realization that it’s all illusion, or else I could not sit here and continue talking or do anything else. (Yes, Master.)

OK, my love. (Thank You, Master.) Is that your question answered or not? (Yes. Thank You, Master.)

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