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Любяща Тихите Сълзи: Мюзикълът, част 12 от многочастна поредица

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And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the stage 2-time Emmy Award-winning actor and vegan Kristoff St. John, and vegetarian actress and television host Kelly Packard. “Tonight is about gifts - gifts of music and compassion, enlightenment and understanding, charity and peace.”

Ladies and gentlemen, in celebration of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, three extraordinary charitable organizations will be recognized. They are: Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, represented by Executive Director Tom Viola. Animal Defenders International, represented by President and Co-founder Jan Creamer and Vice President Tim Phillips. And Worldwide Veterinary Service, represented by their US ambassador, Daniela D’Angelo.

“We would like to read a message from Supreme Master Ching Hai. She apologizes for not being here because She’s on an intensive retreat. She sends – and we quote – ‘a hero salute and heartfelt gratitude to these organizations and others whose love and courage help make this world a more loving place. I also thank all the artists for your contribution and feel privileged to present this gift on your behalf, and to honor these organizations with a token of gratitude with this financial contribution; and wish them the best in furthering their noble work.’”

It is now our pleasure to have The Honorable Assemblymember Katcho Achadjian to present the first check. “Likewise, I’m humbled to present this US$100,000 contribution from the Supreme Master… From Supreme Master Ching Hai to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. This foundation that honors this very hope in humanity.” “I also honor Her for Her spiritual principles, so beautifully on the stage, but also in our communities. In Her poem ‘Singing Praise,’ She writes: ‘The Master is more than just Kind.’ With this very generous gift, She puts those words into action.”

“I am State Assemblyman Jose Solorio, representing Orange County. As a vegetarian, I am especially honored to present this US$100,000 contribution from Supreme Master Ching Hai to Animal Defenders International, an organization that promotes peace and a more humane world.” “We dedicate ourselves to the cause of animal protection. And we have in Supreme Master Ching Hai a great leader and a teacher about the way that the humans should relate to animals. We are so grateful, and we can promise that many animals will be saved with this very kind and generous donation.”
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