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Любяща Тихите Сълзи: Мюзикълът, част 11 от многочастна поредица

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“Even the stars would sometimes go to sleep at night, but I am forever awake. Now that You have stirred the divine passion in my soul We have both become restless! To the worldly people I could never share my secrets between the two of us. So, I made them shining pillows and studded them all over my dream universe! Loving the silent tears for You more than the diamonds of the world. But, O King of all the wish-fulfilling-Jewels, Do I really have any choice? The sun and the moon have their time. The four seasons have their limits. The weather would often change. How come my longing seems to never end?! Whenever I am thinking of You My thoughts come out in poetry. O Beauty of all Beauties! It is because Your Melody forever resounds in my heart.”

“Supreme Master Ching Hai means so much to so many people in so many countries on this globe.” “As a world-renowned humanitarian, Supreme Master Ching Hai gives freely of Her own independent earnings from Her artworks to virtually every corner of the globe wherever there is need.” “She brings hope around the world where there is despair. She brings love where there is hate.” “And She brings understanding where there’s misunderstanding. She is the light of a great person, an angel of mercy for all of us.” “For every major disaster or place of suffering, She does Her best to help and provide comfort to fellow humans, and of course the animal-people.” “I think that She is one of the most wonderful, kind people because Her message is one of compassion.”

“We don’t have enough people like the Supreme Master. If we had somebody like Her in every country in the world, we’d have eternal peace, eternal Love, and we’d all have the good life.” “I thank Supreme Master for Her leadership, thank Her for Her optimism, thank Her for Her human warmness, which makes Her so unique and so special.” “Now, therefore I, Frank F. Fasi, Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu, do hereby proclaim October 25, 1993 as The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day.”

“Love is really all that we need to have on this planet in order to have peace, to bring Heaven on to our Earth. Please, express more love to close ones, to your pets, to your neighbors, your families, to the world at large. We can never have too much love in this physical domain.”
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