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To Help the World Is Our Duty, Part 2 of 3, Dec. 28, 2019

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We’d better work for the world. Not for oneself, but if you already have family, just stay there. I don’t encourage you to divorce or come to work for Supreme Master TV or anything. Just do what you can. Do what you can as a householder or as a worker outside. Just do what you can.

Sometimes, you think you are helping Master, but you never know. You might be helping yourself. It comes out sooner or later. Even if it doesn’t come out, you know, if you do good things, you’ll have good results, good merit. I’m telling you. So actually, I’m thanking you from the human standpoint. But in the spiritual sense, you really have to thank me, because you have a chance to do a great job, the best job in the world. (Yes.) So go on, thank me then. Come and thank your Mom. It’s OK, I don’t care. I don’t care. Good.

I'm just telling you logically, spiritually only, but I don't really care if you thank me or not. As long as you work for the world, you have your own merit and your upliftment, and I thank you for that. I thank you for helping yourself through helping the world, that you’re wise enough to do that, that you’re good-hearted enough to do that.

So we thank each other back and forth, it's useless. Just do your job devotedly and unconditionally. That's the best for you. If you want rewards, then you won't have it. Maybe you have it, but in a different way. It will not even be helpful to you if you have that kind of reward. It might even be harmful.

Remember the story about the lotus pond? One of the practitioners, also a very rich family? I don't know if he was a prince or not, I forgot. And he went out and found a lotus pond and then practiced every day, together with the other family members who also wanted to join him. And then two servants also wanted to join them to serve them every day. And then every day, she brought out lotus roots for everybody to eat. And then one day, the maya made it disappear. Not maya, but the Sakra God. So, the big brother didn't say anything but got thinner and thinner and sick. So everybody just swore that he was not the one who stole the lotus root from the big brother. Remember? All of them, one by one, even though the big brother didn't blame anybody, but to clear their name, they went out one by one and swore, saying, “Whoever took that lotus root from the big brother, may he have a lot, a lot of children, a good wife, a good household, richness, and a big house.” Remember? (Yes.) And then the other one said, “May he have a lot of…” whatever the worldly people think that is good. All the good things, but in the world only.

In the worldly way, everybody thinks, “Oh, how could that be that they wished him so well?” Not really well. You have a wife, you have kids, it’s like a binding chain. And a big house or richness is really also a troublemaker. Even if I'm not attached to all this, but it's also a troublemaker for me. I have to wear it; I have to take care of it; I feel like it’s a lot of waste of time. But I just treat it like a walking or standing meditation, with the Five (Holy) Names, and that comforts me a little bit. Otherwise, anything is a nuisance. Anything in this world is a nuisance.

Wow! This world is really scary. The more you know about it, the more scary. And lucky that you also escape. You didn't get the bad influence, and you're still strong, that's something good already. Because sometimes you live with bad people, you might get influenced by it also. He’s not bad, but maybe if you're not wise enough, you might have things that rub off on you.

Like for example, when I was young, I was more intelligent. Like my mother, she took honey, and they believed it was good for the body. But I never took it. She gave me some, I said, “I don't want it.” It comes from the bees’ saliva, so I was thinking, yuck. I never took it. And milk also. Because my mother didn't have milk, she was sick afterward, so we had to feed my little sister with cow’s milk, whatever we had in those years. And I was very proud, I always said, “Oh, I took mother’s milk; you take milk from animals.”

And I never drank milk when I was a kid. I didn’t like it. Whatever was left over from my younger sister, my cousin loved it. I always called her over, and she took care. But I always thought, “Oh, it came from an animal’s stomach.” Even when I was very little, I knew that already. But when I went to Europe, everybody around me drank milk, ate cheese, and then I forgot what I felt, and they gave it to me when I visited them and all that. And then slowly, slowly, you just took some without thinking. But luckily, I did not really like it that much. Only on some occasions and even then, it was a bad influence.

I knew when I was a kid. I did not take it. And when I grew up, studying in England, civilized society, French, and took it. Even took honey as well, put it in the tea. Everybody did that. It was high-so (high society). They even make a very special stick to dip into the honey, twisting it and then pop into your cup. Oh, that looks very, very sophisticated. And if you didn't do it, you’d feel like you were a countrywoman. I didn't know. Little did I know that I would be a cavewoman, even worse, later on. So, I shouldn’t have cared, but you live in a society surrounded by others, you get influenced.

And I also didn't know the cows had been cooped up in such a small, dark environment, and starving the calves, and all that. I did not know, of course. Nobody knows in society. They’re hidden, they’re hidden from view. It’s not the people who take the milk or the cheese that are evil. It’s the practice of raising cattle and forcing them to impregnate them again and again, making them lose all their calcium and bones, and starving the calves. These are evil practices. Not even the poor people who work in the factory; they also need to work. They do not think much anymore. They're forced to; maybe they need the money or something for their children. But it’s the idea of it.

The people who make them do it, the practice of raising animals in such a cruel way and torture them and all that, they are evil, really evil! Just like people who take drugs and all that, they are not wrong, they’ve just been lured into it; they did not know. It’s the people who sell them, who force them to drink, and who kind of cheated them into their addiction and all that, they are wicked. Knowing and still doing it, that's wicked. Enabling people to do it, just to be well off for themselves, that's wicked. That’s evil.

The practice of animal industry is evil. Not the employees in there. They blind themselves, they dull themselves, so that they can do the job, just to earn money. Maybe in such a remote country where they keep animals, they have no other job to do. Hard to find work, so they just have to do it. But it’s those who are behind them, just to make money out of the suffering of animals and employees. They are terrible. They are evil, evil incarnate. Terrible!

The thing is, they hide it all from the public eye. Children growing up just get used to it, eating meat and fish. They don’t even know anything. So that’s why, you see in some documentary films, the animal-loving activists, vegan activists, they just stand there and let people see something on the computer, these kinds of (cruel) scenes, and they’re all crying and aghast and feeling so shocked. They really did not know!

That’s why it’s our job to let them know. Just show your friends all this stuff. Maybe they don’t want to watch Supreme Master TV because they think, “Oh, it’s not my type.” Show them this kind of film. Send it to their computer, let them watch it. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy anymore. Just do anything to help the animals, as long as you are not harming anybody. It’s our job. It’s our duty to help our human brothers and sisters. No need to be proud or anything and demand any special treatment. I do that just because I do. But it’s not to expect.

Ah, I forgot. I have some money for you. Money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go… What’s with all the big eyes? This is nothing. Oh, it’s not as much as that one. This is different. Just happy… happy what? (New Year.) Sun Calendar New Year. And don’t expect again in Lunar New Year. Go give to everybody. You even have one. Is that enough here? (Yes.) The children, give some of it to them, so they can put that in their piggy banks or whatever they want to do. Everybody have one, please. Yeah, yeah, you share it. This is from your Mom, your unmarried Mom, your single Mom, many kids. Single Mother, a lot of kids. Take one, Supreme Master TV people. (Thank You, Master.) The ones who did not have yesterday, please also take one. One each. You’re welcome.

I could give you more, I should, I suppose I could, but that’s OK for now. You are not working for money. You work for food, right? Food is all you have. I always tell the inner staff (team). I say, “You work for food, and food you have all the time, any time.” No, they don’t just work for food. They have their pocket money, they have anything they want delivered to their house. They have new clothes any time they want, they have warm blankets any time they want, they have new socks any time they want, anything. And they have all the equipment they need. That’s all you need in life. And they have cars; they can also drive here, drive there. At home, even you work, you still only have that much, right? (Yes.) You have your clothes, your food, and your car – if you have your car. Not everybody can afford a car even. So, you are very well off, I think. And you have insurance, everything. I pay for everything. I pay for their dentist, their vitamins, their socks, their shoes, their hats, their whatever, except for girlfriend or boyfriend, anything else they have.

We’d better work for the world. Not for oneself, but if you already have family, just stay there. I don’t encourage you to divorce or come to work for Supreme Master TV or anything. Just do what you can. Do what you can as a householder or as a worker outside. Just do what you can.

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